The Fourth of July is nice and all, but honestly, there’s a limit to the amount of screaming, police sirens, and explosions I can tolerate.

That, and it’s keeping me awake. I gotta wake up at 5 am tomorrow (well I guess it’s today now).

So, you're all reading the new run of She-Hulk, right?

Because you should be. 8)

Because She-Hulk is epic, and so is this book. It’s only a couple of issues in, and I’m enjoying the continuing adventures of She-Hulk: Super Powered Lawyer. Because half of this book is beating the snot out of people who deserve it, and the other half is legal wrangling. And as strange as it is, I’m enjoying her escapades in setting up a law office and dealing with court cases as much as I am watching her punch Doom Bots.

And I really, really like watching her punch Doom Bots.

But I’ve heard a lot of people reluctant to give this book a try, despite the flawed, humorous, sharp, brilliant main character. Despite the fact that they’ve started to introduce some supporting characters that I’m very excited to see back on the comics pages. The only complaint I keep hearing is that people don’t like the art. They find it offputting. The art is very stylized, very sharp, and very idiosyncratic.

You know what else it is? It’s not pretty.

I do not say this to insult the artist, Javier Pulido. I think the art is GREAT. It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s easy to follow, it’s very identifyable. It’s unique, in the cookie cutter world of comic book art, and that’s great.

But it’s not pretty.

And that is important. Why? Because it’s a female led book, that is not forced to adhere to a standard of ‘pretty.’

When the director of “Frozen” said, it’s hard to animate women who look different, what he really meant, and let’s be honest here, was that it’s hard to animate women who look different but STILL REMAIN CONVENTIONALLY PRETTY. That’s the problem. That’s the sticking point that animators and designers and video game creators can’t seem to move beyond. It’s not that women are so very difficult. It’s the struggle to make every single woman visually appealing in a conventional way, and still differentiate them. All of them with big eyes and winged brows and narrow, pointed chins and button noses and perfect cupid’s bow lips, and they are all the same. Men are easier, because we’ve been trained to accept a wider variety of 'good-looking’ men. But the trade off for women in media is, if they lead a property, they must be pretty.

And the current run of She-Hulk is not.

I can’t overstate how important I find this to be. That there are comics right now, with female leads, where the powers in charge are not panicking and thinking, 'well, unless we make her T and A material, no male will buy this! Better get that guy who does pin-ups to do the art!’ Because that was the thing that seemed to happen. Over. And over. And over.

I loved Fearless Defenders. I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I thought the concept was great. Why didn’t I talk about Fearless Defenders? Because the art made me so uncomfortable, took me out of the story so many times, that I didn’t want to tell people, go read this. I didn’t want new readers to look at it, and go, oh, so this is comics.

Because it doesn’t have to be.

Women in comics doesn’t have to be brokeback poses and cropping panels so the breasts make it in but the face doesn’t. Women in comics doesn’t have to be shots framed with legs, or balloon breasts tacked onto torsos without internal organs. Women in comics don’t have to exist for the male gaze. And She-Hulk proves it. Recent runs on Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and so many others prove that, and I love it.

I love that I picked up my box last week, and there were two issues waiting for me. She-Hulk, punching Doom Bots and turning down polite advances from yet another super hero (and that’s two in three issues, guys, she’s living the dream), and looking wild and crazy while doing it. And Loki: Agent of Asgard, where Loki is just lovely (and I say that without a trace of irony, he’s a hot mess in this comic, but the emphasis is on 'hot’ and I don’t even like the little twit) and they are not flinching away from just how lovely he is.

C'mon. Comics are far from perfect right now. I know that, you know that, everyone knows that. But She-Hulk can punch Doom Bots. And when her clothes rip, it’s not panting fanboy fodder. It’s a woman who’s had a good workout and is damn proud of herself, with the messy hair and ripped pants and psychotic grin to prove that. And Loki has a shower scene in book one. Also produces slash for the Midgardian internet. Good for him.

So give She-Hulk a try. Because the art is BRILLIANT, and sharp and fits just right, and makes it clear, this is a character who doesn’t quite fit in the mold, and that’s just fine. Give Loki a try as well. Because of the All-Mother and Verity and Sigurd and all of the really poor choices.


Shoutout to my favorite image in the promo aka pasty dork twins fry in the sun

Imagine Kuroko and Kagami’s baby inheriting Kuroko’s lack of presence, and one day they’re having lunch in MajiBa or something and Kuroko comes back from the toilet to find Kagami having a panic attack and turning the entire place upside down, and crying and screaming, so Kuroko rushes to him, a little scared.

