i was up for a job i’m realistically under qualified for but for whatever reason the universe allowed someone to take a chance on me ! so around fashion week i’ll start as the associate fashion editor at racked, helping them reinvent their entire brand and be the start of their proper market team 💭💫💸🙋🏽

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I just know Gaster's going to be OK. They call Determination the power to change fate. What good would have been for all of us to change his fate before he gets to see his kids again? I know he'll be okay. I believe it. Stay determined, Dr. Gaster.

No matter what you say, he can’t help but feel scared. But he’ll trust you.  Let’s go with this.

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Can I just give Clem and everyone else a whole bunch of bows and such?? I want to. They are so pretty and I love them all! I really hope you get to do more with them.


AND BOWS. I will give your bows to them

here are my OCs prettying themselves up for you :3c


If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

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Street Brat: Chapter 57 |Archive of Our Own
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“You need to give yourself a break,” Dita said when he saw it was only Levi coming down the stairs into the dungeon. He propped his feet back onto the desk and resumed unwrapping his lunch, watching the other man make his way down the corridor towards the distant sound of muffled cries of pain.

hey, so, i hate to backtrack on everyone but my gender has decided to be difficult again and i’m really not comfortable with any of the names i’ve been using, even the most recent one

if you want to refer to me, assorted nicknames and my url are just fine, but i’d request that it’s restricted to that

Imagine having a high-note battle with Woozi.

The big killer for me is my terrible mental health. If i was mentally healthy I could push through my pain. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? How can someone be happy when they’re in pain all of the time? It’s like a vicious cycle.

I’m in pain, so I can’t do what I want, so I feel like shit. I feel like shit, so my mental health suffers. My mental health is suffering, so I feel like shit.