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Tagged by the lovely @xingchandaesoo thank you so much, Nikki! =) Computer science seems awesome, I wish I’d bothered to learn more about computers!

Name: Rhiannon

Nickname: Rhi

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Confused af tbh

Favorite Colour: Blue, red

Time right now: 15:58

Current location: My lovely bedroom

Average hours of sleep: Atm… like 5?

Lucky number: 15

Last thing I googled: Human League.. I thought they were American, turns out English… the things you learn

Number of blankets I sleep under: Two at the moment because it’s coooold

Favorite fictional character: Gonna go for a new one now and say Rey from TFA ^^

Favorite Book: All books

Favorite musicians/bands: Panic!, Evanescence, EXO, all of kpop shit

Dream Job: ??????

What I’m wearing right now: Red jumper, blue jeans

Random Fact: I can’t do random facts wtf?? Like… aah

When did you create your blog?: This one: 2015, like i think in January but I didn’t use it til April

Do you have any other blogs?: Oui, my main multifandom mess of one.. I love it

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Sometimes. Not really every day though, no. I suck at talking to people so I think people have given up on me >.<

Kay, I’m gonna tag some new people because I always tag the same but I wanna know everyone: @smolchen, @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner, @channieschubbycake, @takemetojongin, @sesoh, @ksutrash, @ma-kyungsoo, @oh-senshine, @smoljiminies and @minnie-soo. Feel free to ignore this if you don’t wanna do it though, and lemme know if you don’t wanna be tagged in things and I won’t again =)

About Me

My name’s Madalyn

Please call me Mady 😊

Maryland, US

I’m 15 – born on June 8th, 2000


Bisexual, she/her

I mainly blog about Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, Bring Me the Horizon, and Twenty One Pilots, although you will find many other bands throughout my blog

I track the tag #vicvibes mady

This is only my secondary blog, but you can find my primary blog here

I started this blog on April 8th, 2015

- Click here to see the greatest video I’ve ever seen

Bands I’ve seen/going to see live:

All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, and Neck Deep - Back To the Future Hearts Tour | 11.16.15

- Click here to see concert footage

Follow me on my social media if you want:


Personal - mmadyy_

Bands - atlorstfu


Personal - mmadalynn

Get To Know Me

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NAME: Amalia

BIRTHDAY: December 11


STAR SIGN: Sagittarius

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5'3"



AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Average? About six, maybe less if I was up all night studying

LAST THING I GOOGLED: Nina Dobrev Marvel(I love the chick and she needs to be in a marvel movie!)

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: Three and they must be fluffy

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Of all time? Tony Stark. Not gonna go on a rant here, but he’s the best.

FAVORITE BOOKS: The Night Trilogy, you guys should really read it.  


DREAM JOB: Realistic? A Psychologist. But I would love to work for Marvel on writing comics.

WEARING: White pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt with white socks.

WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: About a year ago


POSTS: 662

ANY OTHER BLOGS: Only one, but it’s utter trash. I have no system and just reblog what ever I find interesting and lots of stucky and tony.

YOUR PEAK: I don’t know, maybe that one time one of you guys sent me a good morning message. Sad, I know.

MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: two, @callmeripper and @lunna-star-8

WHY MAKE A BLOG: Why? So many amazing things! Well, I made a blog because I would always make little scenarios while I was watching Marvel movies. Plus, my stories on wattpad weren’t doing so well and decided to make one-shots instead of long stories.

ASKS: 5, two for me to do a part 2 of Priorities and the other three requests (which I will work on soon)

WHY YOUR URL: there was so many marvel imagine and one-shot blogs and since I was obsessed with Supernatural and Marvel at the time, I decided to make one to combine both fandoms.

This was really fun! If you guys wanna send me some of these again, I’d be happy to do them! I now tag.











