I have a thing for boyfriends wearing each other’s clothes and especially with Hinata and Kageyama’s insane height difference, I thought Hinata would be too adorable drowning in Kageyama’s jersey.

Anyway, this is tommosmokes‘ late late LATE birthday present because she’s the one who got me into Haikyuu!! so I figured it was fitting.

*looks at two pictures of Eastern Carpenter Bees* I TOTALLY understand how Bee Anatomy Works………. Trust me guys I got this………………

….I’m not really sure hOW this turned into a sparkly bee and i am now realizing i forgot the dark patch i think they have on their back but?? have. a bee. For beepunk

As you may know, I’ve read the first two Hunger Games books for English class.  Now that my class has finished reading Catching Fire, my teacher assigned us to draw five of our favorite passages from the book.  And color them.  In less than a day.  Drawing takes a long time, dude, so I skipped the lineart (instead I sketched it on paper, scanned it - BECAUSE MY DAD FINALLY GOT A SCANNER, SAY GOODBYE TO MY BAD 3DS CAMERA - and set the layer mode to Overlay, then colored under that) and just scribbled random colors for the backgrounds.  This is the only one of my drawings that didn’t make me want to tear my eyes out.  Even though it’s still horrible.

But enough of my life’s story, here’s my glorious OTP meeting each other for the first time, right before the opening ceremonies.

Send me an art form and I will tryhard it!

Send any artform you can think of (pointism, canvas, digital art, photography, video editing, singing, writing, sky’s the limit!) and I will tryhard it as best I can and post it! *Obviously the more difficult or in-depth the form, the longer it’ll take*