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I play splatoon and I’m sad about the last splatfast being the last splatfest ;;; the girl squids are actually really cool tho (and really skilled…rip me) the boy squids are cuter than they are cool imo ;;; boy squids are coming soon tho!!

And here we have a completely legitimate photo of Jeon Jungkook admiring Park Jimin’s ass 🍑


So here’s the centi drawings I did. The one on the left is the little image that’s been floating around. I don’t even care if it isn’t canon or whatever, it’s a cute concept. The one on the right is my ideal of what centi would look like. Haha! I really liked the outfit for the one on the left, so you can see I totally kept it! Oh well~ Hope you all like it!

Fangirl was my favorite book to write. I wrote it really quickly, and I was immersed in it. I was just really happy inside of it. And it’s still the book of mine that I most enjoy going back to. So, when I meet someone who’s connected to the book, it’s like we’re sharing this really happy, personal thing.
—  Rainbow Rowell when asked: “What has it been like to meet fans who have found such a strong connection with the book?” (link to interview)

I’m like.. So disgusted… Being a bikini model isn’t a character flaw. Being a “trophy wife” isn’t a character flaw. There’s literally nothing wrong with this and doesn’t make her trash. You know what makes someone trash? Shaming women for what they do with their bodies or what career (or lack thereof) they pursue. And also being married to Donald Trump. Shame people for the right reasons thanks.


Here, we have two articles about the death of the previous owner of Fun Society Amusement LLC. The top one is a screencap from the pilot and is dated Tuesday, August 6, 2013. The bottom one is from whoismrrobot.com, and can be found in the “articles” folder. It’s dated November 9, 2013. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but the top is from the Daily News, the bottom the NYT. 

Anyway, a few things strike me as off here.  First, it’s odd that the Aug 6 article wouldn’t mention the second victim - dude plunged 20 stories! Second, the Nov 9 article suggests that good ol’ Clyde has just been indicted. But in his description to Mobley, Romero said Clyde was arrested right after the incident. Pretty sure Clyde wouldn’t have been held for 3 months without charge. Third, there’s a discrepancy in how the gunshot murder occurred. Aug 6 article says 3 times in the back, Nov 9 article stays silent on the particulars but reports a single gunshot was heard by witnesses, while Romero says dude was shot in the face. It all just seems really fishy…any ideas? 


sendmetoalbion: #tlsp covers Leonard Cohen

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i’m uncomfortable with how attractive paul is without the beard

Okay but
Don’t Imagine spark having real low self because his team gets made fun of a lot
Don’t Imagine him hating him self because he can’t battle well
Don’t imagine him trying to dress tough to cover his insecurities
Don’t imagine him always being in the other twos shadows and being ok with it because he knows he’s not as good
Don’t imagine him being really sad after seeing his pokemons health after a battle and frantically trying to bring them back to good heath
Don’t imagine it. Don’t do it

well, would you look at that. 

I never, for the life of me, imagined ever hitting a number anywhere near there when I started this blog. Or any blog. It constantly blows my mind that I have a platform with which to reach ten strangers, let alone 200 times that many. 

The fact that you all think enough of me and my ideas about this work of fiction to stick around means a lot to me, really it does.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me as long as you have through the crazy ups and downs of Ishida’s wild ride. Some of it has been really bumpy and sometimes things get quite heated. This may be a fandom blog, but I’ve ended up sharing all kinds of intensely personal things here. That’s just the kind of story Tokyo Ghoul is and the discussions it prompts. So it means that much more that you all stay around and listen.

And I’m sorry all of you new folks decided to join up on a week where I’m so salty about everything. Unless that’s why you started following. In which case, welcome! 

(I’ve never really paid much attention to my follower count, but I supposed 2,000 is a nice round number to watch swing one way or another whenever I post something particularly opinionated…(^_^;) )

Thank you all again, so, so much. I love each and every one of you.

Even if you are just following me to see if I’ll reply to your anon hate. (I started to, I promise. I have a partial reply saved in my drafts.)