yeah, mid-turd would have been crossing some boundaries.

Hayden Christensen gushes over his baby daughter 

Interviewer: “What would you say you most enjoy about being a dad, Hayden?”

Hayden: “Everything? I have this little angel in my life now and… Rachel and I are just both so thrilled. We don’t sleep as much as we used to (laughter) but it’s all so worth it.”

alexa-eve‘s bill (stitches) is quite a handsome box full of body parts

One of the kids I’m babysitting is an 8 year old girl who plays piano (quite well for her age) and she’s learning ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and that’s lovely and cute and I’m so proud of her progess bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I HEAR THIS SONG ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO THROW MYSELF OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW