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okay so I HAVE A QUESTION. so i watched cacw and like, i'm not geekin right? vision is the one who shot rhodey out of the sky right? like yeah he was aimin at sam but sam DODGED (as one should when under enemy fire) and he hit rhodey instead (who was not anticipating friendly fire). so. can u tell me why. in EVERY SINGLE post cacw fic i've read. somehow. the blame for that. falls on sam? responsibility, i get but culpability? I FEEL LIKE I MUSTA WATCHED A DIFFERENT MOVIE THAN EVERYBODY ELSE.


There is literally no other option here because it is SO OBVIOUS that Vision is the one who shot Rhodey by accident. Tony and Vision even discuss it after!! I do know that a lot of fics (including my own) have included Sam’s guilt about Rhodey being hit instead of him, or watching someone he was at least teammates, if not friends, with fall from the sky again. So really the only thing I can think of is a Sam-pov fic might express this whole situation in that manner but NO??? NO. NO. no. No fucking way was Sam at fault one bit for what happened to Rhodey. 

He is going to carry guilt around with him, however. I was lucky enough to be at the Wizard World Philadelphia panel last year and Anthony was asked a question about if watching Rhodey fall would effect Sam at all and he confirmed that it did. But truly, really, who the heck is writing these fics and when can I wave my finger at them? The only person who would realistically feel like Sam is at fault is Sam himself. Tony doesn’t even blame Sam and well weknowwhathappenswhentonythinkssomeoneistoblameeveniftheywerenotatfault 

Anon, now I’m a salty pretzel but maaaannnn any blame being placed onto Sam by anyone besides himself is just dead wrong. To cheer my ass up I’m now gonna rewatch that hilarious panel and relive one of the best hours of my life. (Watch it here)

do you ever want to live inside the way a movie or book or song makes you feel

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can Yatori even have a truly happy ending? Yato is immortal and Hiyori isn’t. Say they get through everything together unscathed and trash dad is no longer a problem. Hiyori will grow older and will eventually die of old age, leaving Yato alone. But what if through some unfortunate circumstance, Hiyori died and Yato made her into his shinki? They could be together forever in that situation, right? Sure, but she wouldn’t remember anything, and he could never tell her who she was and just how important she is to him because of the God’s Greatest Secret. It’s just too risky and she might not even fall back in love with him, anyway! Also, as a shinki, Hiyori would be a constant reminder of how Yato failed to protect her (in his point of view, even if it wasn’t his fault). So no matter what, everything is just fUCKED AND IDK WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE WHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY DAMMIT

Lesbian loner

You know you’re lonely when you haven’t even held hands in 10 months…👌🏼

The lack of Blitz Boys fanarts in the fandom is absolutely preposterous! Utterly outrageous! So I needed to do something about it ;P

What I feel like right now

A pebble that is walked on.
A grain of sand
That has been drowning in the ocean
For way too long.
A water bottle
That’s useless and thrown out,
Not recycled
Because there is no second chance for me.
A washout.
Someone that’s
A heart that’s
And a person,
A mind,
A soul,
That is

Glimmer of Hope

Request: Oneshot with a bi reader and she’s a waitress at harvelles and is an amazing baker and always has cupcakes for anyone who wants one just cause she loves making them and dean loves them and she’s kinda like Jo and they have lots of banter and flirt and everything and one night the brothers come in injured and it’s only her and ash in so they patch them up and she patches dean up and just cuteness and adorable flirty dean please

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Jo x reader-ish

Warnings: None, really.

Word Count: 1583

A/N: Hope you like it :)


Your name: submit What is this?

The familiar breeze of vanilla aroma greeted the atmosphere as soon as you opened the oven door. You carefully took the cupcakes out and placed them on the counter, humming to yourself silently. Your hair cascaded down your shoulder as you huffed in annoyance at the heat. Working at the roadhouse during the summers was irritating enough, but adding baking to the equation with sweaty hair whipping around? That was the essence of your nightmare. You loved to bake, you really did but the heat annoyed every good feeling out of you. You turned away from the confectioneries, tying your hair up in a bun. Or trying to, at least.

