Hey guys! So… Oh boy you guys are gonna kill me for this.

Long story short; Im deleting this blog so I can create a new, multi fandom blog.
I’ll still create TMNT x Reader stuff on the new blog, but it will also be for the other fandoms I’m active in.

I’d need to delete this one first so I could keep my URL, so… yeah.

If you’re interested in following the new blog, it’ll have the same URL (doritonuggets) so it’ll be easy to find me.

I’m really sorry about this guys! I’ll rewrite some of the more popular posts and will continue to make new ones, I promise! I just needed a multi fandom blog so I could be active in all my fandoms, since it kinda sucks being limited to just the one…

This blog will be deleted on Friday 21st of April (in three days time) so if there’s anything you wanted to message me or any stuff of mine you wanted to save, you have until then to do it. I’m sorry that it’s such short notice but… *sigh* okay I’m gonna shut up and let you guys do your thing.

However, on the brighter side, if there’s any of you that happen to also be fans of Rick and Morty or Steven Universe, then your really gonna enjoy the new blog, since I’m a big fan of them too!

Alright later guys!