me most of the time: the concept of this show is so brilliant! a main character for each season! we get so much insight and we feel so much closer to them! this is honestly great! i love it! 

me right now: ok but this means we can’t see even when he’s not with isak we can’t know how he’s doing we can’t get a shot of his face as he receives isak’s texts and reads it honestly who said this was a good idea 

So my car died and I was stuck on the side of the road tonight for about an hour. I had to call a tow truck to take the car to my mechanic. But the tow truck driver was so amazing, he immediately introduced himself and showed me his company ID, and then told me he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable and acknowledged that the situation might be intimidating (which yeah, I was very anxious about it being a creepy dude, on a side road alone at night). And on top of that he was super easy going and funny and made me feel comfortable and safe. Anyway i just got home but I had the need to tell you all that there are still good eggs in the world.

While many aspects of the new job are a vast improvement, one thing remains sadly unchanged: there are days that my schedule and Mr.Mae54′s are squarely opposite, and we do not see each other.

He was gone for work when I woke up this morning.  I was gone when he got home.  Now I’m home, but he’s in bed.  And tomorrow, we’ll do it again.

Sometimes I feel like I have a phantom husband, who’s presence in this house is felt, though he’s never seen or heard. But I know it wasn’t me who emptied the dishwasher, who ate the last of the leftovers, who brought in the mail; tonight, I got home and found he’d hung the Christmas lights.

This is our first Christmas in the house we bought, and he knew how much I hated living in an apartment because I could never decorate outside. So he surprised me.  I might have teared up a little when I came around the corner and saw.  I might have stood outside in the freezing cold just a little too long, looking at it all.  There are times when, though I cannot see him, I can still feel my phantom husband’s love.

The Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller That’s Captivated Cannes
It’s from Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook, and, yes, as is his trademark, somebody loses a body part.

Honestly, you had me at “Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller” but the fact that this is Park Chan-Wook really clenches it. I think I sense a new favorite movie?

Korean Slang

헐 - (something surprising or shocking)
대박! - Awesome!
배째! - Sue me! 
행쇼 - Lets be happy
당근이지 - You bet 
가뿐해 - I feel good 
왜 사니? - What’s on your mind? 
낚였어 / 낚았지? - You got me/ I got you, didn’t I?
너도 내 입장이 되어봐 - Put yourself in my shoes
이 짓이 지겨워 죽겠어 - This sucks
야, 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야? - What are friends for?
오해 하지 마세요 - Don’t get me wrong
니 맘대로 하세요 - Suit yourself
아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어 - I’ve still got it
이 엄살쟁이 - You big baby
내 모든 걸 걸었어 - I put everything into it
강심장이군 - His heart is made out of stone
오늘은 내가 쏜다 - Today, it’s on me
맞장구 좀 쳐 주라 - Back me up 
당당하게 살아라 - Stand tall
네가 보고싶어 죽겠어 - I’m dying to see you
혈통 문제로군 - It runs in the family


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Jack stays over at the Haus

sleeping in Bitty’s room because he can

in the middle of the night he gets up to go to the bathroom

now you have to imagine how tired Jack is after a roadie

so he leaves the bathroom, with just two thoughts on his mind

1- get back in room

2- cuddle with Bitty

he goes back to his old room.

Chowder’s yell woke up even the LAX bros on the other side of the street.