ECHO ROGUE is a monstrous four-armed mark-4 jaeger built to house three pilots. constructed during the same program that produced the three-armed crimson typhoon, echo rogue was originally built and stationed in the hong kong shatterdome before being reassigned to los angeles. 

its three pilots go simply by enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac – or the chief, the guide, and the center, respectively. known for their combined tactical and combative skills, the “triumvirate” (so-called by the media) is arguably the best jaeger team in the business to date. the signature sleek black jaeger with bright red detailing has become an iconic symbol of the fight against the kaiju threat; you’d be hard-pressed to find someone out there who didn’t recognize its image. 

though it’s not customary for teams to have a personal motto, the team for echo rogue have made an exception. on the backs of their team jackets, below their jaeger emblem, is embroidered the simple slogan: “ou la mort.”