hoagie-boy  asked:

hi randy i'm visiting florida next week do you know where they keep the manatees? thanks

They try to get buddy buddy with our boat any time we pass under the bridges in charlotte harbor

yikes-my-face  asked:

I'm starting school next week ;-; Do any of the darlings have advice for not being afraid of going back???

Nagisha: But most impohtantly… don’t be afwaid…

Rinrin: …to ashk your papa, or mama, or a loved one for help!

Sou: Because they will always be there for you…

Hawoo: …and will always love you.

The Council of Elrond drinking game

(Spoilers for Book 2 ch.2) 

Start when the Council itself begins. Take a drink whenever:

  • Elrond gets snarky about being interrupted
  • Gandalf lays a crotchety verbal smackdown/is sarcastic  
  • Elrond and Gandalf have to stop people who aren’t Frodo from trying to take or use the Ring
  •  Boromir talks about how awesome Gondor is
  • Any Man, Dwarf, Elf, or even Hobbit says something passive-aggressive
  • Someone says something about how Middle Earth just isn’t like it used to be, with the implication (or outright statement, Elrond) that a lot of things (like Numenoreans) have really gone downhill
  • You can feel in your heart that Glorfindel is tempted to roll his eyes because Erestor hasn’t people haven’t already come to the conclusion that the Ring should be taken to Mount Doom by Frodo 

Edit: These things happen a lot! You may want to save your liver and take sips instead of shots, or use a non-alcoholic beverage. 

anonymous asked:

What's the big deal about losing your virginity anyway? I'm planning on doing it like next week with my FWB and I don't feel like it's a huge deal but I used to..what do you think???

Well that’s what you think and that’s fine I just don’t want to lose it to someone who don’t give a fuck