Hi guys!

Here’s my cover of Skinny Love by Birdy
(well hers is a cover too but work with me here)

I promised you all a cover once Bella & I hit 3k on this blog, and this is about 600 followers late, but here it is!

I hope you enjoy it, I’m very scared to post this so any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank  you guys for being here and following our blog, we love you all so much :)

-Aastha xo

Day 1


“Hey, Drew?” 

He was sitting across from her. Drew looked up from his computer screen, meeting May’s eyes. 


“Why roses, anyway?” 

“… Seriously?” 

“Yes, seriously. You have this weird… thing for them.”

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The Age Difference and My Insecurity

I’m 13 and he’s 18. He’s turning 19 on July 6 and I’m turning 14 on October 15. A 5 year age difference. I hold almost no hope. Until I remember that Beyoncé is 12 years younger than JayZ and that my Uncle is 45 and that his new wife is 26. But that’s fine because they love each other. He was 20 when she was born. But that’s fine. Luke was 5 when I was born. So I hold some hope. Until I remember that I’m nothing compared to some other girls. I’m such a pessimist and I’m so insecure.


You looked down to your hands, shifting uncomfortably. You had practically just whined like a five year old to freaking Captain America, about how your powers weren’t useful like the others, even those on the team with no powers could do more than you…
“I don’t know why you feel this way Y/N…? Your powers are some of the most useful on the team. Do you know how many times someone has had a close call, but your powers, no, you saved them? Nat almost died but you saved her. You’re not useless at all, Y/N, you’re one of the most crucial people to this team.”
Steve practically gave you a speech about how great you are, and here you were throwing a pity party! The frown on your face soon stretched into a small smile as you looked back up to him,
“Do you really mean it, Steve?”
You asked hopefully. Steve grinned and pulled you into a giant bear hug,
“Of course, Y/N, you’re beautiful too so it makes for a good distraction sometimes.”
He joked lightly, making you giggle. You looked into his eyes happily, Steve was the best friend you had ever had. Always there for you and reassuring you, you loved him with every fiber of your being, and hoped with all your heart you would always be friends with him.

Ah yes, cue the whining of anti Klaroliners after Julie Plecs twitter q&a with the usual statements of ‘your ship is dead, let it go’ and ‘it’s never going to happen’

Since my fandom shipping Klaroline continues to piss you off, I think I’ll just keep on keeping on.

Now kindly fuck off.


Here’s the vest I’ve been working on!!

It was a two dollar men’s XL denim jacket I found at a thrift store. I cut the sleeves, frayed the edges, and sewed it to fit me because I’m a men’s medium or large.

The fabric on the front has print that’s only DC’s ladies, and I found it at walmart. The back patch is also walmart fabric, and I painted all of the wording myself. Also, the lace on the back was some that I found in a handed down sewing box, but I loved the color.

Overall, I’ve got a lot of compliments on it, but I still feel like a dork wearing it.