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Sans isn’t an idiot. He knew he didn’t have a chance. He ditched. I figure since they’re in Underfell, he didn’t have Karma to help out. After Sans ditched, Flowey tried to-well, you should ask him….or wait until the next part.

Parts 1 and 2……Parts 3 and 4

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I’ll probably be posting spoilers tonight and given how last episode ended they’re going to be big ones. All spoilers will be tagged ‘cr spoilers’ for those who can’t watch live! May the dice gods be with us tonight!

Aimz gets personal

I’m meeting someone really important to me on Tuesday. I’ve basically waited almost my entire life to meet her and I still can’t quite believe it’s happening. I’m so nervous and excited. I really hope we get on well as I really want her in my life.

Out in the rain at a Beyoncé concert waiting for it to start!! School gave away free tickets to the honors students in senior year. Well… I didn’t realize the seats were gonna be this high in the open stadium and I’m having the worse anxiety ever lol but I REALLY CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO START. Just wish we were seated a little lower,,