Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#7. “I find her miraculous, breathtakingly stunning. I just, I can’t stop looking at her.” (6x12: I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked) 

okay so I was checking things and

we now have a little over 100 of you guys???? :0

holy heck where’d y’all even come from

where do you keep coming from

I love you all get over here and hug me


I was tagged by @cerseilannisterr thank you so much dear!!

Rules: name 5 different OTP’s from different fandoms

1. jaime x cersei / stannis x melisandre (got/asoiaf)

2. emily x aiden (revenge)

3. elijah x hayley (the originals) 

4. castle x beckett (castle) 

5. barney x robin (how I met your mother)

I tag @booandleashylookru @velatavelenosa @brvndenrivers and @victoriagraysons