Okay, here it goes. Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are, I love how beautiful you are, I love your face, and I love your butt. I should’ve written this down first. No, no. It’s okay, go on. I love how much you pretend to like Die Hard. I like the second one. You don’t have to. Okay. You’re kind and you’re funny and you’re the best person I know and the best detective.

big news everybody!!! my friend who was in the hospital is OKAY! she came out of surgery all good & now her step dad is working on when i can visit her. i’m so relieved & joyful. i feel so good, wow. thank you everybody who came to my aid & sent your best energy. you mean the world to me.

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Dear Yayaha, marriage anxiety-ridden Ishgardian Nerd here again - I want to thank you for your solid advice! I spent a few days telling myself that I trust him and have faith in him and I want to do this; and thanks to it, and you, we'll be getting married sometime this month or the next! I'm excited and terrified, but mostly excited. Thank you so much again for the advice. Sincerely, Ishgardian Nerd

Dear Ishgardian Nerd,

AHHHHH! I’m so happy for you! I know you guys are going to do great taking on the world together! I’m sure the wedding will be beautiful, and the reception will be amazing, AND YOU TWO ARE GOING TO BE SO HAPPY TOGETHER.


With lots of Love and Support,


                                  (Please forgive the gif quality, the amount of colours murdered it)

So I’ve been here little over a month now and honestly you’ve all made me feel so at home in this fandom again, I’m not sure why I ever decided to leave but either way I’m glad I came back. Everyone is so creative, so passionate about their muses and thus far every interaction I’ve had has been an absolute joy!! 

Now, here are all the people I think are really neat! It doesn’t matter whether we’ve interacted before nor whether you’re a new follower, this is just a list of all the lovelies who catch my interest! Sorry if I forget anyone, I really tried not to but I am only human!

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oh look, a new animation. didn’t think I’d do anymore of those anytime soon thanks to fucking Soup taking five months but what do you know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can’t draw babies or cute stuff to save my life, and this is no where near complete, but my god do I have so much feels that I need to get out.  

It made me so sad to think that Connor might have spent the rest of his life watching people come and go, having to watch them leave for one reason or another.  It made me sad to think of Connor being so far away from his people, and having no one to ever call his first name given by his mother.  It made me sad to think of Connor living in that big empty house, with no one to greet him after a long day.

 It made me sad to think that Connor never had a happy ever after.

 So when I saw the pages from the comic, I was so happy.  I cried when I saw that Connor not only had a wife who sounds like she knows how to handle Connor (lol the best wifeys always know, Connor), but also 3 beloved children that chatter with him in both Mohawk and English, that he reassures and encourages them to speak their mind, and have them be capable and strong and connected to the earth as much as he is- it was all I could ask for and more. Thank you for giving some form of closure to Connor.

  • Valentine: *raises Raziel, almost kills the entire downworld*
  • Jace: *almost dies*
  • Clary: *stabs Valentine*
  • Magnus, Alec & Izzy: *almost get killed by demon dragons*
  • Maia: *held captive by the Seelie Queen*
  • everyone 5 minutes later: wow that was a close one lmao let's have a party!!!

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Friend!!! Did you say you accept Latte?! I'm so happy! Okay, here is the prompt: Matt is trying to get Lance's attention but Pidge and Shiro are being this two who will make Matt's task of courting the Blue Paladin a walk through fire. Of course only if you like to write it! Have an awesome day!

Friend!!!! I do take latte!!!!!! And omg shiro and Pidge just making it so hard for Matt to get Lance’s attention. Lmao!!! I hope I do this as great as your prompt!


“Ok. Oh can do this Matt, you’ve got this.”
Matt mutters to himself as he stands outside of the common lounge that Lance is currently sitting in. Alone. It’s his perfect chance to finally do what he’s been thinking about for the past week since joining team voltron.

To say that he was happy to see Shiro and Pidge are ok is an understatement, he was practically crying with how happy he was. And once he joined team voltron, he was even happier to see that Pidge had found such great friends out here in space. One particular friend caught Matt’s eye off the bat. The Blue Paladin, Lance. He was funny, and caring for everyone on the team, even Matt who Lance barely even knew. Another understatement is to say that matt feel head over heels; he fell face first into his crush.

The problem is that it’s been a long while since Matt has flirted with anyone, and being in space hasn’t helped with that either. The other problem is that Lance was always with someone. Matt could never catch Lance by himself, he was either with one of the other Paladins, or with one of the Altean. This is the first time since Matt got there that Lance was alone.

Matt takes in one more deep breath, muttering to himself, going over the pick up lines he spent the last week trying to remember from the few times he has flirted with anyone.

“What are you doing?”


Matt spins around to see Pidge standing behind him, computer in hand and giving a confused look.

Matt stutters out “n-nothing! I’m doing nothing!”
Good going Matt, now she knows he’s up to something. She peaks over Matt to the room where Lance is relaxing, and he can immediately tell when she figures it out, a cocky smile sliding onto her face as she looks back and forth between Matt and Lance.

“Katie, don’t-”

Too late, as soon as Matt moves to stop her, she slips under him and walks into the room, plopping herself right. In . Lance’s. lap! God he hates his sister sometimes. This is one of those times.

“Oh! Hey Pidge! Whatchya doing?” Lance’s voice lilts from the room.

“I was bored. Hey want to hear a cheesy pick up line.” Pidge calls out, knowing full well that Matt is standing just outside the doorway.

