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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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I just read proposal yesterday and thought it was so sweet! I was wondering if you have any fics you could recommend? Jimin is my bias but I'm pretty open to any members with the reader. Thanks and keep up the good work! Kep jarng! 😁

Aghh thank you so much, sweetheart! I’m so glad you enjoyed Proposals and I’m really flattered that you’re asking me for recommendations! :D Okay, here’s a list of my fave fics that you should check out if you haven’t already. So you aren’t confused, the stuff in italics is the synopsis/description the writer provided and the indented bit is me being incoherent and lame as always.

Sin City (Jimin x reader) by @btssmutgaloreAfter a run of bad luck, you can go back home and admit defeat or step out of your comfort zone and look for a job at Sin City.  

Hands down the best stripper au I’ve ever read. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this fic because you never know where stripper AUs are going to go, but holy moly am I glad I gave this a chance. You will be addicted to this fic. Jimin’s character has so much depth, but he’s such an enigma at the same time and I’m dying to know what the heck he’s thinking/what his background is. The tension is so drawn out and the sessy scenes are all so different, which is really refreshing to read and you don’t know what’s going to come next. ALSO, I feel like there’s a lot of empowerment and respect in this fic, which makes me so happy. Love love love this fic with my entire being. 

Monster (Jeongguk x reader) by @btssmutgalore: You sleep with an obnoxious fratboy who used to be your friend.

This fic is perfection. It doesn’t have a complicated plot, but it’s still so interesting to read and the smut is A++++. Jeongguk’s character has so many facets and though he has a lot of issues to sort through, I’m rooting for him and the OC so much. 

Purple Jewels (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @jiminniemouse: When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.

GENIE!JIMIN. AKLSDJFKLAASKDJFLK (I really tried not to keyboard smash but fuck I lose my shit because of how much I love this fic). Oh man, where do I even begin with this?? It’s my absolute favourite Jimin x reader fic and one of my absolute fave fics in general because it’s written so well, it’s creative, the characters are interesting, AND THE TENSIONNNN. I come so close to combusting with each part and I’m dying for more. Also Jimin’s character is so sweet and I love him so much (where can I find myself a genie Jimin???). Please please please read this!

Hiraeth (Jeongguk/Taehyung x reader) by @jungkxookA world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home. 

This is the first member x reader fic I ever read and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. EVER. It’s a zombie apocalypse au and it’s so angsty and sometimes it feels like my heart has been punched out of my chest and it’s such a wonderful feeling even though it hurts like hell. The world is constructed so believably and there are so many well thought out details to it, so when you’re reading it feels REAL. All the characters are different and you never know what’s going to happen next. I can’t recommend reading this enough, it is freaking incredible (and the love triangle is fucking me up so bad).

Philophobia (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @minsvgasex has its consequences, always; whether for better or for worse, sex always has its consequences. and the drunken rendezvous you have with your best friend is not an exception.

This is discontinued but it’s still worth reading because it’s so freaking hot and I love the plot and just??? I don’t usually read fuckboy fics because fuckboys are the bane of human existence, but this fic is amazing and the smut is awesome. Also be prepared to not know who you’re rooting for. One second I would want Jimin to win the OC’s heart and the next I wanted Jeongguk to end up with her, so brace yourself for conflicting feelings.

Company (Namjoon x reader) by @fireheart-namjoon​: Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.

OKAY before I scream about the sessy stuff in this fic, I really want to say that I fucking loved Namjoon’s characterization in this and it’s so nice to read an OC who is strong and independent. The writing style is absolutely fantastic and the thigh riding was 100000/10.

Retrograde (Jeongguk x reader) by @remembeofantasy!au

When I read this I feel the way I do on rainy, dark days when I’m reading a book and just slip away into the world on the page. The details and the way this is written are so mesmerizing and I want to know more. You’re so swept away by everything that you completely forget about the reality for a little while.

A Roadtrip (Jeongguk x reader) by @taeinmycupJungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

Road trip fics never get old and neither does the childhood-friends-to-lovers plot either. This was a wonderful fic to indulge in and um the frick frack is pretty damn nice. Just saying.

Sutures and Stitches (Jeongguk x reader) by @hayjeon​: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart.

I recently read this and I am OBSESSED. I refresh the OP’s page daily just to make sure I didn’t miss an update. The writing is so detailed and Jeongguk’s character is so interesting, I just want to know what the heck happens next + how Jeongguk ended up with this kind of life.

Chrysalism (Jimin x reader) by @workofteaguk: Bookstores have always lured you in with the promise of the quiet, the serene, and, most recently, him.

THIS IS THE SWEETEST FREAKING THING AND I WISH IT WERE LONGER. It made my entire day when I read it and I was smiling the entire time. Where do I have to go to find a cute boy like this???

It’s All Fun & Games (Jeongguk x reader) by @workofteagukIn which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.

When will fake relationship AUs not be the best thing in existence? The answer to that is never. I don’t care how many times people write this concept, it will always be so fun to read because of the angsty feels. So if you’re as trash for this as I am, then absolutely read this.

Sounds of You (Jimin/Jeongguk x reader) by @vivacioustae​: As a young girl you dreamt of hearing the bells, the ones that signaled you had found your soulmate, the missing piece everyone was so desperate to find. After falling in love with Jimin you abandoned the search, hoping you would come to never hear the bells, preferring to continue your life with him uninterrupted. You’d soon come to learn the harshness of fate, and that it doesn’t care about your hopes, feelings, or you.

Listen, from the very first sentence of this fic, I was completely hooked. From the get go you know that it’s going to mess with your emotions, but it’s worth it. I love this concept so much and my heart is aching reading this. After reading the first part, this fic is all I could think about and my heart ached because I wanted to know what was coming next, but also wasn’t prepared for it. Love love love this.

Teamwork (Taehyung x Seokjin x reader) by @sugajpgPeculiar events occur when the two best volleyball players of your college decide to take competitiveness out of the courts.

Best threesome fic I’ve read so far. I’m just. :’’’’’)) I’m still screaming. Fml this is too good and I feel the flames of hell licking my feet but screw it. Where do I sign up for this?

Like Crazy (Jimin x reader) by @war-of-hormoan: This story is based off the film by the same name.

