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I love how Supernatural is that never ending cycle of ‘hey look, it’s getting better again, the plot is getting interesting again, characterization on point, wow we had some really decent episodes in a row recently oh boy’ until *POOF* there is always that one (1) Buckleming episode like:

The Little Girl Conspiracy: An Overwatch Theory

While everyone has been in awe and wonder for the new character in the Overwatch lore, I have been observing an unsettling pattern that has been in all of our faces.

The first thing I wish to point out is the provided “Hero” animation, the first we see Soldier: 76 in action. His main purpose was to stop some members of Los Muertos from taking away weapons. That mission is side tracked by this individual.

Alejandra, a young mija that seems to be well known to the gang. It might be expected for the gang whose name is literally ‘The Dead’ to make frequent stops at her mother’s bakery…

The Mist Bakery

Chilling, I know. But we cannot leave out the other important person that is connected to Dorado, and that person is Sombra. Sombra, the shadow. A member of the Los Muertos gang…

..since she was a little girl.. (off topic,why has no one brought up the one omnic in the group? I swear, that lady with a rose probably asked our little shadow to hack herself a mechanical boyfriend. Whatever, back to the real theory)

In the “Infiltration”, we have Sombra blackmailing Katya Volskaya for her involvement with Russia’s omnic enemies. And what brings Katya to finally agree to be Sombra’s ‘friend’? Her daughter, Volskaya the Second.

Another little girl involved in the shadow’s schemes.

Sombra herself can be connected to even more little girl tropes in this conspiracy web, and that web contains our most well known spider. Widowmaker does state at the beginning of the “Alive” short that she indeed has a fear of spiders when she was a little girl. How interesting. Widowmaker was also responsible for the assassination of Mondatta. In his honor, King’s Row has provided a statue in his memory. A gold colored statue with him…

and a little girl. 

Going back to Sombra, we know she wants to find out who runs the world. Many people believe that the Iris, an A.I. that omnics like Zenyatta worship, discovered her hacking into things it didn’t want her to get into. One other line, or dotted line in this sense, that the Iris leads to is Efi Oladele.

Efi does indeed have a similar eye pattern of the icon, the potential Iris A.I. She is said to be an expert in A.I. The Iris itself is connected to Numbani, home to Efi. This is what it all comes to. A little girl is indeed running their world. Please, if there is anymore little girls that I have missed in the Overwatch canon, let me know. Blizzard can’t keep us in the dark any longer.

How to edit Pyrrha Nikos

step one: 
open your image:

step two:
select the burn tool and turn the exposure up to 100, you can select either midtones or shadows, but don’t select highlights!

step three:

this has been a photoshop tutorial
written by Cinder. 
fall maiden out

(I’ll post the actual pretty image soon, I’m just making bad jokes.)

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“How do you keep your violin from getting stolen?”
Put it in a viola case.

“What’s the difference between a viola and an onion?”
No one cries when you cut up a viola.

I know I should let up with the viola jokes here, but I can’t help myself.  On a serious note, though, the viola was largely ignored as a solo instrument for centuries, which is admittedly baffling in the face of such a gloriously rich sound.

When I thought about how to wrap up this week dedicated to the viola, I considered mostly 20th century works, as that’s when the viola began to be really taken seriously as a solo instrument—and there is a lot of really glorious stuff to choose from. Britten, Bartok, Walton, Shostakovich (and the list continues) all wrote terrific stuff for the viola. But when it came down to it, at the end of a hard week, I really want something simply beautiful.

Thus, I bring you the first known concerto for viola, written by 17th & 18th-century composer Georg Philipp Telemann in the early 1700s. This rendition is played by the Bremer Barockorchester with Tomoe Badiarova on viola.

Thanks for joining us this week!  - Melinda Beasi

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first off, my therapist and i have a serious relationship but we also joke around a little too or else it just doesn't work for me. earlier in the session i had told her that my friends/roommates made me a "douchebag jar" to put money in when i said something douchey (like in new girl). then later we were talking about manipulation or whatever and i said "but my favorite hobby is making boys fall in love with me and then crushing them." T: "would this go in the douchbag jar?" me: "oh 100% yes"