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thank you megan! :D

name: faye

nickname: faye is my nickname

gender: female

star sign: capricorn

height: like 5′5″?

favorite colour(s): black, maroon, gold, pastels, etc..

time right now: 6:43 a.m.

average hours of sleep: five or six (when i don’t pull all-nighters)

lucky numbers: whatever equates to your phone number, ehh?? (*winks horribly*)

last thing i googled: record shops near me

numbers of blankets i sleep with: one

favorite fictional character: money in my bank account.

favorite books: all the ones in piles around my apartment i haven’t read yet.

favorite bands: the ones that make her dance. (hahahahah, fuck y’all, that’s funny)

dream job: i get paid to go to public places, parties, etc. and talk about my faves incoherently. but really…minimal work for maximum pay y’all. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. 

when did I create my blog: about a year ago, i believe? a little under a year.

current amount of followers: 553…what?! I LOVE YOU ALL. MY PRECIOUS LITTLE CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

what do I post about: whatever i damn well please. mostly hbowar with some other interests involved.

do I have any other bogs: yeah, but i don’t keep up with them as much as i’d like

when did my blog reach its “peak” (when did i get more followers, have a popular post, etc.): Peaked? Let me tell you something. I haven’t even begun to peak. And when I do peak, you’ll know. Because I’m going to peak so hard, that everybody in Philadelphia will feel it.

who is my most active follower: right now, i think it’s @damero and @thebrotherhoodelites

what made me decide to get a tumblr: my lack of self-control

do i get asks on a daily basis: nope, but when i do they really count. someone named erica even asked me to test a new video game. it waz kewl.

why did i choose my URL: i love roe. he is cajun. i love cajun. he is roe.

tagging: @bluudhaven, @gingerwerk, @nomanswar, @damero, and @thebrotherhoodelites and all of my followers because i want to get to know all 553 of you precious souls.

Play my music tag

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Rules: Using only the song names from one band, cleverly answer these questions. Tag 10 people at the end.

Songs by: Johnny Flynn
What is your gender: Tickle me pink
Describe yourself: Been listening
How do you feel: Lost & found
If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Shore to shore
Favourite mode of transportation: Trains
Your best friend: The ghost of O'Donahue
Favourite time of the day: Churlish May
If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Barnacled Warship
What is life to you: Fol-de-rol
Relationship status: Long black veil
Your fear: I don’t wanna go

I’m tagging @mounfuckingtains, @brovispressure, @aichalasfar, @hiding-under-my-covers, @officialtora, @herbertfrost.

Got tagged by @straightzivens, yaay! :D <3 Thank you, this was loads of fun.

Using only song names from ONE artist, answer these questions. Then pass it on to 10 people.

Band/Artist: The Magnetic Fields, because I’ve been listening to 69 Love Songs again lately.

What is you gender?: Meaningless
Describe Yourself: Sweet Lovin’ Man
How Do You Feel?: I Think I Need a New Heart
Describe Where You Live: I Don’t Believe in the Sun
If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: Washington, D.C.
Favourite Mode of Transportation: Drive on, Driver
Your Best Friend: Very Funny
Favourite Time of Day: The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing
If Your Life Was a TV Show, What Would It Be Called?: All My Little Words
What Is Life to You?: Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing
Relationship Status?: I’ll Dream Alone

I’ll throw this over to @arctic-urpo, @spiechi, @vertaveli and @fuzzybooks if you feel up to it. :3
Followers that I’d like to get to know better

I was tagged by @royalcorona! :D

NAME: Nicole

NICKNAME: Nikki (preferred name)

GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: 5′3″ish


HOGWART’S HOUSE: Ravenclaw maybe?



AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 4-5 on a good night.

LUCKY NUMBER: 27, 13, 7

LAST THING I GOOGLED: Kensington Court Hotel

FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: SO DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE! I’m going to choose Pocket from Fool by Christopher Moore. Stephen King and Christopher Moore are my two all-time favorite authors and I love their characters so much!

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: One enormous, fluffy comforter.

FAVOURITE ARTIST/BAND: The Offspring. The Refreshments. You, Me & Everyone We Know. Have Mercy. The Lumineers. Flatsound. Bright Eyes.

DREAM TRIP: Traveling around the globe, visiting every country and immersing myself in the cultures to be able to really experience and learn about them

DREAM JOB: National Geographic wildlife photographer

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: Black t-shirt and red & black plaid pajama pants

WHEN DID YOU CREATE THIS BLOG: No idea actually. I’m going to guess twoish years…maybe?


WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: Nursing school, depression, anxiety, recent diagnosis of MS. Mostly I reblog adorable animals, beautiful landscapes, interesting science stuffs, book related stuffs, and anything else I enjoy.

