okay but i’ve been thinking about ginny weasley and how great it is that she was always so confident in the dating world and now i’m suddenly desperate for bisexual ginny headcanons

like, ginny being just as confident and popular with girls & nonbinary peeps as with boys, ginny really stretching out her muscles and figuring out what she likes in a partner, ginny calling out anyone who calls her promiscuous when she has never cheated on a datemate, ginny just being as goddamn happy as she deserves to be (except when people say she must be straight because she married harry; then she is angry as fuck and whoever said that finds themselves with an odd rash the next day)

how rumors continue
  • Ino: Sakura, we know you are pregnant so just tell us already so we don't have to pretend anymore.
  • Sakura: What?
  • Hinata: Ino says you are glowing more than usual and you're smiling at everyone.
  • Tenten: Honestly, I told Ino she was crazy. But you have been smiling more than usual.
  • Sakura: I'm a little appalled that you don't think I smile enough or something.
  • Ino: Well? Are you pregnant or not?
  • Sakura: *waiter walks by* Excuse me, can I get a sake?
  • Ino: You can't drink when you're pregnant!
  • Sakura: Well, good thing I'm not.
  • --
  • Naruto: Sasuke! You better have treated Sakura-chan with the dignity and respect she deserves!
  • Shikamaru: Can you not be so loud? People are staring.
  • Chouji: I think they would stare either way. There's so many of us here.
  • Sai: People tend to stare at handsome looking men. There are only two of them present here currently.
  • Shino: You would change your mind once I take off these sunglasses.
  • Sasuke: ... I'm going home.
  • Kiba: Did you really get Sakura pregnant?
  • Lee: That's very direct of you Kiba-kun to say that.
  • Sasuke: SHE'S PREGNANT?!