Because I don’t care about my well-being in any way, I started this fic and I love it so much so far. The film Like Crazy is incredible, but it feels like you’ve been punched in the gut twenty times by the end, and it made me sob… like crazy. So this fic will probably end up doing that too and as nervous as I am for that, it’s so worth it. Everything is written so vividly and the relationship between Jimin and the OC is so sweet to read. I’m really excited to see how this progresses.

Grey Area (Yoongi x reader) by @blushoseoksAnd just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so. And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

THIS IS SO WELL WRITTEN. SO. WELL. WRITTEN. Ohmygod, I’m in love with this writing style and THE CONCEPT IS AMAZING. The ending of part one left me feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut or something and you’re all ???? wtf is going on??? and you’re completely hooked so you binge read the rest. This fic is perfection.

Until Next Time (Jimin x reader) by @taeverieWho would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

OK OK OK UM LET ME GATHER MY THOUGHTS HERE. First off, how can I be the OC?? Second off, HOW CAN I BE THE OC???? I wouldn’t have the balls to actually be this forward in real life but still, this just kept escalating and they didn’t even really do the hanky panky but it was still hot as fuck and 10/10 would recommend.

Not So Honest (Jeongguk x reader) by @wonhopesJungkook has got a pretty big problem, and he desperately asks you for your help. 

Hi hello yes be prepared to explode ok this was TOO good oml. I’m also a slut for sub!jeongguk because that sinful man deserves to be tortured the way he tortures us so this was a glorious find (though the roles do reverse in the end but whatever THIS WAS GREAT).

Obey (Jimin x reader) by @sugasgrowl

sub!jimin. Must I say more? I spontaneously combusted like ten times while reading this and would gladly undergo that again because it’s so nice to read fics where the roles reversed and I would give up a limb to see Jimin in such a debauched state.

All To Myself (Jimin/Yoongi x reader) by @mint-tape: “It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)’

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST CREATIVE FICS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. All the ‘videos’ and the ‘comments’ and just everything about this is absolute perfection. The characters are all diverse and the OC is really likeable. Just. I’m glad I found this fic, it’s so unique and all these extra goodies make the read even more fun.

The Blue Notebooks (Jimin x reader) by @inktae: time travel au

Honestly, I don’t even know what to write about this because I’m still speechless. No words can capture how beautiful the writing is (all her work is beautiful) and how well emotion is captured in this. Everything is so thought out and all these little details come together to form the bigger picture. Do yourself a favour and read this as well as all the rest of the OP’s writing. She is so freaking talented and we are all blessed to be able to read her work.

…Sorry, that got ridiculously long. @_@ For member x reader fics I tend to read Jimin/Jeongguk focused stuff, if it’s not incredibly obvious… Oops. Am I Jimin biased or jiguk biased? Anyway. I hope this list helped and I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond, I just wanted to get through some of the fics I had saved in case I wanted to recommend them. Enjoy!

positivitrees  asked:

I'm an INFJ and I want to find more ENTP's! I only know two, and one is my professor haha Any way to spot ENTP's and seek them out?

Hello, and yes!

Thankfully, us ENTPs are a bit funky in terms of personality. As a result, in classroom environments, I think we’re pretty easy to spot. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • We easily may be the loudest in the classroom- especially when surrounded by friends, ENTPs once reaching high school and college aren’t afraid to speak up. When around friends, I’ll sometimes sit on the table in the middle (to stick out more), and speak loudly because I personally think I’m hilarious and I like surprising people with what I’ve got to say. We’ll probably seem a bit different depending on the professor. For example, we’re as sarcastic with the sarcastic professors, and sweet with the sweet ones. Regardless, we tend to stick out. Despite the annoyance we might bring, I’ve noticed professors tend to like ENTPs. (I once had a professor tell me I was the only one who could talk back to her… despite being ridiculously annoying in the classroom) Also (sorry, I’m feeling egotistical about this still), but yesterday a professor told me I was one of the brightest, and I’d inspired him to throw a picnic for the class. I’m so proud. If the class is small enough, you’ll probably hear us. 
  • In class, we probably aren’t taking notes (or at least good notes)- We get sidetracked, doodle, come up with ideas, do origami, doze off, daze off, play games on our phones, etc. I actually do take notes, but I’m often doing more than one thing at the same time. 
  • We wear signature clothing- Whether this means some weird-ass shirts including 3 unicorns chasing a dinosaur under a rainbow (which is actually the shirt I wore yesterday), ENTPs have their own style. It may not manifest itself in weird clothing, instead they may have a sweater that’s really quite colorful that they wear everyday. Or maybe they’ll drastically switch their style based on their mood or the television show they’ve binged recently. My biggest staple is this maroon and white sweater that I wear with everything, and it’s not a plain colored sweater, it just sticks out, and it’s comfy, and I love it. Every once in a while I feel like going for a theme. I do gothic days and brunch mom days and frat bro days, and it just keeps things interesting! In short, we wear what we want, and it tends to stick out. My ENTP dad wears this ugly salmon shirt with palm trees on it all the time (and i’m not sure why he likes that shirt), but it sure sticks out… 
  • Sometimes we mix it up, but we probably eat the same thing every day for lunch- Lunch requires too much thinking. Same for breakfast. Also dinner. I need someone to take care of me. 
  • In high school, we don’t really study ever. - In college I do have to study because I’m in my 4th year of chemical engineering, but in comparison to everyone else, I barely pick up a book.
  • Smart ENTPs will probably be close to the topish of the class… but not the top (generally, but honestly)- Too much effort. I don’t see the point in getting a 100 for a bunch of extra work when I can get a 92 without the extra work. We already know we’re smart. The assertive ENTPs probably won’t feel the need to go above and beyond for things they don’t think can be liquefied into actual benefits. 
  • We give weird compliments - Listen for someone calling someone else a delicious little fish. I recently told my best friend I wanted her to be as happy as a customer in a pancake shop. She really appreciated it.
  • Puns
  • Stupid arguments - Goodness. I’ve been arguing with an INFJ friend for a week that there is only one squirrel in existence. In my favor, we’ve only seen one squirrel at a time, so she’s been unable to prove me wrong. She pulled up some pictures of multiple squirrels lying on top of each other, I told her it was some weird fan art. The one squirrel in existence is very popular.
  • We show up to a bunch of different meeting for a bunch of different clubs at least once - and then we promptly stop going, though we’re still apart of these clubs (if not even leading) from afar. I drew all of the art for the newspaper, gave speeches for diversity club, and was published in the literary magazine and I don’t think I ever attended the meetings. 

