It just hit me that Lottie gave up her job as Selena’s make up artist and we got some shady explanation that we kinda accepted as another shady thing in a sea on shady things, but she probably gave that up because she knew she had to step up and take care of the kids.With Dan probably on Jay’s side for the better part and Louis in LA, she became the responsible one.She is so incredibly strong and kind and brave, I’m in awe.I don’t ever wanna see another person saying anything nasty about her.

raise your hand if the show hasn’t even started yet and you’re already crying

Can we talk about his voice in this?  How in the beginning he sounds so wistful and a little sad?  and then as he gets into it, his voice slowly gets stronger and stronger through the chorus.  Then he hits the second verse and he’s so confident and strong so when he gets to “SO WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO SAY WHEN YOU”RE GONE” You’re feeling so positive and jamming out an then the last chorus hits and it’s a total banger and you feel amazing and this kid.  THIS KID!!! Did this to you.  You went on a JOURNEY with him with just his voice.  GOD i love it.