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How old are you ?And what are you writing now ?

It’s because I sound like a 12 year old beiber fan for Sebastian, right? 😂😂😂 Sometimes I cringe at what I write on my posts and tags and can’t believe I sound so immature lol. Believe it or not, I’m a grown ass woman with grown ass responsibilities like a mortgage, a job, juggling time for the gym, vet appts for my dogs and cat, and this little escape from my reality.

26 to answer your question.

And right now I’m currently working on like 6 different requests (sorry guys! Thanks for your patience!) I’m almost done with two at the moment. It’s about our favorite 1940’s soldier, Bucky, taking you out on your first date with a sweet kiss at the end. I’m currently debating whether to add smut since the anon who requested it didn’t specify. I’ll add a little preview and if you want some smut, let me know 💕💕💕💕💕💕


“I can’t believe you did all that for a bear!” You laughed, admiring the stuffed animal in your hands.

Bucky groaned behind you while he looked down at the sidewalk, embarrassed. “There is no way I didn’t hit that bell the first time!” he began, trying to defend himself. “I didn’t want you to go around thinking I’m weak. That game must have been rigged! Besides, I didn’t do it for a bear, I did it for you, doll.”

You stopped mid-stride and turned on your heels to face Bucky, almost crashing into him.

“James Buchanan Barnes!? Weak?! Why, I would never think such a thing!” You teased.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”

“Well Gee, Buck, I guess I was having too much fun watching. I mean, you were putting on quite a show swinging that hammer around…” voice drifting off as your mind flashed back to him working up a sweat playing the carnival game just a few minutes ago.
His long fingers wrapped around the handle, the way he moved his hips to align his body, his eyebrows burrowed in concentration, the grunts he made with each strike of the hammer, and the way his suit threatened to bust at the seams from his biceps flexing. Your hand involuntarily reached out to touch and admire his bicep at the last though.


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