These will definitely find you an ENTP-a at least. ENTP-ts blend in a bit better as they study harder, and take a little longer to grow into their confidence. A lot of these things that I’ve come up with will definitely apply to them too! Hopefully it helps!

Prompt: Late Night Love.

Harry doesn’t really know how they ended up outside when the temperature was in single digits but he wouldn’t change it. Not for anything in the world.

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lostin-the-transition  asked:

Okay! First of all, I love your hcs and fics so much, and I'm such a happy and proud potato that you keep your blog up-to-date through everything! SO what if MC switched bodies (somehow) with the people of the RFA+V+Saeran? SFW or NSFW, it's up to you. Much love!

This might be a little short, def ooc, and not completely on the NSFW side, but I thought this would be a good chance to have something a little silly/funny on the blog! Much love to you too!!

(Lets also say that they’re dreaming or something like that for an excuse habfhsdbfhs I’m so bad when it comes to these plots)

All panicking aside, these folks may do a few weird things.

Zen would probably want to view himself from ‘your’ eyes- Getting an actual outside perspective of himself and loving it (also making some notes on what he could do to tone up a bit more, new ways to style his hair, etc). When if came to your body, however, he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands. For one, he would really, really, want to touch a few certain areas, but the look you give him when he’s quietly thinking about it scares him into forgetting the thought right then and now. Besides, he’s too much of a gentlemen to actually follow through those thoughts…

Yoosung would probably panic the whole day, and not just for your sake either. He’d be so worried about how you would think of his body. Is it weird??? Are you…Are you looking at–Aah! He’s panic so much. He’d want to be with you the whole time the ordeal was going on, just so he knows you’re not looking at him naked and critiquing his body. As for yours, he would have such a hard time changing clothes. And don’t even get him started on your bra- He tried putting on a shirt with his eyes closed and nearly died when he realised he was forgetting it.

Jumin wouldn’t leave your side. He’d be very worried about how you would present him. He would know that you would have a different air about you, and he needs to keep his reputation. Not that he doesn’t trust you….But he knows you. You haven’t grown up with the years of training he has on etiquette and presenting yourself. You’re still lost on his lifestyle, so he would stay by your side, acting so stoic in your body it gives you some weird vibes. But, granted, he wouldn’t let his mind wander about your body at all.

Seven would probably jokingly encourage you to mess around with his body, joking about how you two can really switch the roles up. But, silliness aside, he would be a bit weirded out. Very weirded out. If you even took his jacket off he would whine a bit, wanting you to cover himself back up. I mean it’s one thing when he decides to undress for you, but you in his body seeing himself from his perspective…Too much!!! He might practice taking off your bra a bit…How does that one latch always get stuck???

Jaehee would be pretty uncomfortable. She might think it’s nice to not have that weight on her chest all the time, and her hair longer, but seeing how she looks to other people would just be so weird. She’d be constantly frowning, walking around ‘you’ and thinking about a few ways she needs to adjust herself (Maybe getting a skirt thats a little less tight, different colored stockings….). After you try to give her some encouraging words (and failing due to the general weirdness), she’d calm down a bit….but definitely would be researching ways to reverse this

Saeran is not coming out of his room. No. Nope. Never. Not until he gets his own body back. And he would nearly want to force you to do the exact same- Do Not make a fool out of him, please god. He would die. Would he want to view your body? Probably. But he would be so creeped out by the whole thing he would just lay in bed and try to sleep it away, or just ignore it to the best of his ability.

V would probably be too shy to stay with you in the room. He’d frown about how his hair can be sometimes (”I never realized how much it nearly covered my eyes…”), and a few other details, but he would never, ever, let his hands stray over any strange areas for too long. He’d be a bit confused on what exactly is happening, why this even happened in the first place, but he’d focus on calming you down first, if he can. (Though he might ask you to make sure to brush his hair if you absolutely need to go out).

(If this was a dream, I’d like to imagine the RFA and Co waking up in a cold sweat, wondering what the fucking hell they just dreamed about.)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your fic recs and I'm so grateful for them! So thank you for that!! Now... do you know any fics where they can't stand each other but are forced to be together?

Heya, thanks for your kind words :*

So basically, you want some Hate to Love + Fake relationship, right ?

- Dance to the Distortion  : Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other.  (16k)

- All The Attention, All These Intentions  : Harry could barely breathe at even the possibility of getting to be Louis Tomlinson’s fake boyfriend.  Louis was his favorite actor since childhood, when Louis was also a child on the big screen. The guy he had always looked up to.  The guy whose poster he used to kiss every night before bed.  The guy whose movies Harry would watch all night until his eyes couldn’t possibly stay open anymore.  Harry was pretty sure Louis Tomlinson wasn’t even real—he couldn’t be.  or the fake relationship au where Harry is an aspiring musician and also Louis’ biggest fan–until he actually meets him. (120k)

- rapture in the dark  : Harry Styles is a breakout musician who has shed his boyband label in favor of embracing his inner brooding rockstar. His PR team think that his rebrand is the perfect time for Harry to come out of the closet and have devised the perfect plan for doing so. Enter Louis Tomlinson, up and coming (and very openly homosexual) model whose public image as America’s Sweetheart is the perfect foil for Harry’s new edge. From a PR standpoint, it’s a dream come true - a power couple that can slowly coax the public into accepting Harry’s altered image. The only problem? They hate each other.Or, Harry does the Winter Girlfriend routine with Louis instead. (13k)

- Like Candy In My Veins  :  “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”  “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”   Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”
(Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.) (31k)

- i’ll be yours to keep  : louis should’ve thought a lot more about who he said his fake boyfriend is, especially since he and his “significant other” kinda hate each other. most of the time. (17k)

- Love’s On The Line, Is That Your Final Answer?: Harry can’t believe it when Louis, the boy he’s always had a tempestuous rivalry with, asks him to be his boyfriend. Well, pose as his boyfriend, that is—for a new television game show in which young couples are quizzed on how well they know each other for a jackpot of thirty grand.Reluctantly, Harry agrees—because he’s got student loans to pay off, hasn’t he? What’s the harm? And he can totally deal with keeping his secret thing for Louis under wraps too. This is all just to win some money. It’s fine. No big deal. What could possibly go wrong?Well, everything. Obviously. (53k)

If you can do WIP, read this, it’s awesome !

