The Start Of Something New || OPEN

Leda was excited. She was getting to start over with her life. After kissing her mother and each of her cats individually goodbye Leda hopped on a plane and headed towards her new beginning. After a couple hour flight she was in a taxi on the way to her new home. Map and luggage in hand Leda ran out of cab tossing money back to her driver. She was happy. 

Leda stopped infront of a big building she assumed was the main. After about Twenty minutes of just waiting she finally got her house location and school schedule from the lady at the front desk. She thanked the pretty women and walked outside of the building staring at her map. A look of confusion spread across her face as she couldn’t tell where the buildings were on it. Leda huffed and sat on the front steps pulling her phone out of her pocket. 

I need to logout and breathe.

Too many emotions in this little lapse of time.

  • Sasuke smiling and crying.
  • Sakura being beautiful, more if that is even possible.
  • Naruto and Hinata being canon more and more.
  • Sasuke with black eyes again.
  • Next week the end of a lot of years -and happiness- of my life.
  • During the weekend a new trailer about the movie.

Have a nice day. BYE :D


My very first attempt at doll’s hair-styling! I must say the final result exceeded my expectations. I’m really pleased with it, although I had to repeat the whole cleaning and curling process again since my cat knocked her over into a plant pot and she got covered in wet soil. But it’s fine since the second time I decided to create more curls, and I think it looks really nice like that.

As I stated in the previous post the doll had horribly greasy hair caused by the glue in her head. I used potato starch the first time and then baby powder the second time to get rid of it. And… it actually worked! The hair is nice and soft now.


“My blood is black” 

Finished Crona! Ragnarok came out very well and a tad bit bigger than expected. Everything was handmade except for the undershirt (i butchered a turtleneck) and the wig. I’m super proud of myself. A year ago I never would of thought to make a cosplay from scratch. Crona is ready for pictures and hugs at Megacon and Metrocon, no promise Ragnarok wont bite. 

“Where is Hell? Do you know?… It’s inside your head!” 

Personality test

Hi people!! I did that famous personality test everyone is talking about on http://www.16personalities.com/ I highly recommend it!!

So, I’m the INFP type, and it’s great!!, the whole description is so perfect that it seems it was written for me! :D… then it showed…

wait a second… is that…

yes, I swear I literally…