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Mod: Hi. Your blog is amazing, your art is amazing and you're amazing. Everything's amazing. Okey I'm done *rolls out screeching, shy mod had come to attack with hugs but failed*

Oh nooo mod! Come back!! I’m good with hugging! Thank you so much for the words, means a lot!! <3 Your art and blog are lovely and I’m looking forward to your content! Your Deku is super cute :3c kudos from a fellow ask blog mod!

Just lemme tell you, proto!Katsuki and stalker!Deku might have a bit more in common than you might expect. I wonder if they’d be pals?

Needa go
  • *In electronics shop*
  • Daddy: *playing game and a bit distracted*
  • Little: *jiggling from foot to foot*
  • Daddy: Okey I'm done, ready to go?
  • Little: I needa go to the toilet daddy *whispers*
  • Daddy: Oh, you need to go potty?
  • Little: *outside* hehe yea I do, *inside* !!!!!!!!!!! daddy called it potty!! I am so tiny right now
The Superhero War #2
  • WinterIron shippers: Damnit I know we're not popular but get Steve out of the picture please
  • Stuckony shippers: One third hates the other two, and they hate him back. HAhaha oh my god are we on a submarine
  • People who don't ship any of them with each other: WILL YOU JERKS SHUT UP ABOUT THOSE THREE AND STOP ANTAGONIZING EACH OTHER
  • [This has been a PSA. Please let's just give each other a hug and agree that whoever they're with they deserve to be happy, okey? I'M LOOKING AT YOU MY IRL FRIENDS JFC]

Trade with the brother , which I took the most first, but fulfilled the very last rip

At all. At all. Hmm, I really need to stop using the same colors for shades, and then I have all the work. Pink (I love this color, but I do not think that the same palette is suitable for permanent artworks)

Generally. Well this

jungkook; obliviously, obviously obvious

❝jungkook’s too oblivious to realize he was obvious in trying to not be obvious
►2240 words / scenario, college!au

Jungkook is horrible when it came to being discrete especially when it came to having crushes.  He should’ve known by now to keep it cool, stop staring but how the fuck is he supposed to follow that whenever he looks at you, he’s hooked instantly? And it’s not to say you don’t know him, because that would make it less shittier for him to feel bad on the fact he hasn’t made a move but the fact that he does know you, more than half the years of him walking on this freaking planet… oh yes, Jungkook feels like utter shit each time he reminds himself that you haven’t made a move.

Today’s no different. Really, Jungkook doesn’t expect it to change but a guy can hope, no?

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What I genuinely miss are those summers in B. when we were all together at my grandparents’ house. 
Eventhough sometimes there were so many people that my cousin and I had to sleep on the sofas in the living room. We complained about that, not only because the chances of falling down were very high, but also because we were woken up by someone in the morning way too early. And there was always someone blocking the bathroom. However, the feeling of knowing that there is always someone anyway near and at night it’s a house full of people (finally being quiet..) and everyone is dreaming about something different, was a comforting thought.

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Okey okey okey, i'm legit confused, are you actually disliking/against this "custom hero thing" or is it just for the memes/awkwardness?

Oh no, I have nothing against the idea. I do think it might have been better if it was used a few years ago though, Only because of the reputation sonic fan characters have. Honestly I’m surprised at how long it took them to implement this idea. 

Point is I know I’ll have fun making a silly character. It’s harmless fun.

Okey I'm worried now

It’s been reported that Big Bang's T.O.Phas not been seen outside for the past four days. 

After reporting back to military service, he has not been seen outside the dormitory of where he is staying and has only been eating instant cup ramen for his daily meals.

According to his peers, he’s been carrying out his daily routine normally but simply just refuses to eat and go outside of his dormitory. 

Source allkpop.com

Like I knew he’s gonna get through soo much emotional stuff after that but now I’m seriously worried if this is 100% truth this is the funny or just some scandal anymore at least for most of us vip seriously we need to show top as much support as we can one of those things is let’s start a hashtag #ISupportTop or #IStandWithTop another thing is we can comment nice things on his Instagram just letting him know that we support him helps its really heartbreaking to me knowing that he only eats instant noodles and that he’s not coming out of his dorm that said a lot about his emotional state so he needs support please SUPPORT HIM!

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Okey I'm tryna find this one live performance where Stevie and Lindsey end up singing in one mic together and they're being goofy but I cannot for the life of me remember what song it is. I think Stevie is wearing a hat???? Sorry this is all super vague.

Hey anon, I think you mean the famous video of ‘Angel’ from the Tusk Tour:

If that’s not the one you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll see if I can think of something else. :)

“What?” Brielle asked, bitter tone, not letting her eyes lift from the phone in her hands. It was the weekend and she was lapping up the opportunity to be back on the beloved device. Only this time the comments she was reading were not ones of praise and love, this was what she saw coming…she was the boring housemate. The one that no one wanted to see on their screens..she was what she made fun of only seasons ago…
“No I really don’t wanna fucking talk right now, okay?”