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Just read a (potentially) crack theory about Old Nan possibly being Shiera Seastar. I'm not too sure about this, mainly because Shiera, with all the glamour and whatnot, doesn't really seem like the type of person to abandon her life and become a wetnurse in the North. Maybe once Bloodraven was taken away, she went with him and stopped at Winterfell? Plus there's the whole Young-Nan + Dunk thing that I kind of like. Do we even know how Shiera died? Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this.

Oh, oh, it’s crack, yes indeed. You said it yourself, why would the most beautiful woman in Westeros, the focus of court gossip and intrigue, ever become a mere servant and wetnurse in the North? And why are there no stories of Nan’s great beauty, her silver-gold hair and multicolored eyes? Oh, sure, she was disguising herself with magical glamour… um, right!

But why? What would be the purpose of Shiera Seastar remaining a simple servant in Winterfell for the past 80 years or so, birthing servant children and helping raise Stark children, when (if she were still alive today, which I doubt) she could be doing literally anything else? And this powerful sorceress let herself age to about 100 (oh right she’s 120 but only looks 100 because of ~magic), let herself become ancient and brittle-boned and half-senile and knocked down the stairs by wild kids and captured by Ramsay Bolton and taken as a prisoner to the Dreadfort… because why?

Also, we do have a general time range of when Nan first came to Winterfell. If she was the brown-haired girl kissing Dunk in Bran’s vision, then she was there around 212AC, when Dunk visited Winterfell during the Beron Stark succession crisis. If that girl wasn’t Nan, then definitely she was there by the 220s, the latest time Beron’s son Willam’s son Brandon could have born. (As Nan first came to Winterfell to nurse a Brandon who probably was Rickard Stark’s uncle; and Willam died in 226 AC.) Bloodraven didn’t join the Night’s Watch until 233 AC, and he disappeared in 252 AC. Sooooo…. again, why was Shiera in Winterfell well before Bloodraven went north? Why would she need to leave King’s Landing? Googling I see some speculation she left because of threats to Bloodraven from Maekar’s rule… but now we know per TWOIAF that Bloodraven remained as Maekar’s Hand and it was Aegon V who briefly imprisoned him.

So there was absolutely no reason for Shiera to come to Winterfell and disguise herself as a mere nurse for 80 years, just to collude with Bloodraven and tell stories about the history of Westeros to generations of Stark children. It’s just so… so silly, really. Old Nan is Nan, an ordinary woman with a deep connection to the North and the Starks, with a well of fascinating stories. Maybe she met and loved Dunk when he came to Winterfell, maybe even one of her children was his. But she’s not a secret half-Targaryen sorceress, and her great-grandson Hodor is no secret Targ. (istg all those genuinely stupid theories started when Kristian Nairn was cast as Hodor. He’s brown-haired in the books ffs.)

Anyway, thanks for the laugh, but sheesh I wish people would learn to count. And to stop thinking that everyone is secretly somebody else, for god’s sake. No. Enough.

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Chara is a girl and Frisk is a boy??

Hello!  I’m not sure where this is coming from, but you seem confused.  Two whole question marks worth of confused! :)  I’ll see what I can do. <3

The truth is, we don’t know!  What we do know is that every single character in Undertale refers to both Chara and Frisk by they/them/their pronouns.  Part of this is undoubtedly for the trap that Toby Fox sets, where you’re led into believing that these are self-insert characters only to realize in the twist at the end that they actually aren’t.  But!!!  The fact remains that these are the only pronouns we ever hear these characters referred to with.  Since that is the case, we must assume that those are the correct pronouns for both of them.

Is there still some uncertainty about their gender?  Sure! Plenty of girls go by they/them/their pronouns, and plenty of boys go by they/them/their pronouns as well.  However, the likeliest gender based on that choice of pronouns is some kind of non-binary, bigender, agender, or other gender-queer type gender.  That is to say, both of them were likely assigned a gender at birth, but they didn’t identify with that gender completely, or at all!  But it’s not that they felt more like they were the opposite gender really either, though that may or may not have perhaps been part of it.  Perhaps they’re more in the middle, and aren’t really one or the other.  Perhaps they’re both at the same time!  Perhaps they don’t really feel like they’re on the scale at all, much like asexual people aren’t really on the scale of sexuality in quite the same way that the other sexualities are.

It’s hard to say, and really, that’s all in the realm of headcanon since the game never goes in depth about either of their genders.  However, the canon refers to Frisk by they/them/their pronouns.  Calling them by anything other than those is misgendering them.  The canon also refers to Chara by they/them/their pronouns.  Calling them by anything other than those is also misgendering them.  And we love both of them very much, so we wouldn’t want to do that <3

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wait okay, since the other took my question about having a crush i got another one do you know if there is anyone who likes you that way? and what´s your feelings about that?

I’m pretty sure that yes.

She’s in a very similar position to mine with the other person, the “Unrequited love” ish thing.

My feelings about it are, idk, confusion because I never saw it coming, I’m also honored because she’s great and I love her, just not romantically.

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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I saw your little rant thing and I can relate to the whole about trying to have a relationship but also having hella bad anxiety. Thank you for make me feel like I'm not the only one who has these kind of feeling. It really helps knowing that I'm not the only one

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I send you all the love in the world because I know how shitty it feels! And thanks for telling me that you feel the same because now I know I’m not the only on too! ☺️


I’ve been wondering for a really long time about if I have depression.. And so I took a few tests online and I got “moderate depression.” But it IS still an online test so idunno if that’s really accurate or what :///
But I don’t wanna be one of those people who fake mental illnesses and such. Like if it turned out it wasn’t depression then I’d feel really bad about the whole thing. So uhh.. Idk just a status update I guess


First of all I’m not fucking pregnant hell yeah! Okay maybe not hell yeah because i actually have quit a lot of mixed feelings about this but it’s okay and it’s a 100% sure for the best.

I’ve been doing alright. I turned 18 and it was really cool and last weekend I celebrated with my friends and boyfriend and it was a whole lotta fun. Oh also I was going to go to Hozier but I got a little too high a little too fast and had a battle with the pavement which got me a concussion and some gnarly scars.

Today I shaved my head all by myself because I needed a confidence boost and it turned out pretty awesome I think. I’m also dying it green again right now which is chill AF. I missed my green hair y’know?


Didn’t work on a page today. Got distracted. No other excuse really. Here’s hoping to getting back to work tomorrow.

And also work on what I am calling a Grudge Candle until I can find a better name for it