- Paint Me In A Million Dreams       Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity? In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food. (31k)

Also I add this one Hate to love + Arranged marriage :

- Sail into the Sun  : Prince Louis Tomlinson is sick of the closet. Harry Styles is a con man with a hatred of rich people. Louis needed a way out, Harry needed a husband. It was a mutual agreement. Doesn’t mean they have to like each other. (31k)

anonymous asked:

I was pretty excited for Harry solo music but I'm seeing so many post on my dash who are saying that things are only going to get worse for Louis and Harry because Harry has zero power of decision and that nothing is looking good for them. That things are going to be as shitty as ever regarding Louis and that Harry will have to show himself as distant as possible from the band because Sony just wants solo Harry and to destroy the others and now I want to cry! When will good things happen?

Don’t cry. Those gloom and despair posts are just that, gloom and despair, and I’m kind of sick of them. Especially since what we have right now looks really promising.

@lawyerlarrie just posted explanations of some of the reasons that Harry possibly was required to stay with Columbia and at the top of that list was that they had to match any other offer Harry got. Now, do you think, with his BFF manager Jeff Azoff hanging out with Republic president Charlie Walk that Republic didn’t offer Harry something pretty damn amazing that Columbia had to match?  I mean we already know Apple was offering $25 million for one album and they sure weren’t going to nit pick over his artistic choices!

So not just money, but control, artistic freedom, masters, and so on.

This was NOT a 1D situation where he had to take the crumbs that were offered, he had people backing truckloads of money and options to his door and then Columbia had to say “Yeah, we can do that too!”

So step back, look at what’s happening right now and realize that good things ARE happening and there’s a hopeful feeling in the air that April will be even better!

Harry most certainly got a good deal, and Columbia is not any more evil than anyone else. They are a bunch of humans wanting to make money and win and having a happy Harry Styles contributes to both.

pinkuboa  asked:

I'm curious - what do you not like about modern pixel art/duelyst's pixel art? :o

so ok ive gone on about how pixel art is not supposed to be a literal representation of something right? like because it’s a technically limited medium you can only get so close to an accurate representation because eventually you’ll get obfuscated by pixels and the audience will inevitably be like ‘i dont know what that is’ but that’s ok, because engaging the audience’s imagination is the point of any good fiction, and the audience filling in the (deliberate or otherwise) gaps in the apparent design allows the player to come up with their own interesting interpretations and get inspired

if not: that’s the nutshell for my argument for pixel art. pixel art is good because it’s sort of shit but in a way that makes you actually think about things and what they are, could be, and are supposed to be, and even the flaws point you in the direction of cool shit

as opposed to say the general trend of modern game art, which is more literal; if you see something, the game expects you to take it completely 100% literally and matter-of-factly. there’s no room for interpretation, just an image of a pretty thing that you can offhandedly consume and then just move past or, if they get really lucky, you get inspired but not necessarily due to any thought process or intrigue on the game’s side: just because the art was pretty, and you want to copy that exact style of art. but that’s still not the point. the point is to just be pretty

and really i’m pretty ok with that though because like, i can’t expect AAA games to build games that are deliberately unclear. that’s not why they make games. they make games to sell, not inspire new games (if anything they want to actively discourage people making new video games because then that makes more competition) ([distant screaming]) and the games that they make do sell, so like, whatever. as long as AAA games get people into video games, and those people explore their tastes, and those tastes lead them to play more interesting games and think and grow as people and maybe even developers, then i’m content, and i can suffer through another dozen ubisoft/bioware/bethesda cash grab (as long as they throw me a bone and i get a new vegas or somethin like once in a while too)

but the problem is that on the niche-ass experimental-ass indie level (and i dont mean like fuckin walking simulators per se i mean like fuckin Aces Wild and Risk of Rain and Enter the Gungeon and the shit that would NEVER fly in the main market), modern game art still exists, with still the same basic logic (that people buy pretty things) but there’s this big key problem here and it’s that pixel art still looks like shit


like no matter what you do pixel art is still low resolution, chunky, clumsy to animate and hard to read so making it really pretty pixel art with smooth animations (which i actually sort of dont like in general) (drop your frames, kids) and perfectly proportioned bodies is just spending a bunch of time on something that will make something look ‘objectively better’ but not only remove what’s unique about the game but make it look more like the shitty homogenized master-of-none blob that is the AAA industry

it’s like someone looking at a motorcycle and saying like ‘but cars are better, though’ so they take an arc welder, some starving art student, and $30,000 and turn it into this

like good job idiot you’ve taken all of the shitty parts of a motorcycle and merged it with all the shitty parts of a car

a motorcycle is supposed to get you to go where you want to go. a car is supposed to get you, your friends, and possibly you and your friend’s things to where you want to go. making a car-shaped motorcycle makes a heavier motorcycle that is worse at getting you where you want to go and it doesnt even have any of the other perks that fuckin cars have like driving around friends and sleeping in the back seat so like what the fuck

why did you do that

like i mention duelyst in particular cause it’s really fuckin egregious. the pixel art doesnt interact. i’m not sure the sprites even like touch one another on purpose or anything. it’s undynamic, all the animations are completely prebaked, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and none of them are interesting. it’s not even like fighting games or like mecha shit where the attack is like emblematic of their character or like really over the top or something they all do the same cliche poses and all have the same pocket particle effects

i could actually pick on like a bunch of people for this (paul robertson comes to mind too in particular) but for the sake of expressing my point i’m gonna keep ragging on duelyst

anyway, here’s blue shell rabbit. he’s got a sword. his special attack is that he swings the sword and it explodes

