Slightly less popular bts ship dynamics (due to popular demand), a reference.

Jihope: the ultimate bromance duo. those dudes who there’s no such thing as too far with gay chicken. wilin out together. the full body laughter duo. like to tease each other relentlessly, but somehow remain amazingly supportive and judgment free. give each other lots of advice. give each other plenty of space and mutual respect. cuddles and backrubs. unrelenting faith in one another. dancing together x1000.

Nammin: the angelic sinners duo. simultaneously the most innocent and pure, as well as being the kinkiest horny dudes in their squad at all times. using lots of excuses to touch each other. getting each other gifts. size different kings. affectionate smiles @ each other like constantly. very comfortable with one another. can’t help but laugh when they see the other one laugh.

Vhope: the accidentally went overboard duo. the extra wild™ duo. fake almost kisses and pretend make-out session that get a little too real for anyone watching. saying really gay things to each other. finds each other ridiculously attractive. cuddling together when it’s cold. stare at each other to get the others attention. accidentally sleeping in each other beds.

Taejin: the fool4u duo. idiots/nerds/goofballs x2. get each others jokes. encouraging each other even when no one else does. probably have a lot of inside jokes. dancing to cheesy/aegyo songs together. very soft and cute. giggling and smiling @ each other a lot. surprisingly comfortable/natural with skinship. acting bros duo.

Junghope: the golden duo. the meme bros. genuinely close. care about each other 10000%. trusts each other endlessly. embolden each other. skinship everywhere. making each other laugh. sharing inside jokes. staying up late at night together. the comfort zone ship (aka they make each other feel safe and comfortable.) soft yet stable relationship.

Sugamon: the collective mind duo. the easy company duo.  chill af ultra bros. bouncing ideas off of one another. holds each other in high esteem. remembers each others order preference. late nights in the office mixing music together. telepathic #samebro, through eye contact. the uncles/dads of the squad. quiet but comfortable 

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 11) Senior Year: Nursey

Nursey has never looked less chill. He’s practically vibrating as he props up the wall in the attic. “Bro, I don’t think I can.”

“Nurse,” says Holster, wondering where he went wrong. “Bro. It’s dibs. Isn’t this literally what you’ve been working for all year? You cleaned my haunted jockstrap. Twice.”

“Yeah,” says Nursey, spacing out. “But Ransom asked Dex yesterday.”

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so i saw a post floating around about congratulations and angelica being reduced to pining for hamilton from afar, “i lived only to read your letters” right - and while that’s a totally fair criticism, i kind of love it? like i love the idea of letting distance colour things, it’s real easy to romanticize things when you’re away from someone and writing letters, and then she’s kind of like, oh. like she does love him but he’s a prideful, selfish fuck who hurt her sister in a way that might be irreparable. it’s painful and i love it.


IAC Coming Out!

emergency relationship advice needed

Okay so I have a confession to make: I’m on tinder since like last week. I really downloaded it for fun to see what will happen and who is on it in my area, and I got matched with this really attractive girls and texted her, and we chatted for like four days (since Monday). It was nice and casual and I thought maybe if I get to know her and she is as nice as she seems I’ll meet her.

But today I got a text from her and she already wants to meet me. And I immediately freaked out because hell I’m not ready for this! I have wild social anxiety and I’m hella autistic, I don’t meet people in real life after knowing them for less than a week! And now I have quite a dilemma cause I don’t want to rush it and force myself to go out with her and suffer through anxiety and potentially ruin it, but I also don’t wanna seem like I’m not interested. And I don’t think there is a socially acceptable way to say “hey I’m brainweird”.

So… what should I do? I do want to meet her eventually, but I just wanna to get to know her first. I have no idea what tinder etiquette is like but from her profile I’m guessing she isn’t into one night stands and is looking for datemates and she just doesn’t like texting and wants to talk to me irl. But I don’t. Not yet at least. And now I’m super anxious just because of this.

I understand a lot of my followers are autistic too but maybe you have some wisdom so please share it.

Hey you..

You are beautiful. You are strong. You can do hard fucking things. Keep smiling…or crying. If it gets you to the next day then you, my friend, are a warrior. Don’t ever feel ashamed. Don’t ever feel like there is no one to talk to or that there is no way out..

If you’re feeling down today or sad or defeated PLEASE come to me. I’ve been there. I’m fighting my own battles and if I can help at least one person… please let me.

You are so incredibly loved, sweet soul. ❤️

x. There’s a loud and aggressive growl escaping from the human, eyes narrowing as brows furrow in tight knits. “Are you serious?” It’s almost alarming how ignorant they have been. “I almost S H O T you. This is exactly why you don’t sneak up on officers, off duty or not.”

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OK picture this. What if it's announced tomorrow Louis is not the father. Then it's announced he's going to be on the XFactor finale. Ratings would go through the roof because everyone wants to see how he's doing. It could be marketing genius. That is if you can describe A psychopath like Simon as a genius.

We’ll see if we (and him) are that lucky but let it be known that I’ve got my champagne ready just in case.

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Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people

band/artist: All Time Low
what is your gender? That girl
describe yourself? Shameless
how do you feel? Kicking & screaming
if you could go anywhere? Under a paper moon
favorite mode of transportation : backseat serenade
your best friend? That girl’s a straight up hustler
favorite time of day? Six feet under the stars
if your life was a tv show : fools holiday
relationship status? A daydream away
your fear? How the story ends


lol there’s a song called Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me That You Love Me and I really wanted to use it, but my life isn’t that exciting, so…

✨✨ also I’m pretty sure you don’t have to link to all the songs. I just wanted you to hear them if you were interested ✨✨

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and you call yourself a spy Natasha


I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦


Ref from Kill Your Darlings (2013)