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Gabriel might be canonically alive, now. In the AU at least.





GABE IS JUST FINE. and this season’s finale put the final nail in the coffin for me

i was going to do a comic about it, but it could be too much to shove into a comic anyway. SO–in regards to this:

he was literally drilling into their heads “GUESS. WHAT. CAN. KILL. ME. THAT. I. TOTALLY. HAVE.”

i don’t think gabriel brought an actual “archangel blade” at all. we find out in hammer of the gods that there’s a specific blade that looks like an angel blade that can kill an archangel, and it was confirmed in s12′s finale that a regular angel blade doesn’t do much to an archangel. so whatever luci stabbed him with, wasn’t actually something that could hurt gabe

if you think gabriel can literally warp reality but couldn’t recreate an angel death, i need you to sit down and reread that


but we also learned that lucifer apparently thinks, even without incredible showmanship, “if i stab it, it’s dead.” crowley, a DEMON, just a demon, was able to slip out of his body into a rat, with lucifer none the wiser. this wasn’t premeditated on crowley’s part. i firmly believe gabriel went in with a plan for the worst

so when sam and dean watched the porn gabe gave them:

i FIRMLY believe this was actually gabriel that they were watching. he was alive. right there. and he just wanted an easy out of the drama. he never had the plan to be caught, he just got heated in changing channels and realized he was going to back himself into a corner if he stayed in the game. which is ALSO why i think this stunt was pulled in meta fiction:

this is genuinely just something he can do. and metatron had, more or less, the power of god. he probably suspected the same thing i did when he read chuck’s work. so metatron literally made gabriel pitch to cas what gabe was afraid would happen to him. he didn’t want to lead armies or head rallies. he wanted to spend the rest of eternity fucking with humans

ALSO. FROM THE FINALE. dean says to luci something along the lines of, “…so you’re just going to go around smashing all of his toys?” which,

and at the beginning of the season, cas crashes into the Mystery Spot sign.

so while he is alive in other universes, sure, i think he’s still just fine in this one. if anything, he’s the one archangel that chuck actually respected, just by leaving him alone. but with the new devil baby i think something might snap

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I have no idea if this was already theorized but do you think the Scooby Doo episode will happen cause Gabriel came back to fuck shit up? Cause high and low key I’m hoping that happens

with rich being on set so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case! if this is what happens, they’ll think Oh They’re None The Wiser because of all of rich’s directing spots, both now and in the future. otherwise, it might just be a weird fever dream MOTW ep. FINGERS CROSSED, THO

the faithful and the faithless

for @jynappreciationweek day one: faith

how does jyn, cynic extraordinaire, go from being self-serving to the champion of the rebellion, even after galen’s death destroys her? how does cassian go from telling jyn about hope to “her faith carried him with her”? 

(aka: the missing keystone of rogue one ft. chirrut) 

After years of feeling nothing, she now feels too much. Too much, too deeply, too quickly. It fills her being, too much for mere blood and sinew and muscle and bone to contain. And so, she shatters. 

She shatters like the glass under her fist. Into frigid, jagged, burning, bloody pieces. 

It’s all Galen’s fault. For leaving her with Saw. For loving so deeply. For sending that message. For dying in her arms.

It’s all Cassian’s fault. For dragging her back into this mess. For taking that order. For disobeying that order. For caring too deeply. For clashing with her. 

She thought feeling was something she neatly packed away in a box and kicked into the recesses of her brain. 

Apparently, she was wrong.

She burns with anger, she burns with hatred, she burns with despair.

And then she is empty, the only sensation she feels is the stinging of glass shards and the suffocating sogginess of her rain-soaked jacket.

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I always thought the quest to take back the castle would be cool for a comic. Action scenes are hard to draw though. I may have done them in like couple(I think?) comics, but yeah they’re a pain. Not to mention with my supplies and working on it traditionally would be difficult and probably leave a result I wouldn’t be happy with. 

SO instead I just sketched simple stuff of some moments that’d probably happen. I can see a lot of casualties, and Gene would get injured pretty bad. But the Minutemen finally take down the mirelurk queen with a couple of missiles after it’s been damaged badly. 

Preston and definitely Piper would get to Gene and go help her out. I also included a drawing with Piper laying Gene down and adjusting her injured leg. This would be right after she’s patched up, so obviously the medicine makes her think all not there XD

The last doodle Ronnie tries to be all tough and basically thinks Gene and the general “youth” are such babies. Gene ain’t happy for one cause of the comment, and two how dare Ronnie put her down when Gene is the one waaaaay older here! The thing is though, she doesn’t know about Gene’s situation and the cryo stuff yet :P

I’m making a bread with sprouts in it cause I imagined that to be good and I have no idea if that was a good idea but i’m just doing it, i left the dough in the fridge over night and it looks great now, i’m gonna bake it when i get home from work and then i’ll report if sprouts in bread are a good idea or not…

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Do you think Annie is in her crystal because her time ran out? Because If I remember correctly after someone is injected with the titan stuff, they only have so long to live. like 10 years. Do you think that she's actually older than everyone and she was crying because she knew her time was up?

They have approximately 13 years. Annie got her injection around the same time as Reiner and Bert, so assuming the crystal didn’t stunt her growth and put her clock on pause than she has about 2-3 years left.

Writing that sentence ALSO had the effect of shaving 13 years off my own life btw

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Y-You can't leave! You are one of the best writers out there ;-; Can't you do it as a sideline thing? 💔


I am really, REALLY flattered that people enjoy my writing enough to not want me to stop. And it’s still going to be quite awhile looking at all that I want to shit out, so no need to worry rn. I still have to archive all my shit on Ao3 as well.


