Can I just say ?? I’m really glad Namjoon did the behind story broadcast. It really showed us how important their music is to them and how much of an emotional rollercoaster it was to make this album. Touching on personal subjects from Hoseok’s thankfulness for his mother’s sacrifices, to Jungkook’s struggle to show his hyungs he was having a hard time, to Seokjin being self aware of his incapability of being the best at what he does. It’s all so intimate to each of the members lives and Namjoon touched on that in great depth. He really didn’t have to tell us all this but he still did bc he wanted us to know just how genuine they have been to us. The boys have gone through so much and they don’t ever want to take our support for granted, and that’s really what Namjoon was trying to explain. Bangtan is in a high place right now but it hasn’t changed their feelings of gratefulness towards their fanbase and everyone around them.

I needed to talk about this

so a lot of you might know me from this post here and this post is gonna touch on one of the points I made there

as a lot of you probably know by now, youngjae was hospitalized before the busan fansign and it has been announced that he is not participating in their stage; it was also said that depending on his situation, he might not perform at upcoming schedules as well.

some people believe that youngjae has a herniated disc like jaebum and that he’s been dealing with it for a while and if that doesn’t break your heart I don’t know what will

as a youngjae stan, I am heartbroken right now.

youngjae has always performed, despite being sick or tired; there’s video of him almost passing out from exhaustion during just right, a video of him getting hit by a firework at a fansign in the Philippines, and had reportedly vomited right before performing in China.

and you know what? he did all of these performances with a smile on his face

even after he was hospitalized, he came back to the fansign and reassured the fans that he was fine, and he smiled and played with the fans the entire time

the only time youngjae has ever sat out of a performance was during Fly in Dallas when he was hospitalized in Dallas because he got really sick

but you know what really pained me? he was so apologetic that he didn’t perform; he repeatedly said, “I should’ve performed, I could’ve done it”

this boy, despite being sick and in pain, wanted to perform to make all of us happy, because to him, we are more important than his health

so please, everyone, please give your support and prayers to youngjae right now; he’s probably beating himself up for not being able to promote, especially since he’s the main vocal and this is a very important time for got7

please, as an ahgase, please pray that he’s okay and that he will get better and that got7 will be able to take a break soon so they can all rest; they all need a break, and I think that youngjae’s health right now proves that 

is he okay 

okay so everyone’s at the institute for a meeting and magnus, simon and alec all arrive together (because alec stayed at the loft the night before, no surprise there). none of them want to be there, the meetings are super boring however what izzy, jace, clary and Luke along with the rest of the shadowhunters don’t know is that magnus, simon and alec came up with a little game to play. the night before, they all wrote a list of words for each other that they have to casually say while at the meeting. alec really didn’t want to play at first but after magnus looked at him with those big brown eyes and simon constantly asking, he gave in. magnus and simon are struggling to breathe from holding in their laughter because alec says the stupidest of things with such a deadpan look on his face while izzy and jace just look a bit concerned because ‘why the hell is their brother talking about glitter and egyptian princes in front of a bunch of clave members?’ (not hard to guess that magnus wrote alec’s list of words). magnus somehow manages to make everything he says sound like it has a double meaning even though the word is completely innocent. simon looks on in shock because how has magnus managed to make umbrella sound dirty? at this point luke has started to figure out what’s going on as magnus used to make him and jocelyn play the game at meetings in the past. simon, the poor kid, is struggling the most because alec being the little shit he is, decided to put big words that he looked up in the dictionary that he knew simon wouldn’t have a clue what they meant. so simon somehow manages to drop the words in but starts to stutter when he’s asked what he means by it. this is where alec’s stoic expression starts to slip because honestly simon trying to relate some medical term to how fast a boat moves is so amusing. clary and jace don’t see anything different because Simon’s simon and he’s always saying something odd. izzy has caught on as well now and is shooting amused glances at the three of them. needless to say simon won because he did have the most difficult words and he wasn’t called out once on his awful definitions. (but alec better watch out because next time simon is picking the words alec has to say which highly amuses magnus)


“Also, I’m not eating dinner unless it’s artisan.”

“…He is our Yurio, right???”

“Maybe he’s going through a phase?”

this was funnier in my head

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Shay, imagine: Roy becomes fuhrer. He shocks the public with a declaration that he'll abandon the title for the position of temporary governor while democracy is established and the first Amestrian elections are held. He refuses to run in said elections saying he should be put on trial for his war crimes first, as no person with such an uncleared record should be Amestrian president. Meanwhile he fights with all his political power to get amnesty for all lesser ranked soldiers who [1/?]

were deployed in the Ishvalan war, as they didn’t really have any option to refuse orders. The media loves the whole thing and despite his honest intentions of seeking justice, whatever that may be, Roy ends up becoming even more of a celebrity than he already was. All sorts of people are cheering for him and the public casually calls him Fuhrer Mustang even though he was only fuhrer for a few days and is currently only a politician and sort of an activist under trial. [2/3]

Behind all the attention, nobody actually cares what he did in the past or what he even plans to do in the future. The newspapers are much more concerned about his daily life than about the soldiers he is trying to protect. Meanwhile the sniper known as “the Hawk’s Eye” is sentenced to death for her part in the Ishvalan genocide. [3/3]

ps. I am so sorry. :’)

Reka, WHY?!?!?! I thought we were friends! I’m sitting in the middle of class right now “nope-ing” and crying and a mess.

How dare you?!?!?! WHY WOULD YOU SEND ME THIS?! U G H

But at the same time… that angst tho.

