“Theodosia died in a storm at sea, and Philip was fatally shot in a duel (depicted later in “Blow Us All Away”). In a sense, both were literally or figuratively blown away in the prime of life, instead of surviving to inherit the world their fathers hoped to build for them. Even a sweet and tender song like this one must have its note of irony.”
             – Genius annotations for “Dear Theodosia”, cosigned by Lin-Manuel Miranda


Forgot to post this Klance sketch and rough draft of a painting of Lance with lily pads I did during Supercon. 

The Lance drawing was inspired by this tweet which made me realize my noodle son is actually a dorito. He’s like fledgling to Shiro tho ;w; 

- Do no repost/use/post my art on other websites without my permission -

Silly Headcanons

 @meadowlarkx@francaise-de-coeur, @hinotorihime, @lithuanias, and @typewritingfangirl I feel it’s appropriate enough to share with you who also appreciate my son.

So. *slides headcanons across table* These fell out of more than one pocket during a few late night conversations with @ranavari. They don’t belong anywhere at all; just a small 100% OOC study concerning his (very neglected) personal habits.

1.  Lithuania couldn’t read when Poland met him.

2.  A few months after gaining independence from the USSR, Lithuania bought a walkman and drove to Estonia’s house in the middle of the night to make mix-tapes on blank cassettes.

3.  I wouldn’t have pegged him this way a few weeks ago but then I saw a few images of his country. Lithuania looks composed enough in public; his flat is the same. Until you open a cabinet or (heaven forbid) the hallway closet. The pots and pans are in the tea cupboard. One of the stray dogs in the house ate his car keys.

And Poland has to live with this train wreck.

“Liet, you left your laptop in the refrigerator again.”

He opens the washing machine to find an array of spare change and soggy folded-up notes (and probably acorns and rocks too) that Lithuania not only forgot to take out of his pockets, but forgot to take out of the washer.

Containers and containers of instant coffee fall out of the microwave.

4.  Speaking of which, while pouring his morning cup of real coffee, Poland once witnessed Lithuania absently sliding the remains of his breakfast plate onto the floor for the four dogs milling around. 

5.  Lithuania has a lot of old-man sweaters that look like this:

He wears them a lot.

6.  “I feel like he’s probably got like, several thousand potted plants everywhere, too.” - ​ @ranavari

7.  Lithuania took up streetboxing in the early 1900s while outsourcing in the United States. He gave his winnings to immigrant families living in the slums of Chicago.

8.  Lithuania is really good at retro dance moves. (i.e. the Twist or the Hully Gully if he can be persuaded)

9. While he usually sticks to that hideous folk metal, one of Lithuania’s favourite songs is Blackbird by the Beatles.

10.  Ukraine tried to teach Lithuania how to knit back in the Soviet days, but she got a bit peevish when he kept arguing about which types of stitches he was supposed to use.

ALSO how could I forget: Lithuania used to be a pretty heavy smoker.

From here to Mars

Okay, so I’m really bored and drunk and I can’t sleep so I decided to write something. I’ll correct mistakes later when I’m on my laptop ^^ + add the word count

Warnings: extreme cheesiness and fluff I guess

Word count: 1.925

Bucky laid there in the darkness, staring down at you, the sleeping girl in his arms. Your side fell and raised regularly, your warm breath running over Bucky’s chest. Despite the nightmare he just had, just looking at you helped. It didn’t make the nightmares stop but at least it calmed him down to see you in safety.

Gently and careful not to wake you, he pushed your hair aside with his flesh hand and admired how beautiful you looked in the early morning.
For some reason you were never afraid to to touch his metal arm. No matter how many times he tried to convince you it was bad, that it was made to kill not to hold his best girl, you would just shake your head, lock your fingers with his metal ones and hold his hand to your heart, saying: ‘It’s a part of you, James. You can’t change what you have done with it but you can learn to control it and I am one hundred percent sure you are able to.’
Bucky would pull you into his arms and press soft kisses to the top of your head, not saying anything.

He loved moments like these where you could just be together; whether talking or not talking at all. He just loved being close to you and knowing that he had you and maybe that was selfish. Maybe letting you go would be better for you and you could find someone not as broken and lost as Bucky but he simply couldn’t get himself to set you free.

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