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So I see people assuming Stanley took the mask and the fez with him when he ran away. But what if it was Stanford? 

Like I could understand his dad would give him the fez as some kind of gift but what if he also took Stanley’s mask to remember him by, because deep down, he really does miss his brobro.. 


“Finally he had the family he’d always wanted. And that moment he knew deep in his heart, that he would do anything to make them smile. His happy ending was laying there right in front of him. Their smiles were like the moon, the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes upon. Love wins, love always wins.

Did someone say kid!Crash doing martial arts?? 😅 Have a taunting cutie who can beat anyone up. I finally had enough diamonds to buy the quest and he’s just to precious. I wanted to take a quick break from requests and do my own thing. I haven’t drawn traditionally for nearly 3 weeks. It feels so weird but I’m gonna get back into my mojo one day.

Sometimes you just have to play your Disney playlist on repeat and re-arrange your bookshelves. Or maybe that’s just me.

(Though I don’t have a ladder, but a small step thingy and if I attempted this I’d fall flat on my face and probably take half of my books with me and ouch.)

Either I’m too much of a pragmatist, or Hussie has numbed me too much to death already, or both, but it’s been a few days since the omegapause began and I still haven’t really found myself troubled by the realization that there are even more dead kids than previously budgeted for.

So one John died on his quest bed the same day we met him. That’s no big deal to me, because I already got used to the idea that another version of him died at Typheus’s hand in the Calsprite timeline. So one Dirk put a microwave on his head and never drew another breath. That’s okay, because he’ll just be another lost splinter of what Dirk could have been. So one Dave died for good when Jade shot him. We already dealt with that way back with green suit Dave, and the dream bubbles are chock full of doomed Daves; what’s another one to add to the pile?

It’s a cold, horrible way to think about teenagers dying, but it’s what Homestuck has conditioned us to do. Every choice creates fallout and doomed timelines and dead versions of the characters. The dream bubbles didn’t just come pre-loaded with a whole population of alt timeline ghosts; they had to die to end up there anyway. The kids who survive and make it to the endgame are the sum of every experience that didn’t end in death, and then there’s the other ones who weren’t so lucky.

But I’ve already trained myself to write off the ones who didn’t make it. I can speculate on how sad their timelines were, and how disappointing it must have been to realize that they were the sacrifice, not the ascendants. But ultimately, this is is Homestuck, and I know what I’m supposed do is focus on the ones who are alive.

So I will.