hear me out: les amis bowling tournament

• It started innocently enough. They all went bowling for Joly’s birthday once, it got heated, and the rest is history.
• Of course, there’s an odd number, so the teams would be unfair. This is remedied by bringing in Gavroche. He is an absolute fiend.

Team One: Enjolras, Grantaire, Bossuet, Courfeyrac, Feuilly
• Enjolras and Grantaire are basically a bowling power couple. They’re both incredibly good and it’s a strategy for one to go right after the other to intimidate the other team.
• Bossuet is actually quite good. His technique of rolling the ball to the side and having it ricochet off the bumpers usually gets a good amount of points.
• Courfeyrac is what they call a “trick bowler”. He refuses to bowl the “normal” way(he calls it the boring way). His personal favorite is doing a 180 spin in the air while releasing the ball, but he’s been known to simply roll the ball on the floor using his head while wearing an actual bowler hat. Most everyone’s given up fighting it, since he actually almost always scores points.
• Feuilly is an overall solid player. Occasionally the team will get into a bout of bad luck, but Feuilly can be counted on for consistency.

Team Two: Combeferre, Bahorel, Joly, Jehan, and Gavroche
• Combeferre carefully calculates his every move, resulting in his turns being about five minutes long. His teammates don’t complain though, he’s never missed a pin yet.
• Bahorel is known for being just slightly over enthusiastic with the ball, and they’ve gotten kicked out of three bowling alleys so far for him denting the floor.
• Joly’s technique of choice is much like a five year old going bowling. He steps up to the line with his ball, and proceeds to set it on the ground, only giving it the slightest of nudges. His turns turn out longer than Ferre’s cause it takes so long for the ball to reach the pins. Miraculously, he usually knocks over quite a few.
• Jehan is the Actual Worst at bowling. He only joined the team to hang out with his friends and couldn’t care less about winning, and is often caught cheering equally for both sides.
• And then there’s Gavroche, the almighty. He is a mythic bowling champion.