I was tagged by @calicocaptain, so let’s do this

Who/what is your favorite…

1. captain: I’m gonna play my cards in the number four so here I’ll say Charles
2. quote/part of dialogue: uuuh well considering I could never choose one quote alone let’s say my favourite dialogue is probably the one Flint and Silver have in the 3x10, take it in its entirety
3. female: my Bonny lass
4. male (different from #1): Rackham
5. setting: The brothel! I’d say the sea too but it’s a little vague I suppose
6. villain: It’s honestly hard to pick a villain in black sails where everyone is a villain by definition (”no matter how many lies we tell ourselves or how many stories we convince ourselves we’re a part of…we’re all just thieves awaiting a noose”), so let’s say if I have to pick among the ones who antagonise the main characters (again, hard to say since they are hardly a nice bunch of friend)…
well I really enjoyed the scene with Ned Low, I would have personally liked to see him interact with more characters 
7. season: probably season three 
8. outfit: for the men I’d say Jack’s outfit in the 3x04, and for the girls ugh hard to pick one when Max is around. I really really loved her gown in the 3x01 fit for a queen
9. pirate flag (if you know them): definitely the ranger’s flag!

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