“Are these all for me?” You smiled to look back at Jo. She was one of the only people who could make you smile even though you were going through the worst day possible.

“Depends. What will I get in return?” You winked. Jo chuckled.

“Whatever you ask for, honey.” She took a bite off one of the cupcakes and walked away to Ellen. You blushed a deep red. The two of you flirted, but that’s all it was. Flirtation. You both knew that nothing was going to come out of it. Your lives as hunters would get you nowhere in a relationship. You liked Jo, but it was more platonic than it was romantic. You wanted someone who you would risk being with, someone who you would fight for. You wanted someone who would give you hope about life outside of hunting.

Hunting; that’s all you’d done all your life. Your parents were killed in a werewolf attack when you were eight and your uncle raised you into the life. He was convinced that there was something abnormal-something supernatural about the attack and his convictions moulded yours as well. He died three years ago, when the two of you were hunting a vampire’s nest and you’d stayed at the Roadhouse since then. You didn’t want to hunt anymore, but you didn’t want to leave either. Ellen tried convincing you to go to school, get an education. She even got Bobby to try and talk to you, but you wouldn’t budge. You liked it there at the Roadhouse. There was a sense of security, a sense of safety there that you knew you couldn’t find anywhere. Naturally, when you looked for a relationship, you knew you only wanted someone who’d get you out of the roadhouse. You didn’t mind if you could get out of the roadhouse to hunt with this someone, or if this someone took you out of this life and placed you in a carefully built, picket fenced house. You wanted someone who’d get you out of this limbo that you’d built for yourself. And that’s when he walked in.

Tall, ruggedly handsome, leather jacket clad hunter. Suddenly, you were feeling hot for another reason altogether.

“Oooh, look at that Sammy. Cupcakes and a pretty lady.” He hit the man next to him in the shoulder. A man you hadn’t even noticed walking next to him. He was taller and had a long, shaggy hair and a sweet smile plastered to his smile as he greeted Ellen. Leather jacket, however, simply chose to wave at her and walk towards you. You reminded yourself to play it cool, to act normal.

“Hey there, I’m Dean.” He waved.

“Hey…Y/N.” You sighed.

“So…these yours?” He asked. You nodded. He put a hand forth and took one, looking at you all the while. Normally, you’d be creeped out by a hunter staring at you, but there was something really attractive about this guy-Dean. Something attractive in his piercing jade green eyes. In his denim wrapped bowlegs. In his worn out leather jacket. The way he carried himself-you could tell that he was one of a kind. Like you could never find another one like him. Like he had countless stories about things you’d never even heard of. Of things that you wouldn’t dream of.

“Dean…what brings you here?”

“Just visiting friends, taking a break from hunting.” You placed your elbows on the table and bent down, as if you were inviting him for an enticing conversation. Dean mirrored you action, although he looked so much cuter doing so. “What about you?”
“I live here, with Ellen and Jo.” He opened his mouth to ask you a question, but you answered it before he found his voice. “I don’t hunt. Not anymore.”

“That’s too bad, ‘cause I was going to ask you if you wanted to come with us.” He ate another cupcake. “Mhmmm these are gooood.” He sang. You giggled.

“Why thank you, Dean.” You grazed your hand over his. He caught your hand and smiled at your crimson face. “Dean…”

“Dean!” The taller man he was with called him. Dean sighed.

“Coming!” Dean looked at him and turned his attention back to you. “So…where were we?”
“Dean!” He looked at him in frustration. The blonde hunter rolled his eyes and stood up straight.

“Be right back, hon.”

You went back to the buttercream frosting, trying to figure out how you could infuse raspberries, your new favorite fruit into it without souring the cream. You spent the rest of the day baking and working with Ash, waiting for Dean to come back. He never did. Ash later told you that Dean and his brother, Sam took off on a hunt two towns over. You were slightly disappointed that Dean had left without telling you, but didn’t pay much heed to it.

