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So, as I’m currently on vacation (heroic fantasy festival ah-ah!) and because I don’t have time (that kind of festival is time-consuming, you know) to check my Tumblr (my posts are queued since a few days), I dare to share a link to something I wrote about Criosdan and her Thane Cullen. I wrote during months, I was about to abandon the writing because it is so hard to write in another language but fortunately, I got precious help from two Ladies and thanks to them, I was able to publish my little story. 

Avvar AU, two characters (Cullen and Criosdan), fluffy thing I think… 

Three words

· Summary: Criosdan decided to have a bath in a lake…

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‘I’m Not There’, Todd Haynes (2007)

There he lies. God rest his soul, and his rudeness. A devouring public can now share the remains of his sickness, and his phone numbers. There he lay: poet, prophet, outlaw, fake, star of electricity. Nailed by a peeping tom, who would soon discover… a poem is like a naked person. Even the ghost was more than one person…

…but a song is something that walks by itself.


“It was written and conceived as an actress to play the part of Jude from the beginning, before I knew it would be Cate. It was really just that moment in Dylan’s life. What was insane about the way Dylan looked in 1966 was that emaciated body, gigantic hair, the flying hands and the sort of weird marionette figure who was obviously exploring drugs and living on the edge. After the motorcycle crash, there was no flying hands, no big hair, no tiny, skinny body. That Dylan was gone forever.”

shawtyandgarfuckel replied to your post “I swear to god I remember reading that Beyoncé had been considered to…”

the bobonce universe


Apparently Haynes originally pushed for an all black cast portraying Dylan, to which Paramount went, “no no no no no no no.” Which, yeah, could have easily been done badly and in an exploitative way, considering Haynes is white, but is grounds for some interesting discourse.