INK!SANS by @comyet

Last night after I post his line art and go to bed…

He told me he has a story about himself and…G!ERROR.

… ( ´・皿◎`) really? Are you seriously?
I just lie down on my bed!

And he REALLY told me the whole story.
But I notice his story is not like an AU…… it’s more like a independent enactment.

I’m not sure…but I’m sure I like his story.

Just need time to figure out and prepare something.

And please don’t repost this picture on other website.


Second preview of my @menons-la-danse-zine piece! I’m almost done now, just a few finishing touches left to do!

This isn’t giving a whole lot away about what I’ve actually done, but I’ll post another one when I’ve finished! ;)

so /how/ did Katsuhira know Noriko was up there?

I can’t be the only one who was pretty baffled about the whole thing, can I?

But maybe the episode literally told us how?

Consider the following:

And then remember why Yuta was able to find Maki in the first place.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

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I’ve watched 6,741 several (3) times and I want to watch it again. I think maybe I have a problem

That’s certainly one way to think about it, if you want to. Plenty of people feel uncertainty about how to identify themselves. 

Personally, it feels like Kitty is really connected to her Jewish roots in the early days, so I’m not really sure it’s a headcanon I’d have, but it’s certainly an option.

Honestly, I feel about the whole thing the same way I feel about Jubilee magically having blue eyes sometimes: the artists/writers didn’t care enough to be accurate. 

That sounds harsher than I mean it to, but I honestly think a lot of things like this are a mix of either a) forgetting about this stuff and b) outright ignoring/avoiding it because it’s easier. And I don’t mean that all instances of it are malicious, but it can still do a lot of damage. 

I really need to watch or read something good and happy tonight.

mixed feelings about tonight’s GOT episode, esp in regard to Hodor’s death scene. I only watched a few scenes from last week’s episode (the Sansa and Jon scenes), so I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother watching this one. I really enjoyed it , the only thing I felt disappointed by was the Ironborn kingsmoot, though that wasn’t a bad scene, it was just mediocre overall (but there were some small parts of it that I liked). I still don’t know what I think about the ending though.

Typing this post to try to sort out what I think about it.

It was well done as part of the story and really well acted and directed, and it was very emotionally painful to watch, in a good way - but, something about Hodor not having control of his mind due to Bran’s warging into him, and so not even having the option to choose to stay or escape doesn’t sit quite right. (but probably that was the point??)

The idea that one of the most prominent disabled characters on the show is sacrificed for the good of the rest of the group is a trope I hate, especially when it involves someone with a cognitive disability- in both the show and ASOIAF, they (usually) do a fairly good job with how they portray of characters with physical disabilities and characters who are severely affected by trauma,  although those with cognitive disabilities or mental illness don’t get shown that same respect (Lollys Stokeworth for example, or the equating of madness with evil), if not by other characters, then by the narrative itself. It just bothers me to see disabled characters always portrayed as tragic victims or evil villains that so much of the time seem to be discarded too easily, not just in GOT but also in a lot of other tv/movies, books and etc. I don’t know if Hodor’s death came across as him being discarded, though. I think the problem is more that it at least resembles that pattern of disabled characters being presented as discarded victims.

Though Bran is disabled as well, so I don’t know whether it’s really a valid criticism or not or if I’m being irrational and overreacting, but still the idea still feels pretty unsettling to me. I don’t think it was intentional, but I just don’t really know what to make of it yet. 

Tbh, at this point I’m considering tagging everything that’s not Marvel, and it’s really starting to irritate me. Every time I reblog something that’s not Marvel, I either get a really angry message, or I lose a whole bunch of followers.

It says it right there on my blog, guys. This is not a strictly Marvel blog. A lot of it is Marvel, sure, but expect me to reblog other things that catch my eye.

Bleh I wanted to post a selfie for a site that I never have said my gender on b/c you know? Sometimes I really like feeling that gender is a fake thing that I don’t have to worry about so I used imgur b/c I’ve seen ppl do that before but I didn’t know that like you gotta make a private account I thought no one would look or care or anything so I picked my most androgynous selfie and WOW people are assholes sometimes

but I meant that the same times I had a shit ton of random stranger be completely unsure of my gender even if they were being lil fuckers about it

@megaparsecs like….. megatron’s work has always had a. body count. in one way or another and that’s an interesting thing to think about. he never had the luxury of bloodless ideology I guess?? at least op in early years had the law washing his hands. not sure where I’m going with this but

I really want the scene where megatron steps into tarn’s office and recognizes the bodies of his first edition by name

My mom and I are for sure going to Russia. 

Idk if my dad is or not he’s sort of being a wet blanket about the whole thing. He’s convinced all Russians hate Americans and it’s annoying. 

So if he won’t go my mom has already been thinking of some other person we could bring along. Because she’s super excited to go eat at their restaurant in Moscow (Which look amazing btw)

We feel a party of 3 would be a good number. Me and her are really shy so we need someone who’s more outspoken. I’ve already been looking at some electronic translators online. 

I just really can’t believe I’m going after all these years of begging and trying to bribe people into going with me. I’m finaly going to Moscow 

I think I want to stay at the

 Novotel Moscow 


 or the Imperia City 


But Idk yet, I need to find out who all is going first before I make any executive decisions. 

this whole stalking thing related to bangtan is stressing me out and making me super upset so i’m not going to reblog anything about it anymore. i know there’s really nothing i can do about the situation and it’s making me really sad because i want to be able to apologize or do SOMETHING  to let them know that the majority of fans don’t agree with this behavior at all. but i can’t so i’m just going to stay out if it and reblog positive posts 

i just hope they’re able to enjoy the rest of their trip. i hope this is a lesson to fans everywhere, and not just fans of bangtan. respect a person’s privacy. please