WHO ARE YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS: I don’t know really. I follow quite a lot of people and I’m not on tumblr all the time so it’s hard to tell.

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: No idea. It may not have yet.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDED TO GET A TUMBLR: @thebeigecardigan. was always showing me neat stuff. I made my photography blog first, but then decided I needed a personal blog to vent and share nonphotography related stuffs.


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Serotonin is the neurotransmitter believed to be linked to depression and anxiety. I added “hello” to it to symbolize my search for happiness.

ANDDDDDDD I CHOOSE YOU: @dislocated-cannibal; @newbeginningsfromeveryending; @leoinengland; @zennel; @icantsocialise; @agatha-eir; @blossoms-things; @hellohemostasis; @cockaroacha; @mindful-fawn; @aconstantcanvas (and anyone else who would like to!)

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Name: Alissa
Nickname: Dark Lord of all Evil
Star Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite Color: Blue
Time Right Now: 9:11PM
Current Location: Twin City area, Minnesota
Average Hours of Sleep: ???
Lucky Number: 8
Last Thing I Googled: BTS Run Dance
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1
Favorite Fictional Character: Fell from “Fell” by David Clement-Davies
Favorite Book: “Fell” by David Clement-Davies
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Too many to list here lol
Dream Job: Teacher ✌🏻️
What I’m Wearing Right Now: Blue pj pants with white snowflakes and a red tshirt from my church confirmation retreat
Random Fact: I have a lot of finished and unfinished stories right now. I am too nervous to put up the finished ones and too lazy to finish the unfinished ones.

I tag @exo-chanyeollie @bigbangtanhit @threecyphers @yungrapmonsta :)


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Name: Tiffany
Nickname: Tiff, Tiff Tiff, Bean
Star Sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Height: 5"2
Favourite colour(s): light purple, light orange, blues, turquoise
Time right now:8:24pm
Average hours of sleep: Usually 7/8 bit now since it’s holidays definitely 9
Lucky number: 7? (I wish it was 17 too but eh idk)
Last Google search: do photo storage apps help save storage (i didn’t find that out bc i gave up finding the answer immediately after i searched)
Number of blankets: 1
Favourite artists/bands: SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, Bts, Up10tion, Twice, Snuper (I have yet to learn more about them though) and Astro
Dream trip: I just wanna go to Disneyland tbh
Dream job: Dancer but I can’t dance at all (it just seems cool to be able to dance) so most likely a Barista (but I don’t even drink coffee) so I have no idea
What I’m wearing: PJ’s
If you could buy anything right now, what would you buy?
Several cases from obeythekorean.
Last song you listened to: Growl by EXO (I’ve been getting into them lately…..)
If you could change something about yourself what would you change: my acne????? I dk
1. What if your strangest favourite snack?
2. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, what is a ‘comic sans pun valentine’s card’ you would make?
3. Do you like axolotls?
I tag: @aesaurus @imamounteen @koraenese @dankwoozi @helovesmymilk @aerysian

20 followers I’d like to get to know better
I was tagged by v cool @supernaturallyphantastic08 (tysm<3)

Name: Ava
Nickname: avers seems to b pretty popular
Star sign: Leooooo
Height: 5′3
Favourite colour: purpppppllle
Time: 10:42pm
Avg. hrs of sleep: Not enough , not that it’s v rewarding as my dreams are all usually v realistic and v stressful halp
Lucky number: 3
Last thing I googled: I was trying to find something from up to post on Instagram so “Up”
Number of blankets I sleep under: one atm but I wish it was two
Favourite fictional character(s): triangle is pretty rad and GREG from otgw IS ADORABLE AHDJDBSIDNDKD
Favourite band/artists: tøp , the nbhd, 1975 , Halsey, panic!
Dream trip: Vegas my friends
Dream job; something where I am happy
What I’m wearing: lol pjs (polar bear pants and a pinkish redish shirt with a snowman sweater -which I wear constantly btw)

Tagging @acetometer @danandphilsbooty @bands-nuff-said @galaxieshowell @imhopingthisurlisnttaken @thestral-mxrauders and literally all others who wish to complete the tag

sing only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Then pass it on to 10 people.

I was tagged by @fredegarbolger​!!

