imagine your otp kinda

person a: hey come in me bro!

person b: d-don-don’t you mean “come at m-”

person a: bitch did i fucking stutter


I really like how they did this reveal that Bulma’s actually the one who made the super duper dragon ball radar that’s even better than the red ribbon army’s. “Here dad, you can repair this common scooter - I’ll focus on my awesome radar that I built by myself that no one else can seem to replicate.” 

Like they don’t really make a big deal about it either, she just fixes it. So any kind of assumptions viewers had about where she got it from, like “oh she probably bought it.” or “oh her dad built for her” get immediately shut down.

Like I knew she was smart, I just wasn’t really sure when or how they’d bring it up (like if she starts inventing once she’s an adult or if it’d be a plot point later in the show?)

But “I was born a super inventor bitch” Bulma is so good and I’m so mad at myself that it wasn’t my initial assumption. 


Sooooo. I miss my mermaid hair. I wanna go back, but I can’t pick a color (or colors) lol

I’ve had quite a few shades of blue and green and everything in-between (some of these pics might look like it’s the same color, but it’s not!), blue plus pink or purple, purple-ish, various shades of red and copper, white (that last one, even though you can’t really see), and a dark pink but I couldn’t find pic XD

Aaaanyway…. suggestions please? I don’t mind doing a couple of colors at once, but not things like rainbow hair and such cause they’re quite high-maintenance and I don’t have the time for that right now :/

(also most of this pics are terrible and/or old and not meant to be shared with the world, but they’re the ones in which the color was more clearly visible, so pls don’t judge me XD)

29/05/2017, 6:32a.m.

[a short BNM fic]

[hiding this under a cut because woojin’s situation is actually quite serious; also because I am insecure about my own writing]

“I’m dropping Woojin off at the clinic to get more meds, will be back in 15 minutes, so change into uniform and get ready, okay?”

Before his last word hit the ground, the manager is already running back to the driver’s seat. Daehwi shuffles towards the van door and clutches Woojin’s hand before jumping off.

“Hyung, take care.”

Woojin looks out from his one good eye; three faces stare back at him. Youngmin with his concerned gaze, Donghyun with a reassuring smile and Daehwi slightly pouting, as if he could make Woojin’s shingles go away by just sheer power of disapproval.

“Got it,” Woojin whispers. “See you guys soon.”

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Zine email updates+Charms update

I’m sorry for being so spammy about this!! A lot of people were having problems receiving it so I’m :’-(

Anyway though, I sent out my last email of the most updated zine PDF (if u never got my 2nd email) and everyone should get it this time! If you didn’t, then you might have misspelled your email (which a few of you did but it’s ok!!). Just message me or e-mail me here or on kristinedelicana@gmail.com. Also check your spam boxes as well!

As for the charms, I just emailed everyone right now for updates! Lmk if you have any questions :-)

Lagot ako kay Mama. 😭😭😭 Nabasa yung sinampay huhuhuhu sabi pa naman nya sakin bago sya umalis na kunin ko daw sinampay pag uulan na. Kaso ako tong si tanga, narealize ko lang na umuulan na pala tapos yung sinampay di ko pa nakukuha. 😭😭😭 ANG TANGA KO TALAGA KINGINA. Patay ako neto 😭😭😭😭 pls pray for mah soul

Chip: Hey Berry, guess what I’m hungry for?

Berry: O-Oh, what are you hungry for?

Chip: Huehue, @ask-ramencup

Berry: BOI NO-