“Kagami-kun, what’s wrong?”

“K-k-kuroko I-I-I lost the b-b-baby I….”

“Kagami-kun… you are holding him.”

The way I think GG characters will be in their 30's.
  • Serena:Alcoholic that will sleep with any guy that looks at her. Also trying to relieve her glory high-school days but forgets she's too old for this shit.
  • Dan:Depression. No inspiration at all to write. A whore of a wife. Doesn't give a shit anymore. Doesn't take showers. Still dreams about Blair.
  • Blair:Caring mother but too traumatized. Has a cheating husband. Cries herself to sleep almost every night, the other nights she has to take pills for it. Wonders everyday if she made the right decision by marrying the Basstard. Close to depression.
  • Chuck:Man whore. Absent father. Alcoholic since 17. The ghost of his father hunts him. Beat his wife multiple times. He's... Chuck Bass.
  • Nate:Still Natefused.
Spaces || Melissa & Nathan

The message that Melissa had received from Nathan had at first been sweet and supportive, as one would expect from the curly haired lad. However things had taken a turn, and suddenly they’d been having a conversation that was delving into things that anyone could see would just lead to complications. Nathan had been her first for most things. They’d been through a lot together and in the end their break up had just happened naturally, it wasn’t that they didn’t love one another anymore they just decided that ending things was best at the time. 

Before she knew it the brunette had made her way to the familar park beside her ex’s house, there were so many memories running through her mind as she wandered down the path towards the figure she knew so well. Stopping before Nathan she stood there in silence for a moment, sliding her hands into the back pockets of her ripped jeans with a sigh. “Hey.” She spoke quietly, “You okay?”

Sometimes People Disgust Me

I’m going to warn you now, this is going to be uncomfortable, but that’s the point.

So for those of you who don’t know, I love to research the Holocaust. I am a firm believer that those who do not learn from history and doomed to repeat it, and much like my fascination with Serial Killers I find disasters that may be preventable even more fascinating. The sheer brutality that was willingly taken out upon the Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Homosexuals, Handicapped, and others in Europe during World War II is something so disgusting, but so fascinating to me. I believe it’s the lack of humanity required to complete these acts that draws me to it, but I do also realize that Hitler had his own view of the world and in his eyes everything he was doing was moral.

So this brings me to why people disgust me. I searched the “holocaust” tag on tumblr and probably 75% or more of what is there are jokes. The Holocaust is not something to joke about. MILLIONS of people died. Entire families were wiped out in seconds just because of their heritage. And people are JOKING about this? It disgusts me. This event is something to be taken seriously on all levels, at all times. I don’t understand why you would joke about something like this:

Did I make you uncomfortable? Good. That was the point.

What seriously happened today in Chemistry:
  • Teacher:Ok class we're going to learn about titrations!
  • Me in my mind:Titration = rearranges the words to Triton = Guilty Crown = Gai = Gai is back = OMFG
  • Teacher:Ok so you do this and this and that's how you find that!
  • Me in my mind:CAN'T WAIT FOR THURSDAY!!! GAI IS BACK AND EVERYTHING SHALL BE HAPPY AND I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIS SEXY ABS AND GAI IS BACK. and they should give some screentime for Daryl this time and... GAI.
  • Me:Ok so what are we learning about now?
So this was my night:

The status that started it all (AKA me having to destroy this white girl I went to high school with and haven’t spoken with since graduation, basically). I’m in Black and she’s in pink, btw:

^ So I wrote this, took a nice little nap and I wake up to see a message from this girl from HS:

After rolling my eyes for five minutes, I decided to put her in her place:

and then I get this back:

Realizing that I am facebook friends with a fragile white picket fence, I close out with this:

and then to ward off copy-cats, I provided the following addendum to my status:

and that’s how my night has been. I wish gaysquad had heard me fuming during this shitstorm, I bet I was real hilarious

anonymous asked:

So I have two cats. One is ridiculous. This cat, who we named Kitty, likes to lay on her back in front of our fireplace. Last night I was laying in her spot there, so she came and laid on my tummy, with her tummy up. I dunno, I thought it was cute :P

you thought?????? how can you “think” it was cute? It’s a cat! sleeping on your tummy! with its tummy up!! IT’S FUCKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! CATS!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE A PICTURE?! YOU MUST ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR CATS!! MY PHONE IS 93% CATS, 7% SHERLOCK, 0% SELFIES! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING?! CATS ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE!!! I FUCKING LOVE CATS!!!!! SHOW ME YOUR CAT!!!!