‘here’s the lore’ the game says. ‘if you read this it will all make sense’

nothing about it doesn’t make sense

nothing about this character is making me ask any questions

and to be clear this isnt like a general disposition toward ‘good’ pixel art it’s really more of a general disposition toward uncreative pixel art that uses smooth animations and ‘good color choice’ (read: the same soulless machine-baked palette of ‘fantasy colors’ that is either completely divested or actively fighting the environment every time) to mask what feels like they didnt even try to hide that you can accurately describe their character on a spreadsheet

• blue
• sword
• explosion
• bunny
    • turtle

cause like

you can have ‘holy fuck’ and ‘what is that’ in the same sentence

i mean there’s actually a certain level of art to that too, and it’s actually sort of unfair to duelyst because i know they’re making a fuckin league of legends style hero game and i know they cant spend much time on each character because i know they have other characters to get done but like

i wish they fuckin wouldnt

kevystel  asked:

FIC PROMPTS I'M SO EXCITED could you maybe write a little something about how yuuri feels about everyday-yuuri-anxiety and normal-person-butterflies-around-crush-anxiety and how he deals with Viktor Feelings

Ahhh, I’m so glad you mentioned this, because I have been turning this over in my head since your post! (Because really, anything involving anxiety and excruciating mutual pining is going to be my jam.)

This got a bit longer than I expected so tossing in a cut - I hope you enjoyyy:

“You should go,” Yuuri says.

Victor doesn’t so much as look up from the Japanese textbook spread across his lap. “Hm?”

“Your yukata will go to waste,” Yuuri says. It’s a really nice yukata. Red, with silver dragonflies. It would be a crime to deprive the community of Victor Nikiforov in that yukata.

“Didn’t you say there would be more festivals?” Victor frowns as he traces the practice sentence. “Besides, I’m learning causative verbs.”

 So it’s a stalemate. Again. They’re good at those.

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who you should fight: Seirin edition

which KnB characters are you going to fight?  [GoM]

so you’re itching for a fight and you’ve decided that you want to rumble with some high school athletes.  well, the Seirin basketball team is as good a place to start as any.  here’s who you should and shouldn’t be trying to tussle with:

Kagami Taiga
who wins: Kagami (unless you are a werewolf)
Kagami’s known weaknesses are dogs, food, and tough kanji.  aside from those things, he’s pretty much invincible.  also, he’s always ready to fight.  he would be squaring up with you before you had time to finish rolling up your sleeves.  the only people to put a dent in Kagami in the entire series are Kuroko, Riko, and Kagami himself.  that’s a formidable trio, and it’s worth noting that Kagami never stays down for long.  he’s back on his feet and ready to go again in no time at all.  do not fight Kagami Taiga unless you are a Japanese teacher who is also a werewolf, and can therefore defeat him with both complex kanji and being a literal dog.

Kuroko Tetsuya
who wins: you, but at what cost?
Kuroko’s mostly weak, but be careful, if he lands a hit he could seriously damage you.  have you seen him punch the basketball across the court and call it a pass?  goddamn, you could get seriously injured if he tried that out on your squishy bits.  also, and this is important, do you have the moral high ground in this fight?  make sure you do beforehand, because if not, you’ve just gained yourself a nemesis.  he’s a fucking stubborn little bugger and he won’t let the injustice of your victory continue.  this is the boy who took down the GoM just to prove a point.  he’s patient.  he will wait.  only choose to fight Kuroko if you don’t fear retribution.

Hyuuga Junpei
who wins: does it matter
we both know you’re going to go ahead and fight Hyuuga anyways, so we might as well give up on speculating over who’s going to win this thing.  have you seen the guy?  he’s dying for some way to relieve all of the pressure of being captain of a team as ridiculously reckless as Seirin.  he needs this fight just as much as you do, it’ll be cathartic.  please take one for the team (ha) and fight Hyuuga.  it’ll do you both some good, you battle-crazed maniac.  hell, you might even part on good terms.

Kiyoshi Teppei
who wins: what are you doing?
why??  are you trying to fight Kiyoshi????  is your name Hanamiya Makoto?  because if it’s not, I’m not sure why you’re even reading this.  Kiyoshi Teppei has done nothing wrong and there is no situation in which you should be trying to fight him.  stop this nonsense at once.  go home, take a nap, or call Hyuuga instead.  honestly, what the fuck.  even ignoring the fact that there’s no reason for you to be fighting him, you should be afraid of him.  he has no sense of self-preservation and his hands are very strong.  he could probably do that thing where he puts his hand on your head and holds you away from himself, leaving your fists swinging through empty air and you looking like a fool.  do not fight Kiyoshi.

Aida Riko
who wins: Riko
you’re gonna fucking lose this one.  Aida Riko does not fear death and she certainly does not fear you.  prepare to be annihilated, you poor bastard.

Izuki Shun
who wins: you
Izuki is long overdue for a good smackdown, and you’re the perfect person to give it to him.  all those puns at inappropriate times???  how has this been allowed to continue for so long??? well, no longer, because today is the day that someone puts a stop to them.  you have to fight Izuki.  he probably even deserves it.  his eagle eye isn’t going to do shit for him when you’re right there up in his face and swinging, so don’t worry about it.  just take him down.  you can win this one, I believe in you.

Koganei Shinji and Mitobe Rinnosuke
who wins: they do
okay, so they have a two to one advantage on you, but if you really want to you can give it a shot.  I mean, it’s impossible to fight them separately, so you’ll just have to do your best.  oh, who am I kidding, Koganei would trip you while you were preoccupied with Mitobe and then they’d probably take you out for ice cream.  the actual fighting will be totally unsatisfying.  none of you will have any fun, so don’t fight Koganei and Mitobe, just skip right to the inevitable friendship instead.

Tsuchida Satoshi
who wins: Tsuchida
Tsuchida Satoshi is an enigma, a non-entity, some may even say he’s sort of like a cryptid.  Kuroko Tetsuya who?  Tsuchida is where the REAL mystery is at.  what do we know about him?  not much, which makes him incredibly unpredictable and dangerous.  one of the few truths we know about Seirin’s legendary back-up power forward is that he’s the only KnB character with a girlfriend - clearly he knows something none of the other characters do.  Physically, he’s fairly average - the only true weapons he has in his arsenal are his natural aura of side character mystery and the power of love, but they should be more than enough to take you down.  fight Tsuchida, I dare you.  we’ll see who’s just a side character after he’s through with you.

