…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.

okie dokie, so i’m gonna try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. but, being my luck, this is about to get long, redundant, and sappy as fuck. so, buckle in kiddies and i’m sorry in advance lmao. but, hey! here’s to another year on this hellhole of a website, right??? (^: then again, no matter what–i can’t help but say that i’ve actually met and/or got to write with so many great people this year! hell, even if we don’t really talk a lot, if we just became mutuals, or if we’ve known each other since the beginning; i’d just like to say that i appreciate ALL of you guys SO fucking much omfg. i honestly can’t say that enough. it doesn’t matter if you’re on this list or if i accidentally forgot to slip you in there, just know that i’m ALWAYS so grateful to interact with and witness so many great writers! and, shit, even if we haven’t gotten a chance to write yet, then that’s alright. we can always try to write something together this coming year!

but, no matter what, i’m so fucking thankful for you all?? i don’t think i’d still even be here if it wasn’t for you guys. i’m always so honored to skim through all the writing i get so see on my dash, and i’m always stoked whenever i get to write with all of my super talented rp partners–or when i just get to read everyone’s shit in general tbqh. now i know i’m not very good with these sort of things since i just babble a lot, but EVERYONE, just keep up the grade A writing, and here’s to hoping for a great time this coming year! so, and with most of the sappy stuff out of the way–

i hope y’all have had a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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So this post by @lemonsugg inspired me to rewatch this interview and HOLY JESUS THIS VIDEO IS A BLOODY GOLDMINE SO MUCH JASPAR CAN’T HANDLE

Chelsea: I’m gonna ask you a series of questions, say the first answer that comes to your mind

Joe: It’s gonna be dangerous


Caspar: We work out together, by the way





Caspar: He is stronger than me

He is so proud of his little pudding I can’t

Caspar: And I dream about it, and I dream about Joe, and about how we could be… sweating together







Caspar is once more making use of his magical abilitly of shifting closer to Joe without actually moving

The non-gap of doom is coming back

Chelsea: Biggest insecurity?

Joe: My height… but then again I’m wearing these shoes with an extra inch at the bottom

Caspar: You’re not even short, it’s just like when you’re standing next to me

How cute is Caspar, I fucking can’t oh my god

Also can we talk about how someone is considered short just because they often stand next to someone who is taller than them

Like, they must stand next to each other a lot

Oh wait, they do

Chelsea: How about most prized possession?

Caspar: My… friend Joe

This has been discussed before, BUT I STILL CANNOT


ALSO NOTICE THE PAUSE CASPAR MAKES BEFORE SAYING “FRIEND” - probably because he wanted to say something else… cough boyfriend cough


He considers Joe his and I’m just crying someone help me

And look at Joe’s face, he’s probably trying to think of things he could name instead of Caspar

And then he pulls him in like this and look at Joe’s happy face and I’m just here

Just lying on the floor, drowning in my own tears

And then Joe leans against him likes that and puts his hand on Caspar’s leg (WHICH IS SUCH A COUPLEY THING TO DO OH GOD SOMEONE HELP ME) AND LOOK AT CASPAR’S FACE


I am reduced to a sobbing mess by now

Chelsea: Secret talents?

Caspar: You can sing

Joe: No, I can’t

Caspar: Yes, you can!


I can’t take this anymore

Caspar is so in love and he is so proud of his little pudding I am so done

This video is such a gold mine I am so done with everything


Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#7. “I find her miraculous, breathtakingly stunning. I just, I can’t stop looking at her.” (6x12: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked) 



She’s the kind of girl a guy meets when he’s too young, and he fucks up because there’s too much living to do. But later he realizes she’s perfect.
—  I can’t wait until he realizes I’m perfect. //Twitter: @emaakerman

i was doing bunch of borderlands 2 (+ tps) sketches trying to figure out how the female characters’ faces work, and i thought i’d post all of the sketches once i’m finished but….. i couldn’t wait, please look at this tiny tina i drew, she’s my fav

What Have They Done?