Band/Artist: also obviously using 1d
What is your gender: Girl Almighty
Describe yourself: Ready to Run
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Clouds
Favorite mode of transportation: Walking in the Wind
Your best friends: Better Than Words
Favorite time of day: Up All Night
If your life were a tv show what would it be called?: Story of My Life 
What is life to you: Right Now
Relationship status: Never Enough
Your fear: No Control

that was fun, i’m gonna tag @downeyevans, @daisysjohnson, @starlord-pratt, @the-gracecha

Tag Thing?

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Name: Rebecca

Nickname: Becki [with an I because I’m an Ironic Individual and also Amanda from Ugly Betty spells it like that and I was 13]

Star Sign: Sagittarius [funny bc I’m the least spontaneous person]

Gender: Female

Height: not entirely sure? Taller than 5″4 though

Favorite Colors: Emerald-y green

Time Right Now: 16:40

Average Hours of Sleep: 7.

Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7

Last Thing I Googled: ‘mishapocalpyse’ >_<

Favorite Fictional Characters: Sirius Black, Castiel, Steve Rogers, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Aragorn, Thorin Oakenshield, Samwise Gamgee, Peggy Carter, Connor Walsh, Raven Reyes, Elsa, Legolas, Stitch, 

Favorite Books: The Hobbit, Confessions of a Shopaholic, all Harry Potter books (especially Prisoner of Azkaban), Horrible Histories [I really need to read more…]

Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boy & I’m liking Bon Jovi at the moment {I blame Dean} but also Twenty One Pilots & Rise Against & Bayside

Dream Job: Author. JK Rowling style.

What Am I Wearing Right Now: jeans and sparkly green jumper and pink fluffy slippers

When Did You Create Your Blog: 2nd of October, 2014 (but I did have one before that)

Current Amount of Followers: 374

What Do You Post About: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Disney, LotR/The Hobbit, How To Get Away With Murder (it’s a great show), stuff that I find funny, words/phrases.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: srsblxck.tumblr.com ~ grunge type Sirius aesthetic blog. Because why not.

When Did Your Blog Reach It’s Peak: not quite yet

Who Is Your Most Active Follower: captainmeggi.tumblr.com who is fantastic <3

What Made You Decide To Get a Tumblr: needing somewhere to collate my fandom stuff

Do You Get Asks On a Daily Basis: nooope! Even the spammers have slowed down now (which I’m not complaining about).

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I rather like Thorin <3 I thought that if he had been frozen after he died, it could be that he was thawed and therefore happily alive but it also works to be thAWWin because he is a cutie.

i was tagged by @freakannoyance

Name: Kyle

Nickname: president

Starsign: Gemini

Gender: cis male

Height: 6′2″

Sexual orientation: Demisexual, homoromantic

Fave Colour: It’s like a dark red, crimson maybe?

Time Right Now: 10:22 pm

Current location: Minnesota, don’tcah know

Average hours of sleep: 5, maybe 6 on weekdays, 10 on weekends

Lucky Number: 9

Last thing I googled: where to buy fire emblem cipher cards (i’m complete trash)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3

Fave fictional Characters: fml rn Caboose from rvb, Teddy Altman from The Young Avengers, all members of  μ’s from Love Live, and i’m sure there’s more but i don’t wanna go on too long

Fave bands/artists: μ’s Madeon, Taylor Swift

Dream Job: I can write my own stories in peace, but still have a part-time and low responsibility job as an editor.

Random Fact: When I move my right arm in a certain direction, I can crack it to the beat of the original Pokemon song

Do you have any other blogs?: I do have a side blog that i’ve never shared, but just because it’s where i put all my writing

When did your blog reach its peak?: probs right now? I’m still gaining followers, both spam bots and real people, and I keep getting random notes on my old snapchats and one crappy RWBY edit

What made you decide to get Tumblr?: my ex got me into it

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: I fucking wish

Why did you choose your url?: When I started on tumblr, I was really big into the PokeSpe fandom, and it was a constant war of ships, but there was one blog, i think it was something called incomplete romance, that was dedicated to recording every ship name the fandom came up with.  Like, everything from pairing Pokemon with each other, or crossing universes and having Mangaverse Red hook up with Gameverse Red.  I was just caught in the clusterfuck and shipped everything, hense the name shipping my world. Because my world was Pokemon. 

