anonymous asked:

I'm.... I'm really confused now. So, back when the show started, Alex Hirsch confirmed that it took place in the summer of 2012. But Boyz Crazy refers to it as "2k13." Stan's Campaign logo says 2016 in every logo I've seen. I'm just... what? Am I missing something?

Good gracious you’re right, hahaha. I’m amazed I never caught that. You know what else is crazy? The “Stan’s the man with the plan” song states “Stanley Pines” instead of “Stanford Pines”.

I would guess that Hirsch is making fun of the election coming up in 2016 more than the actual dates in the show. If anything, while the StanPines4Mayor twitter and website are most definitely from the cast and crew (I mean my god Hirsch was in his office for 3 WHOLE DAYS prior to the reveal of the twitter and website), I don’t know if the logo and some of the stuff Stan is saying is legit “canon” in terms of Gravity Falls. It’s probably nothing to freak out over, Anon, and it’s best to just watch the episode and see what happens.

My bigger fear is how much hilarious hype has preceded such a “small” seemingly filler episode. I have no idea how big the Stanchurian Candidate is actually going to be, but it makes me nervous that they are creating such a hullabaloo about it. Sure, it’s probably to play up the election and give the fans an extra-fun treat, but at the same time… I mean we haven’t even SEEN Stanford in any of the promos. What is he doing? Where did he go? Why is there a convenient Ford-shaped hole next to Stan where his brother probably should be? It’s all VEERRRY SUSPICIOUS.