wowie !!1!  i actually hit 800,, i never thought that’d happen,,  i’d like to thank my mum, my dad, my dog, not my brother… jkjk

so, in celebration of this milestone, i thought i’d do blog aesthetics!

this might get hectic…


- mbf me

- reblog this post (spread the word)

- send me an ask with your favourite song/album/artist, because i’ve been listening to the same six albums for the last month! (preferably off anon)


space: asteroid // galaxy // the stars // dark matter // earth // mars // the moon

colours: red // blue // yellow // green // purple // pink // black // white // orange // pastels // grunge-y

flowers: roses // lilies // chrysanthemums // hyacinths // camellia // hydrangea

weather: sun // cloud // rain // hail // rainbows // fog

teas: earl grey // green jasmine // orange pekoe // peppermint // chai // coffee // hot chocolate

trees: douglas fir // oak // birch // spruce // acacia // maple // cherry

times of the day: morning // noon // afternoon // evening // night // midnight // three am kinda feel

dan and phil: phil // dan // both

overall: succulents and fuzzy socks // fairy lights and cherry blossoms // ice cream and the sea // soft piano and old books // black marble and wrought iron // converse and plaid shirts // chandeliers and cursive writing

i think this’ll be really fun!  thank you soooo much for 800!! 

if this flops forget about it.

Hey, peeps! I want y’all to do something for me just for today!

Ask me in my inbox/reply to this post with (SFW) one scene shallura requests (or maybe silly doodles of me idc)! After midnight, I will close off my inbox.




In order to get them all done in a timely manner, they’ll only be sketches; keep that in mind when asking! So, I’ll do my best to make a megapost once I’m done! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

I want to take a moment to thank all those who supported me along the writing of The Lost Princess, my crazy fic crossover between Supergirl and Wonder Woman, with such a strange plot that includes Lena being Diana’s daughter, things taken from Smallville, The Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amazonian conspiracies and a little DC free-form. This fic meant a lot to me and that’s why I always tried to make it better, longer, more enjoyable. If at some point this fic made you laugh, cry, shake, or be afraid, that counts as a great success for me. I can’t believe the story has almost 1,700 Kudos. Especially I want to thank Noelle, the only Beta that didn’t abandon me after two chapters xD. Without her, nothing would have been the same. Thank you, Noe.
And thanks to you too, the people of both fandoms who spent a few minutes to write some words that made me very happy, the shippers of SuperCorp, Sanvers and Ditemis (… and PeppermintMartians… and QueenCat) Each of you, the ships, and the characters makes me very happy. I am very happy writing about them.
That said, I will continue to write Chapter 5 of The Women of the Thousands Faces. Have a good evening!