So they look like that group of frat boys/jocks that you see around school every morning. You would be sitting alone at one of the picnic tables in the almost empty quad at seven in the morning, reading a book quietly. They would walk right over to you and sit down at the table, making you look up, confused. They would strike up a conversation with you, talking about the book you were reading, or the band on your t shirt. After talking for about 20 minutes, you would finally ask why they suddenly started talking to you since you had gone to school with them for quite a few years and you lived across from them. Ashton and Calum would both look at Luke before breaking out into a small fit of giggles. You would look at Luke, whose face was now bright red. “I, um, I always wanted to talk to you, but I needed a little moral support.” He explained, turning the can around in his hand so you could see the beer label. “And a little liquid courage.”

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Luke was from Erudite.

And though he was content there, he craved something more. Sure, he admired the brains and determination of his fellow peers. He enjoyed endless learning and discovering new things, niches of the mind that had never been explored, countless complex math equations that required high levels of skill to solve. He didn’t even mind the constant blue clothing he was obliged to wear to represent his faction—people had always noted that the colour made his eyes pop.

With his blonde hair and blue eyes, his tall and lanky frame, and a bright mind, Luke had been made for Erudite.

But she was Dauntless.

With her hair always tied up in a sloppy ponytail and her mischievous eyes, Luke had been drawn to her. Drawn to her loud and boisterous personality, her crude sense of humour, and that single swirling tattoo mapping across her left shoulder. He couldn’t help the fact that his gaze followed her like a magnet, his eyes skimming across her figure in hopes of discovering even more tiny little details about her, things he’d yet to pick up on. Luke was enchanted.

And it wasn’t just by her. It was her entire faction, everything she stood for. Luke had lived his entire life playing it safe, being a good boy and following orders exactly how he was told.

He craved the rush of adrenaline, the sensation of his stomach rising to his throat that could only be felt when one jumped from a train. Luke yearned to let loose and show his true self, the unrestricted and repressed version of the golden boy he’d been brought up to be. He grew bored of blue, wanting a black wardrobe instead, wondering how it would feel to walk through quarters and have everyone grow silent, staring at him with slightly frightened eyes.

Luke wanted to go rogue.

He was pondering this as he walked along the dirt road, the sun beating down on him harshly. He’d been on his way back from Amity, having gone there to negotiate the trade of apples. The deal had been a success, and Luke had been cruising back to Erudite in his car when it had suddenly broken down, the engine stuttering to a stop.

So now here he was, walking back to his faction, which was still miles away. It was just his luck, of course, wearing a pair of blue jeans along with a loose blue t-shirt, expecting to be cooled with the air conditioning of his vehicle. Swearing quietly under his breath, he looked up, only to find a black truck speeding along the road towards him.

He started waving his arms in the air, hoping that the driver would catch a glimpse of him and let him hop in. As the large pickup truck skidded to a stop, his throat suddenly went dry, and he fought to swallow the nervous lump in his throat.

Because there were about five Dauntless, all of them looking extremely menacing, their tattooed arms folded across their chests. They all wore dark clothing, two of them even sporting leather jackets. There were two girls, one of them with half her head shaved, the other sporting a ponytail.

A ponytail…

“What’s up, smartass?” Y/N questioned, smirking down at him from the open back of the pickup truck. She leaned over, her eyes glinting teasingly while Luke opened and closed his mouth desperately. “W-What?” he could only choke out.

“Erudite right?” Y/N smirked, “You’re a smartass.“ 

Luke let his gaze drift over her body briefly. She wore a pair of dark jeans and a plain black tank top, showing off her tattoo proudly. There were multiple silver necklaces hanging from her neck, a few rings on her fingers matching. Her studded combat boots shone in the sunlight. Luke tore his gaze away from the frightening shoes, looking back up at her face.

She smirked knowingly, as though she was completely aware he’d been ogling her. She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “What’s up with you, brainiac? It’s hot as fuck.”

“I-I know,” Luke stuttered, feeling the beads of sweat begin to form on his hairline. He tried to meet the girl’s intense stare, but she was just so intimidating, and it didn’t help that there were four other Dauntless watching their exchange.