I will tag @kumateddii @ninthgymleader @viagramax @queen-toadstool @paint-the-walls-plaid @haramibitch 

a pile of useless information, unless you’re interested in the writer.

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tagging: @kindlyiscatter and whoever else, i don’t really care lmao just repost if you want and say i tagged you

name:  anja !
star sign: capricorn !
gender: female !
height:  5′8 !
sexual orientation: demiromantic pansexual !
favorite color: sky blue !
time right now: 3:18PM !
current location: on my bed !
average hours of sleep: 3-5 !
number of blankets I sleep under: 4 !
favorite fictional characters: yang xiao long from rwby, & yuna from final fantasy x !
favorite artists/bands: set it off & nobuo uematsu !
what I’m wearing: jeans and a black button up shirt !
random fact: i have 493+ hours on one save file of my copy the original final fantasy x, but i have more completed on my save file with 175 hours.

when did you create your blog?: uHM. september 2014?
do you have any other blogs?: yEE but i’m not usually on them / they aren’t active yet. a few blogs that i can name off the top of my head are @lunasigil , @mikoed , and @activepain !
what made you decide to get a Tumblr?: i think i was trying to look for images to use in a presentation and i found tumblr in a bunch of search results, so i got an account and boom here we are.
do you get asks on a daily basis?: lmao no i’m kind of glad i don’t,
why did you choose your URL?: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk i’m still salty about this, it wasn’t originally scathingheart, and i’m not that fond of this url anyway

Got tagged by @portitor and this is going to be amazing so thank you

Using only song names from ONE artist, answer these questions. Then pass it on to 10 people.

Band/Artist: Miracle of Sound

What is you gender?: Man and machine

Describe Yourself: Shadow of the ash

How Do You Feel?: I am alive

Describe Where You Live: Mother Earth

If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: London town

Favourite Mode of Transportation: Beneath the black flag

Your Best Friends: All as one

Favourite Time of Day: Manhattan midnight

If Your Life Was a TV Show, What Would It Be Called?: Legends of the frost

What Is Life to You?: A dog’s life

Relationship Status?: Don’t say a word

I tag these lovely more-or-less musical people: @maironsprettygirl @the-end-of-time-itself @sudenpentulintu

using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. then pass it on. I was tagged by @wipe-that-grunge-off-your-face (thank you!)

band/artist: Sleater-Kinney

what is your gender: Modern Girl

describe yourself: I’m Not Waiting

how do you feel: Good Things/Heart Attack

describe where you live: No Cities to Love

if you could go anywhere, where would you go: Faraway

favorite mode of transportation: Light Rail Coyote (I like the light rail in seattle)

your best friends: Male Model (they’re all pretty)

favorite time of day: Night Light

if your life was a tv show what would it be called: The Drama You’ve Been Craving

what is life to you: It’s Enough

relationship status: Gimme Love

your fear: Hollywood Ending

I don’t know who to tag, so I just tag the usual crowd :)

Enough about you, what about me? - meme

I was tagged by @tigerlilynoh

Name: Daisy

Nickname: none

Star Sign: Pisces

Gender: nobody’s business

Height: 5.1

Favorite Colors: winter: red & black / brown & green | summer: all pastel colors

Time Right now: CET 10:39 am

Average hours of sleep: 5-6h

Lucky Numbers: none

Numbers of blankets I sleep on: 1

Favorite fictional characters: TV/Film: Sam Winchester, Novel: Francis Crowford du Lymond

Favorite Books: The Lymond Saga by Dorothy Dunnette, the Bible

Favorite bands/musicians: uff… hard to say, simply because I like all kind of music i.e classic, nu-metal, hard rock, jazz, blues, country, folk etc. it just depends what mood I’m in…

Dream Job: none, because I’m old enough to know, that a job is not what humans need to exist, a job is only needed to get money to stay ‘alive’ in our current deliberately created monetary slave system. Never the less I already have reached my goal, I only 'work’ for me and my husband, taking care of soul & body.

What I’m wearing right now: Snoopy pajama, dressing gown and socks… yeah totally sexy!

When did you create your blog: ohhh… no idea could be around 2010…

Current amount of followers: 334

What do you post about: mainly all kinds of Supernatural stuff, especially Sam Winchester but also once in a while stuff that contradicts the social conditioning and political correctness dictatorship.