Furihata Kouki
who wins: you
go ahead and fight Furihata, you’re definitely going to win the first round.  he’s not especially strong and if you challenge him confidently enough he’ll definitely think you know what you’re doing, so you already have an advantage over him.  it’s important to note, however, that (like Kuroko) he’s a tenacious little bastard and he’ll definitely pick himself right back up and prepare for round two.  you can win and keep winning, but no matter how scared he is and despite his naturally cautious nature, he can’t seem to turn down a challenge, so over time he’s definitely going to improve until one day he’ll be the one inviting you to meet him behind the gym to throw down because you’ve created a monster and he won’t stop until he’s proven himself to you.  fight Furihata and you’ll have a regular sparring partner for the rest of the year.

Kawahara Kouichi
who wins: you, but why are you doing this
he’s a good kid, you really shouldn’t be fighting him in the first place.  shit, dude, his motto is “purely and honestly”, is that really the kind of guy you think deserves to be fought?  is Kawahara Kouichi, a simple oden and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, the kind of person you want to meet in an abandoned parking lot at midnight?  no, you’re not allowed to fight him, pick someone else off the list to duel with.

Fukuda Hiroshi
who wins: probably Fukuda
it’s my personal belief that Fukuda is the character from Seirin most likely to be a vigilante in his spare time, so, when you get your ass kicked, don’t come crying to me about it.  I’m warning you right now: he has two older brothers, so he already knows every dirty trick in the book AND he’s got a lot of passion for helping out those in need, so I’d bet anything that he’s been in a scrap or two before.  it might be close, he’s not really that much stronger than Furihata, but he’s the biggest and heaviest out of the normal first year trio and he’ll definitely be the most challenging to defeat.  only fight him if you’ve fought Furihata and Kawahara first, and please know that I’m only saying this because how cool would it be to complete the set?  (so cool)

who wins: me
I’ll kick your fucking ass if you try to fight this dog.  I’ll fight Kuroko for the right to kick your ass, I don’t give a fuck.  if you even think about touching this dog with the intention of doing anything other than petting him, be prepared for me to physically manifest in your house and start kicking your ass.  do not fight Nigou under any circumstances.

bonus: Aida Kagetora
who wins: you
there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about this: you HAVE to win this one.  sure, he may be an adult and all that, but this man needs to be fought and you’re the one who needs to do it.  lose the first round?  get right back in there, champ, this ain’t over till it’s over.  if you decide you want to fight him, you’re not allowed to stop until you’ve come out on top.  I recommend doing this is a pro wrestling-style venue so you can climb up onto the ropes and take him down from above.  just imagine how satisfying that would be.  fight Aida Kagetora - you gotta.

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Anonymous said:

 hi! i’m certain that i once read a batman comic about a younger batman done in a very unique style - it was a one shot. the story went that bruce thought he was invincible, alfred bets a dollar that he’s not and says everyone has a weakness, bruce goes out, gets beat up really badly because he freezes when he sees the same scenario where he lost his parents happen , alfred arrives, picks him up, collects his dollar. do you have any idea what this is? i think it’s called the butler did it?

This one? Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (2012)

elysean said: 

Oh god, I’m so grateful you reblogged that one post from me ‘cause it allowed me to find your fic masterlist, which is heaven right now for me. I love how you portrait the batfam, I love that you’ve included Steph more than once, I love your Jason, I might have even warmed up a bit more to Damian. Really, instant follow. Your writing’s wonderful.

Well thank you! I’ve devoted many hours of my life to improving other people’s opinion of Damian :’) It’s one of my bigger life goals

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anonymous asked:

With all these new spoilers I am so excited I feel like I'm getting too excited, haha. It's been like wandering in a dry desert for so long that I don't believe any of this can be as good as it sounds! Like the ONLY thing that's holding me back from screaming my head off with joy is that bit where daryl asks about Ezekiel, "Is he okay?" It's good there's jealously, but I'm slightly nervous they (writers) could actually could go in the carzekiel direction. Reel me in please! I need Caryl!!

I’m answering all 3 asks in one, so save people’s dashes. :)

Look people are always going to see it as ambiguous, unless Daryl has his tongue down Carol’s throat - and we knew from the set off that there was no kiss in this episode.

But aside from an obvious kiss or statement of desire, I’m not really sure how much more unambiguous they can make it (and we know this is Gimple’s style. Abe and Sasha didn’t even get a kiss, just lots of vague talk and BOOM they are a couple).

Something to look at is Tobin, poor Tobin - where is Tobin in this episode? Daryl doesn’t mention him and Carol doesn’t ask about him or mention him. When Carol is talking about why she had to leave, saying how she just can’t lose anyone else - the one person she singles out that she can’t lose isn’t Tobin - the man she was in a relationship with, the man she was living with - she singles out Daryl! HE is *THE* most important person to her - she is stating that explicitly. 

As for Ezekiel, dudes, she set TRIP WIRES so she could STOP HIM COMING TO HER DOOR! How much clearer does it need to be? She doesn’t want him even getting as far as her door, let alone inside to chat. And Ezekiel, in his lines, is agreeing to keep away from her. And we know he does because the next time they interact is Carol going to the Kingdom to talk to him about going to war.

After The Well aired there was a lot of talk about how in ep 10 we’d see Carol and Ezekiel had grown closer - didn’t happen. We’d see that Ezekiel is the one who changes her mind - it’s not. 

What we have seen is that Carol wants Ezekiel to leave her alone and not come back - nowhere in the spoilers does she say ANYTHING approaching that to Daryl. 

Daryl asking about Ezekiel isn’t him giving his blessing or Carol expressing interest in him - she doesn’t bring him up. It’s about Daryl who has done nothing but argue with Ezekiel so far, asking for Carol’s judgement on the man because Daryl trust Carol’s judgement completely. And if she thinks Ezekiel is okay, then maybe he can give him a chance.