@fandralxthexstabulous – continued from (x)

Opening his eyes just made them spike with pain from the light. He winced and closed them again, but turned his head towards Loki. He felt… fizzy, all over, as if something in his very skin were trying to escape.

“Loki,” he whispered. “I’m not sure…they kept asking questions about magic…”

♔—- Light hurt the swordsman’s eyes, that much was obvious by the way Fandral immediately closed his eyes the moment he opened them. His reaction mirrored that of anyone who woke up to a bright light, but it seemed much harsher than the average moment it took for the eyes to adjust. Loki recognized this reaction because he’d been through it and it left him wondering… just how long had Fandral been left in the dark? How long had they robbed him of his eyesight?

“Okay,” Loki murmured softly. “Were they trying to force you to use your magic so they could witness it? Or did they just want information from you?” He leaned more towards the former for the simple reason that Fan clearly went through more than just a questioning. He’d been hurt, tortured, and possibly even experimented on.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter. We can talk about it once you’re safely away from here. I’m going to get you down.” With a swift burst of magic, Loki removed the chains from Fandral’s wrists and body. The poor warrior fell forward, no longer having the support to keep him upright, but Loki caught him. “We need to get you home.”

have a problem? open up a maid cafe!


I’m disheartened that some people won’t believe two people are in love until they’re passionately kissing in the open and having sex upon becoming a couple AND we are witness to it. That’s so juvenile and Hollywood. Is that honestly how relationships are supposed to work? They weren’t kissing from day one and jumping into bed the same night so this is queerbaiting?

For seven episodes that covered several months, we watched two people fall in love. We can guess when they started to care deeply for one another. But, I hear that Yuri!!! on Ice is queerbaiting because we didn’t hear them say, “I love you.” We don’t see tongue or these two naked in bed. The series isn’t openly showing every step of their relationship.

This isn’t a romance series. The focus is sports.

“Yeah, but, romance can happen in other genre and–”

Have you seen how romance is typically handled in a non-romance genre? It’s cliche and rushed and you’re supposed to relate but you can’t. Thank the gods and all living beings that Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t throwing in some romance just for kicks but showing us that love is slow, love grows, and it can happen in the background without lessening character development or overtaking the plot.

However, so many people take the Hollywood fantasy to heart and there’s a love formula that Yuri!!! on Ice isn’t following, and because we don’t see what we usually see or read in movies or manga or books, this series is queerbaiting.

It’s sad that their hidden kiss was believed to be a mockery of LGBT relationships and some people have openly stated that the series is queerbaiting because they didn’t see lips locking or tongues twining. Because LGBT can only be portrayed loud and proud.

Seriously? Are you serious?

Are you saying that Viktor and Yuuri aren’t LGBT enough, that this show isn’t following the “How to be LGBT” manual?

It’s in their words, their gestures, the subtleties. They are in love and have been showing it and some people ignored the build-up, slow burn, good ol’ actually-could-happen-relationship because they believe, honestly 100% believe, it’s not love if we don’t see a kiss, hear I love you, or witness some hot, wild sex. All within 24 hours. And that, to me, is disheartening. My chest aches.

Top ten times Dean and Castiel said each other names.

Requested by anon, I hope you like it!

10. 12x10 or Cas is just done with Dean’s shit.

Okay this is the only funny thing this top ten is getting. It has been two weeks since I watched this episode but I’m still laughing at the whole ‘’married couple’’ situation; everytime I hear Cas saying Dean’s name in that restaurant I laugh so hard I cry.

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

He is so done, someone help me.

9. The phone call in 12x09.

 Dean calling Castiel for help one thousand times without thinking about anyone else and the relief in Cas voice when he hear Dean’s voice again, his face is so full of life in that instant.