“Y/N, let’s just go,” the girl with the partly-shaved head snapped. Luke stared down at the ground, aware that the others were probably growing tired of watching a fumbling Erudite attempt to choke out a sentence. He waited for Y/N to agree with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

“Hold on Britt," she said. Her voice was soft, something Luke had never seen before. He lifted his eyes to meet hers, and for a moment, he saw something resembling gentleness in her deep irises. She shot him a small smile, something only for him to see, before her signature snicker was back.

"What’s your name, brainiac?" She questioned. Luke kicked at the dusty ground with his feet, his left hand coming up to scratch at the nape of his neck sheepishly. Never would he have ever thought he’d actually be holding a conversation with the girl he’d admired from afar for so long.

"Luke,” he said quietly. Y/N  nodded, her lips puckering slightly as she reflected on it. “Luke,” she tried it out on her tongue, “Nice.”

She paused for a moment, looking as though she was debating something, before her lips spread into a wide grin, “You’d look good with a lip piercing, Luke.”

“I would?” he asked, his jaw slackening at her blunt behaviour. He’d always wished he could be that kind of person, someone who didn’t care what others thought of him, but Luke had been trained to think like a politician, not a delinquent. He ached to see the other side of things, the wild side without rules.

“Yeah,” Y/N nodded, and then she lifted her left shoulder before dropping it, “Want a ride?”

Y/N,” the girl–was it Britt?–groaned, but Luke just watched as Y/N shot her an icy glare. Y/N planted her feet firmly onto the floor of the pickup before extending her hand towards Luke, who just stood there with wide eyes.

“C'mon Luke,” she teased, smiling cheekily at him, “Live a little.”

Luke pondered everything, from the heat of the sun to what his parents would think of him if they ever found out he’d taken a ride in a truck full of Dauntless. But then he glanced at the girl he’d been so drawn to, how a few wisps of hair were falling from her ponytail, how laid-back she appeared, how she was regarding him with something other than cold mirth in her eyes.

He took her hand, and her smile grew.

“You’re about to have the time of your life,” she told him as she helped him climb into the truck. Only a second after his feet had firmly met the ground, the driver floored the pedal, and they sped off.

at first, you were really hesitant about jumping on to the train. you were scared that you would miss and you’d die a painful death or you just wouldn’t jump on all together and all of dauntless and their initiates would laugh at the girl that couldn’t even muster up enough courage to at least try. seeing your hesitance, amity!luke would come up behind you and whisper encouraging words to you, reassuring you that everything would be fine and that barely anyone ever misses, this was just a scare tactic. and looking into those clear blue eyes, you couldn’t help but believe him, your fear vanishing as you take a deep breath and make the leap, letting out a disbelieving laugh when you make it on to the train. from that day on, you and luke become fast friends, encouraging each other to work your asses off so that you would be accepted into dauntless. the two of you getting matching dauntless tattoos on the inside of your wrists when you both pass initiation, and you can’t help but trace over his when you sit next to each other on the train and remember that first day

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First Kiss

“Give it to me, Lucas!” you shouted at your best friend as he held your monopoly pawn above his head. You reached into the darkness, considering the only thing bringing light into your living room was the falling sun.
“Can’t win without a character now, can you?” he teased.
“You’re like a child.” you groaned and turned away from him. Taking a few steps, you came up with a plan for what to do. Not realizing Luke was trailing right behind you, you swung back around and hit into something hard. The impact made your body rebound but before you fell, you felt a hand on your upper back and another on your waist, bringing you forwards into the same hard object you previously bumped into, which you immediately realized was your best friends torso.
Not used to the closeness of your bodies, you gasped and looked up. Luke swallowed and looked into your eyes with nervousness and concern. “Ar-Are you okay, Y/N?” he softly whispered with a gravelly voice. You could hear his heart beating as fast as yours and feel his hot breath hitting your lips. Your arms cautiously wrapped around the back of his neck bringing your bodies closer, paying attention for any indication to stop you within his eyes.
You kissed him and you could feel the sparks erupt throughout your body. Your tongue slid across his bottom lip asking for entrance and his lips parted letting you in. You pulled away after a few seconds to take it all in. Your foreheads met as you both panted.
“Holy fuck” he mumbled, looking at the wall in disbelief.
“I know” you said as he brought his eyes to yours and gave you a small smile. You laughed just as he picked you up making your legs wrap around him. He placed you down on the couch and crawled on top of you lips inches away before he hesitated.
“I guess your not just my best friend anymore.” he bit his lip, waiting for a response.
“I guess not.” you replied as you leaned in to kiss him again.