Y'all. After over a month of anxiously waiting to hear back, I received a phone call offering me MY DREAM JOB POSITION! I am over the moon about the opportunities I’ll have here, how I will grow as both a provider and a person, and being a bit closer to family (and trail runs in my mountains).

For everyone that sent me good vibes on here, tamed my anxious heart, or took time out of their day to send a sweet message the past few dark weeks- THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH.

Gratitude is spilling out of me.


those cheeky shits

I’ve been through so much professional development this year. It’s going to warrant a longer post at some point, but I just need to get this off of my chest.

Stop infantilizing teachers.

We do not need to sound out easily recognizable words syllable-by-syllable together. I’ll ask if I really don’t understand.

We do not need to “think-pair-share.” I will willingly talk to the person next to me without the jargon.

We do not need dance breaks. I just need to pee.

We do not need every acronym explained every time. You are not Rachael Ray and this is not EVOO. 

I could go on.

But really, just stop.

Stop infantilizing teachers.

Speaking of Jade meta I’ve recently seen posts going around saying stuff like ‘Jade represses things’ and 'Jade does a shitton of emotional labor’ like these are… new revelations, and I’m just like… glad you could make it, where have you been for the last 6 years

On December 31 Paul began proceedings in the High Court of Justice in London to wind up The Beatles.

Paul: “I for one am very proud of the Beatle thing. It was great and I can go along with all the people you meet on the street who say you gave so much happiness to many people. I don’t think that’s corny. I believe that we did bring a real lot of happiness to the times.”
—  The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years // Barry Miles

I finally got to ACTUALLY meet @jenndoesnotcare who I’ve known for… something like 14 years? and @bethanyactually who is every bit as great in person and their respective children (oh and @caelyx too! he was the mostly quiet one not that he would have had much of a chance… if not from us then the five kids) 

@jenndoesnotcare‘s daughter and my niece have decided they are best friends now. My little one was really sad to find out it would not be possible to attend her new friend’s birthday being as they live on opposite sides of the globe :(

Anyway, at long last we all got to sit in the same room (or park) and say things like “hey, did you ever see that tumblr post about…”