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Age you get mistaken for and biggest turn offs?

I’ve been mistaken for a whole range of ages lmao…I’m used to people thinking I’m somewhere between 12-15, but I also haven’t gotten carded in a while, so who really knows. One of the most Iconic™ moments though, lmao, I was like 19 and my mom and I went to Friendley’s, and the 16 year old waiter looked at my mother and asked her if I wanted a kids menu. I looked him in the eye and said “I could have given birth to you”. Guys. The absolute terror in this boy’s eyes was so hilarious. All the bets were off the table, he truly couldn’t figure out how old I was and he was panicking so hard. He wouldn’t look at me properly for the rest of the night and gave me my ice cream for free it was GREAT.

And also, a pretty big turn off for me is anonymous people online asking me about my turn ons, kinks and turn offs lmao.

Since Twine2 STILL hasn’t addressed the issue of being able to use images without relying on a 3rd party connection that botches it half the time, I was considering trying tyranobuilder, which is an allegedly super easy, simple VN-making program for people with awful ADD baby brains who can’t wrap their heads around coding at all (like me) and as long as you can write and drop in the audio/visual resources to put it together you’ll be set.

…at least, that’s what it sells itself as and what a lot of people describe it as, but I also see a modest number of reviews saying it’s not, that it’s buggy and clunky and not as simple and user-friendly as it’s built up to be, so I’m kinda torn on if it’s worth the risk to buy it. Anybody got input?

good afternoon i have a hard time understanding why people can blatantly hate you for not understanding a situation well, and how they deny to give you proper information or try to help you empathize on their end without saying things like ‘lmao kill urself then bitch! what part do u not get!’ 

like that’s.. not gonna help me get to your end if i still don’t understand..

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On a scale of 1-10 how much do you relate to miyamura (of horimiya of course) cuz honestly, whenever i see you on my dash, my immediate thought is "oh it's the person who reminds me of miyamura" and id like to know if you have any resemblance to him or if im associating u to a wrong character aside from a toast

Maybe a 7. I kinda relate to him in a way but honestly…Miyamura is a lot kinder than I am lol

ok, random hc that i REALLY just need to get out there:

there’s a very high likelihood that many great individuals in history could tap into their cosmo. everyone has cosmo, as we know, but not all of them wind up becoming warriors, or are even aware that they have it.  just somehow, through their connection to the deep energy of the universe, they were able to push the boundaries of human capacity and do great things

examples: newton, einstein, galileo, copernicus, pythagoras, euclid, fuck probably hawking too (in the SS universe mind you. obvs superpowers don’t exist in our world XD), marie curie (her cosmo gave her extra endurance to all the radioactive stuff she worked with)

some people were perhaps aware of some deep connection we all have to the universe, and used that knowledge to spread it to the world through their own discoveries and words

examples: faraday, sagan, mlk, ghandi.

ok cool that’s out there XD

ok but at the start, they seriously told us with visuals who would pilot the lions, other than their designated pilots………………….

pidge and hunk are the only ones for green and yellow….

we don’t see a mini blue lion or learn anything about what it looks for in a paladin because lance interrupts, but we only get shots of allura and lance while the blue lion is being discussed….. allura goes on to pilot blue.

the red lion is in between keith and lance…. lance pilots red at the current time. this makes the shot of the black lion and who is shown with it very intriguing….

shiro is there, of course… then keith, his head completely in the frame. he’s now piloting black. then — barely there but there, nonetheless — there’s lance.

i’ve hardly drawn these two nerds all summer, AND i’m a day late to deancas day i’m just a mess please take this

(also, i am aware cas is a little taller–i didn’t feel like doing full body, but the whole image in my brain was cas being hugged and lifted by dean a little)