when i write a post that’s negative and people start reblogging it because they find it “relatable” it’s just kind of strange. like i guess its nice to know i’m helping them feel less alone. but it’s also kind of weird to know that so many people are reading about a personal insecurity of mine lol. also i know they’re not really seeing it as me talking about my problems and more seeing it as me acting as a voice for their own thoughts on themselves. but that almost makes it weirder in a way? i’m being consistently separated from my own emotions. people are taking those words and applying it to themselves. i’m not sure how i feel about that? it’s different than sharing a funny message or an optimistic encouragement. i want people to feel joy. i want to spread that feeling. but my vulnerabilities? i’m not sure. in the end i have no one to blame but myself for putting them out there but. it’s just kind of strange, you know? that’s all i can say. it’s strange.