I love really uncomfortable accidentally creepy Plague knight who doesn’t understand social norms??

and like not in a “see? what a creepy villain” way but in a super meta sense that’s more like that’s how people see him and he just shrugs into infinity and rolls with it if you’re going to be rude about it, but he’s chipper and friendly to people who don’t immediately go “umm?? you’re making me uncomfortable??? please stop being.”

Give me socially awkward Plague knight who asks things like “have you ever had <disease>?” and then proceeds to explain the symptoms whether or not you said yes. Let him be a walking uncanny valley effect in the way he moves; twitchy and stiff and not graceful 90% of the time. Let him laugh in totally inappropriate situations and generally be super not-normal.

And his friends might internally sigh sometimes because he can be difficult, but they let him do the thing because he’s not hurting anyone; weird/creepy doesn’t mean bad.

He’s trying his best let this boy be weird.


Hufflepuffs emphasize equality. If the playing field is equal, then all other good things will come from there. People think that Hufflepuffs are pushovers. They cast them as the shy ones, the fearful ones, the insecure ones. Really, they’re none of these things. They are nice, accepting, friendly,but they are also entirely willing to fight anyone that steps up to the plate talking shit. 

                     Hufflepuffs will defend themselves and other people until they’re dead. The big difference between Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs is that a Gryffindor believes in acceptable casualties, and a Hufflepuff does not. For Hufflepuffs, there aren’t acceptable casualties; any loss of life is unacceptable.

Gryffindors don’t care about rules. The most hard-line of them don’t even care about people. They care about justice. Right or wrong, black or white, there are no shades of grey. If it’s just, it’s always just; if it’s unjust, it’s always wrong.

                     Gryffindors are not necessarily knights in shining armor.(x)(2/?)

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Strawberry 🍓 and grape 🍇!!!

  • Strawberry: favorite desserts?
    I think I just answered that question HERE 😉
    But I would like to add Black Forest gâteau to the list, and profiteroles! 

  • Grape: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    New York, always NYC. I hope to go this summer and see Groundhog Day.
    I also LOVE New Zealand, it’s such a beautiful and diverse country, they’ve got city life and the most incredible scenic spots, they do good food and the people are really chill and friendly.

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     autumn loved being social more than anything. having a nice cup of tea and talking with someone was one of her favorite things. sadly, the people that she went to school with were not a fan of her midwestern-friendliness, causing her to be extremely alone at her new school. this wasn’t something the girl was used to. she was used to everyone in her town knowing who she was through her father, that came with being a pastor’s kid, especially if your father was a pastor for one of the largest churches in minnesota. 

     due to her increased loneliness, autumn had found herself wandering through a local park not too far away from her school. it was a beautiful day today, it felt like spring already. autumn (surprisingly) loved spring, it was her favorite season. that was probably because she loved flowers so much. 

     she hummed softly to herself, walking through the park, smiling softly when she saw another girl sitting alone at a park bench. autumn was looking for a place to sit and drink her recently purchased hazelnut latte from starbucks. 

     “hello—” autumn said to the stranger, smiling softly, oblivious to the fact that other people might not be as social as she was. “your hair is gorgeous, by the way. i always wanted to go blonde m’self, but i’ve never dared to dye my hair.” it was just too risky for the sheltered girl. 

Well it’s confirmed. Biba really is a big bitch.

Also I like how Ikoma never censors what he says. Just goes right up to Biba and the first thing he says is “you’re the one who taught Mumei that weak people deserve to die”. I love it. Ikoma isn’t very good at being subtle lol.

hey people, just a friendly reminder, if you could, to tag art posts especially that depict corrupted characters (like the red lyrium!Cullen going around). I personally love corrupted AUs, but a lot of people find them really uncomfortable. I personally use the tag “corruption tw” if anyone wants to savior it, so if you wanna use that too go for it. :) just letting ya’ll know!

My parents were telling me about how they went away for the weekend and discovered that the bed and breakfast they stayed at was a “gay friendly” place run by this lil gay couple and apparently one of them put on little stage shows and everything and I was like “aw I wanna go there” and they both looked at me like “you want to go to the gay friendly b&b??”.

How they haven’t figured out I am Not Straight is beyond me.