“Yeah, i’m always looking for new material.” Matt can practically picture the stupidly cute eyebrow wiggle that Lance is doing right now.

“Do you work at A coffee shop? Because I like you a latte.”

Damnit Katie! Why do you have to do this every time!

Lance’s laughter fills the room and the hallway, making Matt’s heart beat faster than it already was; god he has such a sweet and contagious laugh, it could make anyone laugh along with him, even if they don’t know why their laughing in the first place.

Matt can see that Pidge is looking back him; the biggest shit-eating grin plastered on her face. She loved making it so much harder for Matt when it came to his crushes. Playing off his usual pick up lines as jokes, pretty much making it impossible to spend any alone time with them, or even telling his crushes some of his most embarrassing moments.

Matt turns around and storms off, trying to think of another way to flirt with Lance WITHOUT Katie there to ruin his chances.


The next time Matt had a chance of being alone with Lance, it was after a particularly rough mission, that left a lot of them either wound up or exhausted. Lance being the former, had taken up residence in one of the viewing decks, working on some sort of book.

Matt walks into the room, not waiting around for Pidge to catch him off guard again, behind his back is a small device he had built for Lance that would recreate sounds of the ocean as well as project a sort of kaleidoscope effect that mimics water.

“Hey Lance!” Matt calls out a little too loud, mentally trying to calm himself down and to play it cool.

“Hey Matt. You need something?”

“No! No, I just wanted to spend some time with you that’s all.”

“Oh, ok! Here,” Lance pats the seat next to him, which Matt happily accepts, internally high diving himself for not making it this far without messing up too bad. Now all he has to do is give him the gift he made; and then…….wait. He didn’t think of what to do after that. What if Lance didn’t like his gift? What if he really likes it? Then what?!

Matt shakes his head to try and clear his head of all the questions in his head. Focus. What’s happens will happen. Just…..go where the conversation takes him.

“Hey Lan-”

“Lance! There you are.” Both of them turn around and see Shiro standing in the doorway. And while anyone else would just think Shiro is just smiling, Matt knows better than most. Shiro’s in on it with Pidge. Matt just can’t get a break, can he? Shiro is just as bad at trying to embarrass him when he has a crush.

Shiro plops down on the other side of Lance, still giving them that ‘innocent’ smile that Matt knows Better than to trust it.

“I was hoping to find you. And Matt, you’re here too,” Matt glares at Shiro, whatever game you and Pidge are trying to pull is not helping in the slightest Shiro, “hey Matt, remember that time you tried to take your mom’s car out for a joy ride and ended up almost driving into a fish pond.” Shiro is laughing by the end of the sentence, and Lance chuckling along with him.

“What?! Really? You gotta tell me everything!” Lance asks, only making the embarrassing flush on Matt’s face that much worse.

Matt escapes out of the room, trying to hide his embarrassment as much as possible while Shiro regales Lance with the story. Matt’s gift still in his hands.


Knock. knock.

Matt looks up from the device still on his hands.

“Come in.”

The door swishes open to show Lance standing in his doorway.

“Lance…hey. Come in.” Lance gives him a smile and walks in, taking a seat next to Matt in the bed.

“I have a question for you.”

Matt looks at Lance, his full attention focused on Lance (ok maybe more on his lips, but Lance none the less), “sure, shoot.”

“Did you use to work at a Starbucks?”

What? That’s a weird question to ask him.

Because I like you a latte.“ Lance finishes, giving Matt a knowing look.



"How long have you known that I-”

I may not be a genius, but I’m not blind. Plus you’re kinda obvious when you stare.” Lance cuts off Matt, still giving him that warm sweet smile. Matt can feel his cheeks heating up.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done plenty of staring too.” And now his face is getting even hotter. Lance likes him back. Wow. His wasn’t exactly how he thought this would go.

“Can you show me what you wanted to give me earlier?” Lance leans over, curious about the device that still sits in Matt’s hands. Matt stutters over his words, flustered and blushing as a tomato. “Y-yeah, sure. Ok” Matt fumbles around, trying to remember how to start up the machine. Finally, after what felt like minutes of making a fool of himself, he finally turns it on, the sounds filling the room as well as the projection, giving the roof the look of a reflective pool.

Matt and Lance watching the the display in a calm silence. Matt startles as Lance takes his hand in his own, lacing their fingers together. Matt looks down at his hand then back at Lance, who is smiling and has somehow closed the space between them without Matt knowing. Matt smiles as he looks back up to his roof.

Yeah, joining team Voltron was the best decision he’s made.


I hope you liked this, because I know I did! Thank you so much for the prompt!

Dear Murata

I’d like to take this moment to thank you. I can’t believe that you remembered that October is my birthday month. Damn, dude. And you’re going all out here and I just don’t even know how I got so lucky. Thanks, man.

I mean, that’s why THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT?!

Please send help. His roughs (seen on the left) look like an angry bunny.

Dude on the right looks a little like Badd. Nobody prove me wrong.

boy i sure am glad that series 10 ended with missy and the doctor standing together!!! that missy is alive and well and staying by the doctor’s side while his body tries to regenerate!!!!!!! i’m so glad that missy isn’t dead and that they’re gonna travel the universe together!!!!!!!! isn’t it great that they got what they always wanted and are together and not dead and alone!!!!!