I want to create a blog with a group of 3 more people (Me and 3 others) because I have an idea for a blog, but no one to use it with!

So if you want to join draw a picture of your own spin on a Ink character for BatIM and their human counterpart! Make your own version of their design and personality, then in my inbox send me the picture,with their personalities and any other info you would need!

Here are the counterparts
Bendy - Sammy
Boris - Henry
Alice - Susan (her voice after)
Extra character - Joey

For Joey you get to make your own character but please don’t make them a Mary Sue

Also if you want to do this please have Skype or Google Hangouts so we can talk as a group!


PS- this blog will be ask and rp!

Daryl & Jesus -> “We might be dead by tomorrow.”

Okay, so this is the first edit I’ve ever done. I’m actually pretty proud of it, even though of course it’s nothing next to someone who did this for idk how long. I’m not a pro or anything, still I wanted to try it especially with this song. I hope you like it, it took me so frickin long bc I had no idea how to use svp.

(the watermark is my instagram btw)

Reasons Ferrari could have for pitting Kimi a 4th time: (Just for LOLS)

• They love to watch Kimi overtake so much they pitted him for a chance to see him overtake again.
• Kimi overtook Lewis while he had break problems, it will therefore only count as a legitimate overtake if he does it a second time.
• So Kimi could be next to Seb.
• Toto bet Lewis could undercut him.
• An even number of pit stops, v aesthetic looking.
• Kimi didn’t want to do post race interviews.

*rests elbows on desk, folds hands and lowers head*

we must do something about this Great Meme Depression…

*stands up and looks out window*

…what i propose next might seem extreme, ridiculous even, but i believe it will help restore the Meme Economy. Risks must be taken at this point, and i’m fool enough to do so myself….

*looks over shoulder*

….My dear populace of Tumblr…

*walks back over to desk, places hands on it, slowly leans forward*

We must revive the I Can Has Cheezburger meme