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I do suggest reading the Tom GQ article because the amount it revolves around Taylor slightly alarming but also all reads like someone sent him a list of key points he had to touch on. He even talks about the TS tank top!!!!

@strangenewfriends sent me screenshots of the highlights let’s all read and feel better about ourselves in comparison to tom

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Here’s the ice jelly!! A video doesn’t do it justice, it feels so weird!

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Heeey, Ghost! What are some of *your* favorite webcomics? Inquiring minds wanna know.

I’ve let this rot in my inbox as I think LOL

I think one of my favorites of all time is The Summer of Blake Sinclair. Ones that I am currently reading (in no particular order) are Jamie, Shaderunners, Wilde Life, This is Not Fiction, Dead City, Rock and Riot, Long Exposure, Orange Junk, Sunshine Boy and Check Please. I also read Their Story from time to time.


I say it all the time. And it’s gotten to the point where I’m with my family when I say it and they say "Mom?! Stop saying ‘frak!’” And I’m still trying to convince them that it’s only 'frak,’ but it isn’t only 'frak.’ It’s the real deal. It’s just 'frak.’ So it’s a tough one, because now, you know, as a mom you try not to use the other F word, but now I think I have complete freedom to say it whenever I feel like it because I use 'frak.’ But I’m getting called on the carpet about it so I don’t know how long that’ll last“ (x).

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hi!:) your blog is great and i love reading your tags on anne/henry edits. could you please suggest some literature about Anne? there's a lot of books but i don't know which of them are trustworthy.. *i'm sorry that this message seems so messy and strange and everythig sounded better in my head:(* i hope everything is fine and you are having a nice day:)

Your message is fine, no worries! And thank you.

I would redirect you to a Anne rec post if I had one, and I’m sure there’s one lurking somewhere in her tag but it would take forever to track down so I’ll just list what’s off the top of my head.

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives. Considered the fundamental Anne biography. The Anne Boleyn Bible, ultimately.

The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo. I’ve heard good things. Also seen it criticized as biased.

The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir. Okay, this one is kind of on the fence for many fans. I can’t vouch for it personally, but I can tell you Weir does seem to harbor some anti-Anne sentiment so be more skeptical. But I still like her general stuff on the Tudors; particularly on Henry, I’m reading her book on him & his court rn. She also wrote The Six Wives of Henry VIII, amongst others.

The Anne Boleyn Papers. Compiles all/most of the documents, letters, etc that are relevant to her into one handy, resourceful book. Apparently it’s full of other beautiful images as well. I really, really!!!! want this.

Inside the Wardrobe of Anne Boleyn. Read the sample. I want it for those added excerpts from history that other literature would find of less import since it’s only fashion.

In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn. I plan on getting my hands on this. Again, it seems to have content that would be gleaned over or excluded from most text but adds to the greater picture imo (I’m a lover of small details). Also might come in handy if I ever end up in England again and go on a Anne tour.

I’ve omitted historical fiction because I haven’t read any for her, although I’ve got my eye on The Boleyn King (which I mentioned earlier in my tags). Wolf Hall is revered by many as being the most “historically accurate” but someone else put it best that it prob intimidates non-scholars too much to look at it with proper criticism. While the author might be a phenomenal story teller she fell back on old, faithful caricatures so I’m too disillusioned with that to read it myself (yet?). Almost all Tudor fiction is god awful, which lends to making Wolf Hall impressive tbh.

…tho this reminds me someone is actually publishing their Tudor ff.net story where Anne marries Francis after she escapes the Tower or something lmao

ideal date: *talk about girl groups for 15 hours straight*