It was around 7 in the evening, Jo and Ellen had gone out to shop for supplies, both promising to get you extra ingredients if you promised to bake something special for them. Ash commented saying that he’d take any cupcakes you bake because they’d taste amazing either way and you had an inkling that he wanted a cupcake. Unfortunately, you were all out for the day. There weren’t as many hunters at the roadhouse, but they all seemed to crave your cupcakes. You were surprised to see one of them on the counter around noon but it disappeared by the time you came out of the shower. You were cleaning one of the tables when a loud bang and a crash later, you were staring at the Winchesters, bleeding.

You rushed to their aid, yelling for Ash until he showed up, annoyed. His expression changed as soon as he saw that Dean’s shoulder was ripped through and Sam was drenched in blood. Nodding at you, he helped the taller Winchester to a table while you gingerly took Dean’s other hand and sat him down at the first table you saw.

The two of you worked in silence, Ash cleaned up most of the blood on Sam to realize that he really just had a small cut on his arm that unfortunately led to a lot of bleeding. He patched Sam up in no time and ushered him to one of the rooms to rest, but not before he wiggled his eyebrows at you. You blushed and went back to work.

Unlike his brother, Dean’s shoulder was actually injured and you were trying your best not to hurt him even more.

“How the hell did you even get a cut this deep?” You asked, not realizing that you’d said it out loud.

“Well, the werewolf was gonna rip my brother to shreds and I tried to stop it-”

“And you thought the best way to do that was to push your brother out of the way and take the hit?” He looked at you and smiled, nodding. You shook your head.


“What what?”

“Aren’t you gonna scold me? Sammy sure thought it was a lecture worthy moment.” He tried to study your expression. “Comes with a bitchface.” You chuckled.

“Nah, I get why you did that. Besides, it’d be pretty hypocritical of me.” You stopped patching him up for a second to show your own scar, running down the side of your abdomen. “Got that trying to save a young girl from a vampire.”

“My hero.” He grinned. Your face got redder, if it was possible.

“Yeah, I try.”

“Hey listen, I’m sorry.”
“For leaving me hanging today?” He nodded. “Don’t worry, I had plenty of other company.” You winked. Dean chuckled.

“Yeah but I feel like I should explain.”

“Okay, explain.”

“Uh…Sammy grabbed me before I could say goodbye?” You shook your head in disappointment. You’d finished patching him up and marveled at your work.

“There. All done.” You hit his shoulder slightly.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“For leaving without saying goodbye.”

“I thought you had plenty of other company!”

“Yeah but none of them as interesting as you.” You pecked his cheek and walked away from him.

“Hey you wanna go grab dinner sometime?”

“Depends…” you shouted back to him from the kitchen.


“Will you come help me clean up now?” You waited for him to reply. A pair of hands snaked behind your waist and you yelped.

“Wow, your reflexes are great.” He said sarcastically.

“Shut up.” You swatted his hand. “So are you helping me or not?”

“Oh the things I do for a date.” He moved away and threw a pan into the sink to wash it.

You couldn’t stop smiling. You’d found a glimmer of Hope. You’d maybe, finally found someone who was good enough to take you out of your limbo. You’d found Dean Winchester.

But wait, there's more! If you date me RIGHT NOW, not only will you get a semi-cool girlfriend, BUT for absolutely NO EXTRA COST I'll throw in

a really cool rock I found in fourth grade.

It’s halftime at King power stadium. Mesut is still unimpressed. Olivier is still eating. I’ve lost count of how many throw ins Danny Simpson has done. I’ve lost count of how many transgressions Vardy has been warned for. Arsenal have been shooting at the net forever, it feels fruitless and empty. The net shoots back. Somewhere in the distance flamini weeps. Alexis and clattenburg are arguing, an echo in the tunnel. Slowly, slowly, chambo’s hair gets imperceptibly lighter.