People will see what they want to see, and that’s fine, we all do that. But the intent is CLEAR, as is the differences in how Carol reacts to Ezekiel and Daryl. This intent will be backed up as the season goes on and into season 8.  

anonymous asked:

what is it like to have bromantic moments with chocobros?

oh hmm, i don’t know if my take on this is quite what you wanted, but i’ll do my best:

Noctis: A little awkward, but never for long. He’ll say something heartfelt that he usually wouldn’t put out there because he assumes it’s something the other person already knows. He might stutter or rub the back of his neck for a second before quickly glancing up at their face to see their reaction. It always ends up with the two bursting out into laughter at the whole situation, and he gives them a slap on the back. “You’re such a loser,” he’ll laugh at them fondly. 

Ignis: Moments with Ignis usually happen when he has to help the other person with something, in which case he’ll sigh and push up his glasses. “Really… what would you do without me?” He often reflects on past memories they’ve had when something similar happened before. His sharp memory brings up lots of past moments to tease them with, which he does a lot in the signature Ignis “you’re more stupid than you give yourself credit for” style. At the end of it, he’ll chuckle and pat their shoulder. “Never change,” he’ll say.

Gladio: Bromantic moments with Gladio probably occur when he’s teaching the other person to do something or he takes them out for some excursion. When they succeed, he really heaps on the praise and rubs their head. It’s all a part of his big brother instinct. “I’m proud,” he’ll always make sure to tell them. He’s also a big fan of friendly competition, so bro-competitions of racing and lifting things probably comes into play. He throws an arm around them and says, “Aren’t you glad you got me on your side?”

Prompto: Every photoshoot he invites his friend on would turn into a bromantic moment, since he’s always talking up how good they look and how their family and friends will just adore these shots once they’re all edited nicely. Or he might open up about his insecurities, which would make anyone melt and give him a hug. Whatever they do together, he’ll hug them and laugh, “You’re the best, dude!” and he’s completely serious about that. 

Into It

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Suho

Rating: PG-13 / R (smut later on in series)

Warning: Potential triggers include: drugged drink, attempted forced sexual contact 

Word Count: 4,647

Summary:  Suho is the mysterious new kid on campus. No one knows much about him, except that he seems to have a certain attraction to you.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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redinkofshame  asked:

You mentioned that the female body-chan is too exaggerated for your tastes; what do you think of the Figma Archetype Next: She? (I know you mentioned cost, I'm just curious if you have experience with it and it's less pose-able or something.)

Hi, thanks for the ask, and for your patience!  I had a couple of crazy work weeks, so I’m behind on asks and posting new pictures, but I’m hoping to catch up next week!

As to your question – first off, some background for anyone reading:

S.H. Figuarts Body-chan (left) | Figma Archetype Next: She (right)

In general, I do think the Figma Archetype Next: She figure looks like a more useful resource for someone seeking less stylized anatomy.  I also think these look like two entirely different women, with Body-chan appearing maybe 4′ or 4′5″ based on her proportions and head size (though still lacking anatomical believability), while Next: She’s proportions are more like 5′9″ to 6ft tall.  I even overlaid Next: She’s photo over some of these athlete body comparison charts to see how the proportions line up.  She consistently matches the 6′+ female athletes, and occasionally a 5′6″ or 5′8″.  I recommend trying it out yourself too, paying close attention to head size and placement of the soles of the feet. Any drawings based on these figures would have to account for their proportional differences.

I don’t have either figure, so I can’t really vouch for quality or poseability.  I’ve found pictures of Body-kun and Body-chan together, but I don’t know how Next: She’s scale compares to Body-kun’s.

My biggest worry about Next: She from looking at pictures is flexibility in posing.  With such a long torso, it would be difficult to get a realistic bend or swivel in the spine without having an additional point of articulation at the center of the waist.  Even Body-kun with his short torso doesn’t have as much flexibility there as I would like.  I can’t get him to fully curl over his knees, for example.

The pictures on this site are some good examples of the lack of realistic bend.  She achieves some good @eschergirls​ -like snaking in the waist, but I’ve never seen a real human achieve such feats. ^_^

I also find it disappointing that none of the female figures appear to have any full swivel capability above the biceps or the upper thighs, because it’s helpful to see the rotation of the muscles and joints even if your female characters only have the slightest hint of muscle definition.  It may not be a deal-breaker if you have good anatomical knowledge or have a simplified art style, but it’s a minus for sure if you ever draw buff women.  It looks like both female figures might have *some* swivel in the thighs, but it also looks much more limited than Body-kun, who can achieve over 90 degree turnout purely from upper thigh rotation. (anyone out there who has either female figure and can confirm?)

Here’s another example of how lack of flexibility can lead to faulty posing[1].  And this is even one of the promo images used for Next: She.  Yes, if you were lifting your leg in front of you, the back of your knee and the heel of your foot would face forward[2].  But if you were lifting your leg to the side as the figure is doing, the back of your knee and heel would face outward[3].  I’m not sure if it’s just a bad pose or a reflection of this figure lacking thigh-swiveling capability.  Either way, it’s something to watch out for when making a mannequin approximate a pose that it can’t quite do.  (disclaimer: Body-kun can almost do a full side split, but he can’t lift his leg above his waist, so it’s not like he can emulate these dancers either.  But he can do pose #1 with his knee and even his thigh muscles facing the right direction.)

Of course, mannequins are only guides, to be used as supplements alongside anatomical study from life.  So if your knowledge can fill in the gaps that the figure leaves behind, it’s all good.  I think this figure could probably be helpful for artists who are looking for more basic poses, or artists who don’t draw a lot of women with visible muscle mass, or for anyone who has good anatomical knowledge and can recognize the points where the figure deviates from reality.  When using mannequins, I also like to feel out unusual poses with my own body, and look at video and photos (ones I know aren’t doctored) and real life to judge the pose’s viability and do anatomical comparisons.

Personally, I find it more helpful to have a believable pose as a base, regardless of gender, than to have a correctly gendered figure that lacks believable posing ability.  So I prefer to stick with Body-kun for now.  But that’s purely personal preference.

tl:dr I do think Figma Archetype Next: She would be a helpful reference as long as you supplement it heavily with anatomical studying from life and can recognize where the figure falls short of reality - but this is also true of most drawing aids.  I think it has better anatomy than Body-chan, but I don’t think it has the same range of believable poseability as Body-kun.

