After tonight’s episode, and that long string of puns Wander made, I wanna see him get in a pun off with Peepers (remember the puns he made about the Cluckons?) 

Like maybe Peepers is starting to try to put aside their differences (and his hate) to work with Wander to take down Dom or something, and just when he thinks they have nothing in common, he cracks a pun and Wander laughs. I bet he’d be so surprised because usually people just roll their eye(s) at his jokes.

They both seem to like wordplay too (like I’ve noticed quite a bit of alliteration with both of them, mainly Peepers) and Sylvia and Hater seem like the types to show anywhere between disinterest to annoyance about that kind of stuff. 

Anyways, then Wander joins in with puns/wordplay of his own, Peepers tries to one-up him, and starts to have more fun than he’d like to admit.

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i'm i the only one that misses laura's straight hair :( idk she looks great either way but something about her straight hair it was just right

No you’re definitely not the only one who misses her straight hair.

Choose my next URL!!!

Hello hello!! It is I, Hunter, or (for not long) agentmogar! I’m making this post to make a small announcement that i’ll be changing my URL, with your guys’ help too!!! For those who have followed around long enough, you know that I had already done this, and the winning result of a URL was agentmogar!

Well I am doing it again! This time, no round two, just a one and done deal. And to also announce, after a URL is chosen by votes on a poll, A choice of 6-8 URLs will be hosted up in a small URL giveaway!! (Again if you remember I had done this too)

So please, if you’d like, go to the link below to choose my next URL!! Deadline for this is July 27th, and the Giveaway will start on that day too, and end on July 31st!! I’ll appreciate every vote that gets counted in!! Thank you!! ^-^



So I was rewatching the first season and noticed this similarity. In episode 6 s1 Laura says no to giving up on the whole investigation and in episode 14 s2 Carm says no to being Laura’s hero.

I’m sorry if someone has already pointed this out, but I felt like it was maybe important.

You guys… YOU GUYS. I think. I just had an epiphany. Or something. I’m really really tired and can’t sleep still cause idek why. I miss sleeping. BUT YEAH.

(/readmores this… cause crazy talk ._.;;; )

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