New version of this post, now with Sousuke.

I wanted to point out a couple of things about the flowers KyoAni associated with each Free! Character for the Birthday Party Artworks.

Hydrangeas for Haru: this is the most obvious choice considering the name of the flower (hydro: water) and its blooming period (June). But there’s more, the meaning of this flower in flower language: Hydrangeas symbolize coldness and frigidity but also heartfelt emotions and gratitude for being understood.

Gerbera Daisies for Nagisa: daisies are symbols of innocence, and the gerbera variety is specifically connected to cheerfulness (gerberas are usually sent to brighten someone’s day).

Chrysantemums and Anemones hupehensis for Sousuke: this particular anemone, also called japanese anemone and windflower, blooms in late summer/early fall (September). Its most common meaning in flower language is not positive: being abandoned and lost hope. Chrysantemums, on the other hand, have a variety of different - mostly positive - meanings: optimism, hope, happiness, and rebirth (especially in the UK, America and Asia).

(Now I’ll try to guess what flowers the others will get for their birthdays to see If I can get them right).


So after it was made canon that Hal has Jewish heritage, I’ve began making a few headcanons. One of which is that he learned Hebrew and Yiddish when he was younger, and sometimes gives his nieces and nephews Yiddish terms of endearment. I also like the idea of using this headcanon to make some Batlantern goodness involving Hal crashing at Bruce’s manor after a long mission and in his tired state, accidentally mistaking Damian as one of his nephews or actually referring to Damian as his own kid. 

At first I was gonna use Motek, but then I dug around and realized the the majority of the Jewish community in the US speak Yiddish and thought that would fit better for Hal… However if I got the word wrong please tell me, I’d rather fix it than let it remain a mistake.