I know that was probably way more detail than you wanted, but I hope it helps!  If anyone has either female figure and wants to chime in, feel free!

Dance With Me Tonight 

banner by eriza

“Whilst on their year (or so) long hiatus young Harry Styles has been drafted into the whirlwind of the Strictly Come Dancing experience, or so the rumours would lead you to believe.

I mean it’s something that my mum would be proud of me doing.” He stopped to laugh, “and I guess it would be a great way to keep up my fitness over the winter months.” Taken directly from the man’s mouth, at the premier of Dunkirk in Leister Square.

Is that enough confirmation for you?  It is for us.’

a OU Harry fic to prove the illegitimacy of The Strictly Curse


Click on more info for a little teaser below

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three times emma swan married killian jones

a/n:  Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my sweet followers! I’ve had this in my drafts for the longest time and I figured, what better day to share it with everyone than today? I hope you enjoy it! <3


The first time Emma Swan marries Killian Jones, it is spur of the moment. He’d proposed like that, too, yelled that he wanted to marry her in the middle of an argument regarding the latest villain to come to town. She’d yelled back that she wanted to be his wife, and it sort of all just happened.

They have been engaged for two and a half months when it happens.

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Valentines Day

In which Harry surprises his lovely girlfriend with an interesting game on Valentines Day.

A/N: Well! I kept you waiting long enough but it’s finally here, and just in time.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentines Day! xx

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm always glad to see another Haikyuu blog around! Would it possible for me to request something about a S/O that really likes to cook and bake with Saeko, Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai? I don't really have a preference, so I'll let you decide if you want to do headcanons or scenarios. Whatever works best for you is 100% cool with me. Thank you for doing these and I hope you have a lovely day! :]

Hi anon, hope you have a lovely day as well!

I’ve decided on headcanons since a lot of my thoughts didn’t fit together to make a scenario! I wish you like it.

- Admin Miya

p.s. I’m going to put Ushijima, Oikawa, and Ukai under the cut since they got realllyyyy long! If you’re having issues with it, just message me and I’ll remove it.

- She meets you at the newly opened bakeshop near their home and holy shit does she not expect the owner to be a bad ass with the same style as her.
- Like really? The place was all pastel and light and you had the cool “nobody fucks with me” vibe but mixed with sweet smiles and even sweeter treats
- Speechless when she was about to order the cupcake she wants to try
- “Cat got your tongue?” “…” “I envy it then.”
- Did the hot baker just flirted with her??? Your giggle???? That smirk on your face???????? If she wasn’t gone the time she saw you then she definitely is now.
- Would not visit the shop for the next few days because that was embarrassing.
- Gathered up the courage (collected some good comebacks as well) to go back after a week
- Surprised that you were easy to talk to. Thought you were this flirting deity. There was occasional flirting, but now she has comebacks and she absolutely loves it when she makes you blush
- She invites you over for dinner and you brought tonkatsu! Ryu loved them. He immediately told Saeko to marry you.
- Both of you don’t know what happened but after that you were officially dating. No words needed. It just… happened. Everything was the same but now with more holding hands and random kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
- Your first kiss together was when you invited her into your shop kitchen and had a small food fight. She put icing on your lips, “Looks like I need to clean it up,” and kissed you.
- You were initially shocked but you said after a short while, “Well now you have some on you,” and you kissed her. It just went on like that.
- When you’re cooking, she’d do the cliché thing of hugging you from behind! 21397103x better since her chest is really soft!

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itsspicytuna  asked:

Hey I recently found your acc (and it's lovely btw) and I was having some drawing-friendship problems. I've been drawing ever since I was three and my friend really want to get into art. My art level is about at high school and hit is more 6th grade. He keeps saying that someone is better than him than drawing in a negative tone and I'm a nice person don't get me wrong but I really don't want to intimidate hit because he's pretty much my only friend

Hi.  Sorry it took my so long to answer this.  I wanted to think about what I really wanted to say, because this is a problem that I’ve struggled with too.  In any group of art friends, there will always be a gap between people.  Even if the gap seems nonexistent because styles are so different they are impossible to compare, often artists will still see a big skill gap between themselves and their peers.  It just happens because as artists, we always see what we love about others’ work, and what we would do better in our own.  It can be harmful to someone who is still developing their art skill, but it can also be an incredible way to vault your own art.  It all depends on how you treat a situation like this.  

      You will never have an easier time learning art in your life than when you have easy access to someone who is better than you who can help you improve and grow artistically.  Your friend should try to see you as an asset and not as an enemy.  You are both on the same path- the path to become better artists.  You aren’t rivals!  You are fighting and growing together.  I miss more than anything the community of artists I had in school (plenty of whom were better than me, though they might not say so)  where I could just take anything I was struggling with and get an incredibly helpful critique on my work.  As artists, my friends could be insightful and constructive in ways that no one else can.

     Secondly I want to share something that I heard recently that really meant a lot to me.  (I can’t remember the exact phrasing, so this is heavily paraphrased).  Artists often look at masters of the craft and say “I will never be as good as him or her!  I will never be as good as Rembrandt or Sargent or even that guy at school or work who’s amazing.”  And the truth is no you will not.  But those artists will never be as good as you either.  Artistic styles are unique to those that created them.  They are made from your own experiences and what personally moves you.  You will never be able to be Rembrandt so you will never be able to use his style as well as he personally could.  But no one else can ever be you.  You have something to say and only you can show the world what you personally see, and what is meaningful and beautiful to you.  And so I encourage your friend to find his voice.  To really study what he loves in art and stop worrying about whether or not you’re better than him.  Your art will always be you and his art will always be him.  It will be hard to improve until he stops comparing himself to others and seeing only his flaws, and not what is personal and powerful in his own work.  

It’s a wall of text, I know, but it’s something that’s important to me and I’m sure to others.  I wish you luck with your friend, but I also recommend finding other common ground than art and maybe opening yourself up to a few more people so there’s less stress on your friendship.  Best of luck, I really hope it works out for the both of you.