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

Hillary is so eloquent and composed and then there’s Donald interjecting shit like “a wall!” or “YOU’RE the puppet!” and generally looking like a flattened corn husk doll with his gross smug FACE and eyes squinty enough that I can only assume it’s because his head is so far up his ass that it’s HARD for him to SEE

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I should have put a (1/2) on my earlier ask hahaha. But I've read some of the asks and your headcanon about The Sheith Voltron Family and I'm dying. They're so good and adorable and sweet and just yup. I'm vomitting rainbows and sprinkles everywhere. But all right. I dunno if anyone's asked yet. But what and how was the family's first movie date? (°ω°)

Thank you! 8D But dude please don’t die HAHAHHAA oh my god wait like you mean all of them go and watch a movie? I CAN JUST IMAGINE IT NOW

The Sheith Family decided to watch Kubo and The Two Strings in theaters. Shiro is actually a bit worried they were going to be that kind of family. The one wherein the kids are so noisy and annoying during the whole movie. He’s been there, when he was a teen, he judged families too and now this was karma. So he’s nervous even from just buying their snacks. He was not prepared for this however.

Cashier: Awww, you’re taking your brothers to watch Kubo?
Shiro: What? Brothers?!! *scandalized*
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *sweats* These are my children and Keith is my wonderful husband! MY CHILDREN ARE FINE!!! 
Cashier: I-I’m sorry, sir. Here’s your change. *nervously hands over*
Keith: *takes the change* Sorry about that. It’s our first time out. He’s a bit… he’s a bit nervous.
Cashier: *mesmerized by Keith’s beauty lmao* Oh wow hi.
Shiro: *tugs Keith closer to him* My Husband. Married to me.
Keith: *rolls eyes* *pushes him* Let’s just go.
Shiro: Keith, he thought we were BROTHERS! Of all things! We don’t even look alike? *turns to his kids* DO WE LOOK ALIKE?!
All three kids: *laughing* *shakes their heads*
Shiro: What’s a guy supposed to do here for people to know I am married and have children? 
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re so noisy. Let’s just go watch the movie now! *pulls his hand impatiently*
Shiro: Do I have to kiss Keith in public? *clearly not done yet*
Keith: *smirks* I wouldn’t be against that. 
All three kids: NOOOOOOOO! KUBO FIRST!

So they enter and the children are seated at the center with their Daddies on each ends. 

Shiro: *turns to his kids* Okay, before anything. I want you to be quiet. Don’t ask too much questions. In fact, don’t even ask anything at all. 
Keith: *in disbelief* What?
Lance: Are we allowed to laugh at the funny parts?
Shiro: Yes, you are allowed, Lance.
Hunk: Can we cry at sad parts?
Shiro: *smiles softly* Of course you can, Hunk.

The movie starts. The kids are actually quiet and well-behaved.

Shiro: Oh god. I’m getting goosebumps. *turns to his family* Are you guys getting goosebumps?
Keith and the kids: *nods while not taking their eyes off the screen*
Shiro: *whispers to Pidge* Kubo needs to be back before sundown or else something bad will happen to him.
Pidge: I got that part, Daddy Shiro.
Shiro: Oh, okay. Just making sure.
Keith: *glares at him*
Shiro: *laughs the loudest at the funny parts*
Shiro: *points at the screen* I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!!
Lance: Daddy Shiro, shhhhhsh! 
Shiro: I don’t like this. Those sisters are scary RUN KUBO RUNNN!!!! *turns to Hunk* Hunk do you need me to hold your hand?
Hunk: *shakes head* *shows that he’s already holding Daddy Keith’s hand*
Keith: *acts all smug* *mouths ‘I got this, babe.’*
Shiro: Oh noooo. *sobs* This is just so sad. *hugs Pidge* How is this a children’s movie? HOW?
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re squishing me to death.
Shiro: Awww, this fella reminds me of Lance. Don’t you think so, Lance?
Lance: *clearly doesn’t see how he resembles the character* *raises eyebrows at Shiro* *shakes his head*
Shiro: Maybe cause you weren’t paying attention, buddy.
Lance: *gasps* *clearly offended* 

Lance goes down his seat and climbs Daddy Shiro’s lap and sits there. He crosses his arms and looks at his Dad angrily.

Lance: That’s it, Daddy Shiro. You need to stop making comments. 
Shiro: Wha—
Lance: *covers Shiro’s mouth with his hand* Let us enjoy the movie. I’m going to stop you every time you’re going to say something. So I’m staying here.
Keith: *restrains himself from giggling* Captain Lance sure knows how to get stuff done.
Shiro: *is shockingly offended*

it’s october and suddenly you’re in love again and you’re driving around town at 2am as you and the leaves are both falling. you almost crash the car because you’re too busy focusing on him laughing in your passenger seat but he’s too busy to notice because he’s watching your face light up from watching his. every time you kiss it’s a new adventure and soon you want to explore every peak and valley of his body with your fingertips. for once you get drunk off his smile rather than the vodka that used to inhibit your senses and it’s a high like no other. all you want to do now is intertwine your bodies and souls until not one inch of you is discernible from him. one day he stops smiling as brightly and never seems to return your texts anymore and you feel yourself coming down from your euphoric high into your depression again. all of a sudden it’s “get out, don’t come back, she’ll be here soon and i don’t love you anymore” and you wish you had crashed the car that night because that would be easier than walking away with the emptiness in your chest.
—  i’m still crashing and you don’t seem to care