Do you have any other blogs: yes a German & English political & philosophical blog 'A rose is a rose, is a rose’, but currently I haven’t done much… too lazy

When did your blog reach its “peak” (when did you get more followers, have popular posts etc): Seriously I have no idea. First I had 100 followers, and I was like wow! And than 200, me wtf is going on. And now over 300…O_O… I only reblog Sam Winchester and SPN stuff, simply because I adore the art work and talent of others, you see my tumbler blog is literally my box where I keep my precious nerdy girly dreamworld items. Therefor I’m more than surprised to see how many want to participate in my little dreamworld.

Who is your most active follower: geez… over a hand full

What made you decide to get a tumblr: just plain ol’ curiosity, and than I got assimilated….

Do you get asks on a daily basis: once in a while, but not so often. But I correspond a lot with some beautiful individuals that follow my blog.

Why did you chose your url: well 'Sabath’ was my bitchy, the boss, grand dame black cat. She was 25 years old when she died, literally her death broke my heart. I still miss her…and '68’ is my birth year…yeah I know not very creative. lol

I’m tagging: @ameliacareful, @auntjj, @supernatural25111, @dovesdanceatdawn, @fides-sam and anyone else who likes doing memes :D

Repost, plis.

Name: Johannie

Nickname(s): Jo, Jojo, Jo-neesan, Jo jo bean

Height: 5′4′

Sexual Orientation: I have no idea??

Favorite Color: Yellow

Average hours of sleep: I’m sleeping right now. (8+ hours)

Lucky Numbers: 8 & 11

Last Thing I Googled: Some shit like ‘define ophidian’ because I wanted to sound smart.

Number of Blankets: 6

Favorite Characters: I have so many. I’ll name some besides P4 so: Yuri Lowell, Ringabel, Gangrel, Zelos Wilder… Notice how they’re all guys…?

Favorite Band/Singer: I can’t tell you that. I don’t have a fave. I love them all.

Dream Trip: Going to Mexico during the day of the dead.

Something I Want to Learn: Painting with acrylic paint and digital art.

Tagging: WEH.

I actually got tagged in one of these things so imma do it

Rules: Answer in a new post and tag 20 (20 tho?) followers that you would like to get to know better.

Name: Erin

Gender: female

Astrological sign: Pisces

Height: 5′3″

Favorite color(s): lavender, turquoise

Time Right Now: 4 pm Utah time

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8

Last Thing I Googled: a crossword clue I think…

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: thin quilt with a plush blanket on top in the winter

Favorite Fictional Character: uhh basically every character on Parks and Rec tbh

Favorite Books: I’m not one to reread books, but some that I’ve liked lately are Master and Margarita, All the Light We Cannot See, Where’d You Go Bernadette?, and Deathless

Favorite Band: Blitzen Trapper, Death Cab for Cutie

Last Movie I Watched: Bernie

Last TV Show I Watched: Chopped (I’m addicted)

Dream Trip: Anywhere I haven’t been yet with @yungsoviet: dream destinations include Colombia, Russia, Peru, Chile, and lots of places in Asia and maybe Africa too.

Dream Job: VP of Artistic Planning for an orchestra

What Am I Wearing Right Now: V-neck striped sweater, turquoise pashmina scarf, gray jeans and black motorcycle boots

When Did You Create Your Blog: Halfway through freshman year of college…almost exactly 4 years ago actually

Current Amount of Followers: 100 something but only like 15-20 people actually reblog my shit

What Do You Post About: a ton of random shit. Favorite books/tv shows/movies, social and political stuff, sometimes naturey stuff, skiing, figure skating, random funny shit. Pixar. Puppies and other cute animals, particularly birbs that talk.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Nopeity nope

When Did Your Blog Reach Its “Peak” (when did you get more followers, have a popular pst, etc…): It just continues to grow at an extremely slow pace I think haha

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope, I never get them haha. Except when this one anon kept asking me weirdly sexual questions?

Why did you choose your url: Erin Maddie was what my mom called me when I was little (my middle name is Madden)

I tag (not 20 ppl lol): @tinyfierceandsassy, @mmmmmmclean, @getouttaherewiththatcuteshit, @aliquis-latet-error, @peterpassivism (I know you basically only reblog artsy naked women but I’m tagging you anyway), @yungsoviet