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Love Up Fic Writers - May 2015

Hey all, I am going to be doing Project Love Up Fic Writers. Basically this is an effort to combat a recent trend of negativity in the fanfiction community by doing acts of kindness for fanfic authors and fandom artists. Writing is really important to me and I know how much that negativity can hurt, but I also know how inspiring and wonderful kind reviewers are so I really want to support this effort. I’ll be following this plan and I will try to post something every day in May.

So…seems appropriate that I’m starting with…

Smutty Saturdays

My Smut rec list: (obviously these are all rated explicit)

If you guys like these stories PLEASE leave the author a comment. There is nothing more depressing than seeing that 100 people read your work and only 2 commented. That’s a 0.02% comment/view ratio and it is sadly pretty normal.

To Drive the Cold Winter Away: Penknife

Galadriel/Celeborn. This story has an absolutely beautiful understated style and a very intimate feel. Great chemistry between them. The tone is perfect.

His Hands: Ludovica

Galadriel/Celeborn. Holy. Shit. H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T. So hot. Oh my god. Kinky as fuck. Don’t try this at home kids…unless you know what you’re doing.

Behind Her Golden Veil: Ludovica

Galadriel/Celeborn. Sooooo yummy. Sooooo well written.

A Helping Hand: Ludovica

Galadriel/Celeborn + some Melian. Holy fuck. This story guys. The first time I read it I think my brain stopped working for a minute. The ending is especially good.

anonymous asked:

your blog, with all you au's and complex 'verses and amazing comics and ficrecs and, well, all the content you post tbh, makes me so ridiculously happy, and i wanted to thank you for that :~)

Hi anon!

Thank you for your super sweet words!  I’ve been looking at this in my inbox all week and figuring out a proper way to respond.  <333

My original plan was to doodle a bit more of my fem!Morita headcanon for you, but my life is currently SO BUSY that I don’t have time for tumblr and doodling. :(

So instead here’s the postcard I mailed out for my postcard subscribers in April:

There’s a lot of stuff out there about HYDRA Cap / Winter Cap, and I personally don’t think Steve would be the kind to work from the shadows.  With Bucky, they basically had to burn out his devotion to Steve, but with Steve, I think HYDRA would have been successful if they were able to mutate his devotion to Doing the Right Thing.  And Steve is a commander, not a lone assassin.  And if he were leading a team, Bucky would definitely follow.  So I drew him as Winter Commander.  :)   (But kimeido ’s pic is so much better I can’t even)

I think next week will be a little be calmer and I might have time to draw again.  :3

Today I spent my break at library reading a poet that I really hated when I was in high school. All I can say is that I enjoyed his poem and I’m so glad that I gave another chance for poetry. Because school destroyed it for me. Now I can pick up the pieces and enjoy it. :D 

guided tours or independent travel?

my laptop fucked out outta nowhere like… gotta go to a repair shop i can literally access nothing bad n i was like sooo close to finishing my article review i had just spent 3 hours on due on sunday so i am super emotionally volatile rn….. i woke up at 4am so i could study for a test i really don’t deserve this tbh……

Here’s a late entry for #LOTROSelfieSunday that I totally didn’t forget about despite being on Landy all day, nope.

Halbedhren wanted a tunic, so she picked up the Cavalry Hauberk from the outfitter at the Golden Perch in Stock. This is dyed navy blue.

Hey guys! I might be off for the rest of the night and barely on for the nest two weeks and here’s why:

I have to finish a short VN by Tuesday.
I have to do an AI script by Wednesday and program an AI game by next Wednesday.
I have to study for a Psychology Quiz on next Thursday.
I have a math final next Wednesday.
I have to program another game by next Wednesday.

In short:
3 games to make.
2 finals.

I hope you’ll understand! Thank you!