please do yourself a huge favor and listen to the KH World Orchestra album

please do yourself an even bigger favor by first listening to this character medley beCAUSE IT IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE



Ranked is not for practise. It’s frustrating when last year you won 1/10 promos and got BII and now you won 7/10 promos and you get BV. It’s not worth it. ELO HELL IS REAL, DON’T RISK ENDING UP THERE!

Artwork by a1n2l

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OH! Do you know when the book will be finished?!

Well the entire thing is already formatted and ready for print ! But upon rereading I’ve found a lot of grammar mistakes and inconsistencies in the writing I have to fix before I send it out to anyone haha. I’d also like to have the epilogue included. So maybe 2-3 weeks?

I’ll make a post with pictures of the book and a link to buy when it’s complete. It’ll only be for sale for a few days, so if you really want one and you think you might miss the post, feel free to send me your email. I can send you a message and a link when it’s ready ;u;


Today was the first time I took out my spring boots, and I don’t want to take them off ehhhhh

nope. not enough jongkey on my dash, please send me jongkey things so we can freak out about them together. 

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Two months into T I knew T was right for me. I was having a particularly hard time with the animosity of life. She compared it to a play or mystery novel, which made me chuckle to which she asked why. I told her it's probably why I love Scooby-Doo. Me:"Life is just one long Scooby-Doo episode that has ridiculous traps and it's always the adult. Besides I def smoke weed in the back of a van with a talking dog who has the munchies." T laughed, and now six months later we still refer to it.

I said I was gonna be more active but it’s the other way around lol (everything I’ve done till today is just random stuff from studying with a friend to getting a new pair of glasses) That’s why I haven’t been here.
On another note, my mom is coming tomorrow and I’m happy ;w;
Gonna see her for some hours and then she’s traveling with my aunt to china. It’ll be a really short visit but it’s worth it!

my 11 year old writes sonic the hedgehog, sponge bob, and star wars fan fiction. sometimes he combines them all together