Ya know…from this angle, it almost looks like Onew punches Jjong 😂😂😂


8x11 “LARP and the Real Girl”
“I’m just a man, I’m not a hero”

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

What’s killing me most about this is that what Dean tells Charlie here is something he’d reject and laugh about if someone told him the exact same thing he tells Charlie here. Back in high school we have seen Dean shout “I’m a hero”, but even then it never truly felt like he ever believed those words. No, I think when Dean thinks of heroes, he’s got other people in mind. People, who are strong and smart. People whose shoes in his mind would always be a couple of sizes too big for him. And that is what makes Dean such a beautiful character. He is proving all the time and with so many actions that he is a hero. It’s just that he can’t see it himself. But he manages to feel like one while wearing that costume, walking into battle as a knight and warrior aside the Queen of Moons to fight against the Shadow Orks.

Friend Things
  • whispering inside jokes/memes during a time when you’re supposed to be Serious™
  • driving nowhere in particular while you try to figure out what to do
  • the “Default Hangout”
  • differing ideas of acceptable movie theater behavior lead to threats
  • ordering from the appetizer menu at 11pm
  • “can we please have separate checks?”
  • borrowed sweatpants
  • the likelihood of sharing food is either 100% or 0% there is no in between
  • “did I leave ______ at your house?”
  • texting each other your weird dreams (capslock optional)
  • using parents’ first names (is it a joke? who the fuck knows)
  • tag-team storytelling 
  • only the shittiest finest jokes 
  • it’s anyone’s guess what fuckery is gonna happen if you make eye contact in public
  • passing the phone
  • aux cord fights
  • why get up if you can just throw the thing to whoever needs it
  • putting on a movie to appreciate while you talk over it

I’ve been feeling really disorganized and gross lately, and I feel like my styles looking a bit too clean and polished and stiff. I feel really cluttered and lazy and unmotivated, but it happens. It’s come and gone before, so hopefully this’ll pass real soon. So to clean things up a bit, here’s some sketches I never really finished, or just little ones I didn’t feel like posting on their own.


So I decided to give up on the 100 days of productivity. I can’t always post my notes because they aren’t tumblr worthy so it hasn’t been working for me.

But as you can see I’ve been cracking on with maths. It’s rough stuff because I’ve never been good at maths. I’ve learnt that this is because I haven’t been studying in the right way and now I’m starting to find it easier.

Keep on friends


More sketches and whatnot. Even a full fledged comic page I never did anything with. And other concept sketches.

How can people even deny larry when we have this shit

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Like, I don’t give a fucc that one of them has a baby bc larry is SO REAL

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I will fight anyone who denies it

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Just had to get that out there…