Originally posted by dean-dontobjectifyme-winchester

8. Don’t ever change.

The way Dean says Cas’ s name in this scene is so beautiful, he is smiling he is happy because he is seeing Castiel again like he has always been not like the shadow he meets in the future, and he is relieved, not only because the angel saves his ass from Zachariah, but because Castiel is okay and he is just the same weird, dorky little guy.

Originally posted by my-chemicaldestiel

You have to agree the two Cas were pretty much in love with Dean Winchester.

7. Castiel during the phone call in 11x01.

This scene always get me because despite being under Rowena’s spell Castiel just wants to know how is Dean, just wants to know if he is free from Cain’s Mark influence. The way Cas says Dean’s name, desperate, because he just wants to know his effort was worth it, that the hunter is okay, but Dean is just feeling guilty for what happened in the bunker.

Originally posted by selfless-sam

*cries a little* worried boyfriends are the best boyfriends.

6. Purgaytory.

I don’t know what I like most about this whole scene, Dean screaming Cas’ name when he finally finds him after a year or Cas’ face while saying Dean, because the angel always looks so touched when Dean worries about him, when he risks his life to save Cas’.

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

I’m so emotional.

5. Goodbye stranger.

I can’t let this out, no when Dean sounds so desesperate while saying Castiel’s name no when he is trying to have the angel back because his Cas will never do anything to hurt him.

Originally posted by debatchery

We need you, I need you.

4. 10x22.

Castiel doesn’t try to fight back, he doesn’t want to hurt Dean even if the hunter is hurting him, because he knows Dean, he knows he doesn’t want to do this, that’s why he just tries to calm him down, just try to speak with him.

Originally posted by phangirl-landphil

I was so devastated when I heard that single Dean accompained by a soft please, because Castiel didn’t want to die because his death would have been a step more in Dean’s way to become like Cain, because if he died he wouldn’t be able to help Dean, to make him stop.

3. Please don’t go, I love you so.

I don’t care how many times I talk about this episode, because it won’t be enough. Everytime I hear Dean saying Cas’  name, everytime I see his face my heart breaks a little. Dean was so worried, so pained because time was running and Cas was worse with every second that passed and he couldn’t do anything, he was going to lose Castiel without having  an opportunity of saving him.

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

The way he says Sam’s name when he realise how bad is Cas’s situation, his voice at the end when Cas is saved by Crowley, all the pain gone just relief just love.

2. A last goodbye and a new opportunity.

This refers to two different moments where they say the name of the other in two completly different situatuons and I wanted to make a little comparision.

On one hand we have a goodbye, the last time they are going to see the other; I’m talking about ‘’Alpha and Omega’’. All the things left unsaid, the way they look each other an of course the painful way the say the other’s name for the last time.

Originally posted by flydestiel

It’s worse if you think that Castiel wasn’t himself during all the season so they had been together for a very short period of time.

On the other hand we have Dean and Cas saying each other’s name in 12x01, Castiel is so happy and you can say he can’t believe what he is seeing and Dean sound so relieved to be at home again, to be with one important part of his family.

Originally posted by b0ttomdean

The pain of letting go and the joy of being together again.

Bonus: Before we reach number 1 I want to mention two moments:

1. Each and every time Castiel has said ‘’ Hello Dean’’.

Originally posted by hunter-sociopath-in-the-tardis

What a profound bond.

2. Church scene in season 11.

Dean saying Cas’ name because he wants to talk with him, he wants the angel to fight againt Lucifer, he just wants Castiel back with him.

Originally posted by constiellation

Originally posted by pinkman

1. 9x03.

Like I don’t have to explain the way I cried when I heard all the pain, the loss in Dean’s voice everytime He said Cas’ name trying to wake him up because he couldn’t bear the idea of the angel being dead.

Originally posted by thegreatbobbinski

I can hear him screaming, and it’s so painful.

hope I didn’t forget anything, if you want me to add anything or you want a top ten please just tell me!

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