the nordics as that person in everyone’s friend group

aph finland: the cheerful one who is literally always eating and never gets in arguments with anybody

aph sweden: the mother. Did you pull an all-nighter? Sweden’s gonna make you a makeshift bed and force you to sleep. forgot your lunch? Don’t worry, he’s packed extra sandwiches. don’t have your coat? Sweden will scold the hell outa you and then force you to stay inside or give you his.

aph norway: the one with the really dry sense of humour who doesn’t talk much and is always tired

aph iceland: iceland is the little baby of the group. everyone feeds him and shelters him from the world because he is too innocent, too pure

aph denmark: everyone: “demark no!” denmark: “dENMARK YES”

Today in the car

Brother: There are actually men’s right.s activists?

Me: Unfortunately.

Brother: But why? They already have all the rights?

Me: I’m so proud of you right now.

I’m always amused by how worried people are that The Mean Gays are gonna be harass and abuse the Harmless Bisexuals/Asexuals/+ by assuming they are Straight

Because… have you ever met a cishet in an lgbt space? I’ve never had to “assume” anything.

I’ve never met a straight person who didn’t trip over themselves to clarify they aren’t “you know… Like That” within 0.0003 milliseconds of interaction with a non-straight person.

So I am still convinced that Bill Kaulitz is the single most beautiful human being ever to walk the Earth.



How is this even possible




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genderfluid Tsuks & yams beign asked which one if them is the girl is. Tsukishima is like "well on wednesdays and sundays, I'm the girl and Yamaguchi is monday, tuesday. and fridays, but only from 6 to 12" and the person is so confused and Yams is snorting like a nerd

omg this is my new fave

Just happened: You guys will appreciate this….
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I’m in an office waiting room and an older lady (late 50s/early 60s) is sitting next to me. Im scrolling thru Tumblr / Pinterest and this pic comes up.
She says, “Oh that’s a great photo of your boyfriend.”
I look at her completely surprised and I know my face is beet red –I felt the heat rise really fast.
She continues, “You must be in love, you can’t stop smiling when you look at him.”

Hahaha..I just chuckled. I didn’t feel like correcting her. 😍