But, as I explained, It’s a pretty distant deadline, but I feel it’s justified. As it looks rn, I don’t plan on doing anything drastic like deleting my Tumblr or anything like that (urge to shitpost is too strong). But I’d expect if I was working on a massive novel, that my muse wouldn’t have anything to spare outside of that.

Now, if I ain’t writing a book by then, then I’ll probably still be writing stuff as my muse feels compelled, just not as in deep as I am now (i.e. accepting requests, trying to push out smut every week, putting more into my fandom writing than I am in getting my life in order, etc).






turns out after i told him where i was he came to the building i was studying in but he was in a different room getting his more important stuff/heavier assignments (aka the ones he actually needs to focus to do well on) done and then after he was done with that he came over to where i was 

it was kind of like a scene from a drama?? haha like i was studying literally with my face in my book when i heard these footsteps. i didn’t look up because i didn’t want anyone to come over and sit with me, but then i heard his voice and he was like,

“you’re still here? 👀”

and i turned and it was him!! i was like ??? lol so i was like what are you doing here? and then he told me he came a couple of hours ago and was studying in one of the adjacent rooms getting some stuff done. he told me that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it done if he stayed with me from the start because all we do when we “study” together is talk LOL (which is true, i can’t blame the guy for prioritizing his school work in that sense lol)

but yeah the reason i was ranting in my previous text posts was because i was kind of testing him by telling him to come and study with me. he kept saying that it was hot and his room was cool and then he kept avoided giving me a straight up answer of whether he would come or not. then he told me he was going to take a nap so i was like uhh okay wtf he obviously isn’t interested in me/hanging out with me (because i’m CLEARLY giving him an opening to do so) and yeah that kind of hurt me. but after his nap he must have come to the building i was in, got his stuff done so he could talk to me without being pressured by school work, and then actually sat with me to “study.” 

i was at a loss of words when he actually came because idk… it’s those actions that speak louder than words. he came… and i really thought he wouldn’t. that means he wanted to hang out with me, right? it’s safe to say that right?? the interest might be mutual?

augh i don’t know, but eitherway I’m glad he got his homework done before hand though because we literally just talked for the whole two hours we were together haha. he’s interesting. 

Hey so you want to hold something or what
nah im fine, i love my pile of air.
*sigh* just let me-
i said im fine
hold on

be glad i didnt give you a rat.
or worse, a lizard. 

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Rules: You must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people

1.Drink: Water
2.Phone call: My manager
3.Text message: My cousin
4.Song you listened to: almost lover- a fine frenzy
5.Time you cried: Last night
6.Dated someone twice: Yup
7. Been Cheated on: Yup
8.Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes
9.Lost someone special: Yes
10.Been depressed: Yes
11.Gotten drunk and thrown up: Yes

LIST 3 FAVORITE COLORS: 1. Green 2: Blue 3: Pink

15.Made new friends: Yes
16.Fallen out of love: No
17.Laughed until you cried: Yes
18.Found out someone was talking about you: No
19.Met someone who changed you: Not really 20.Found out who your true friends are: Kinda 21.Kissed someone on your Facebook list: No

22.How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: I think there’s like two people I don’t know irl
23.Do you have any pets: yes a stinky bun 24.Do you want to change your name: when I was younger yea
25.What did you do for your last birthday: I’m pretty sure I was drinking with friends and family
26.What time did you wake up: 7:30
27.What were you doing at midnight last night: Watching Mvs
28.Name something you cannot wait for: Monsta x in July 💕
29.When was the last time you saw your mother: yesterday
30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: It’s entire existence 31.What are you listening to right now: Shitty music at work
32.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: I’ve talked to a tommy?
33.Something that is getting on your nerves: My emotions
34.Most visited website: Uh, idk does snapchat count
35.Elementary: Finished
36, High School: Finished
37.College: Went for a couple years and realized school is not my jam
38.Hair color: Green and blue
39.Long or short hair: Medium length
40.Do you have a crush on someone: Yes 😒 41.What do you like about yourself: nothing rn 42.Piercings: 17
43.Blood type: Dk
44. Nickname: N/a
45.Relationship status: Single AF
46.Zodiac sign: Virgo
47.Pronouns: She/her
48.Favorite tv show: None ATM
49.Tattoos: 6 hoping for two more this summer 50.Right or left hand: Right

51.Surgery: Never had one
52.Piercing: Lobes(4), cartilage(3), nose(2), smiley, tongue, nip naps
54.Sport: Used to play volleyball in like middle school 😂
55.Vacation: Guanajuato, Mexico
56.Pair of trainers: WTF is a trainer? Shoes? I have nikes? Wth?

57.Eating: Had Taco Bell bfast
58.Drinking: Water
59.I’m about to: Get back to work
61.Waiting for: my lunch break
62.Want: To feel less sad
63.Get married: if I can find anyone to tolerate me sure
64.Career: retail

65.Hugs or kisses: Hugs and kisses on the forehead
66.Lips or eyes: Both
67.Shorter or taller: Idc
68.Older or younger: Older
70.Nice arms or nice stomach: Nice arms 71.Sensitive or loud: both
72.Hook up or relationship: Relationship 73.Troublemaker or hesitant: I think I’m troublemaker enough so I guess it would be good to have some hesitance in my life

74.Kissed a stranger?: Yup
75.Drank hard liquor? : Yes
76.Lost glasses contact/lenses? : Sunglasses yes
77.Turned someone down?: Yes
78.Sex on first date?: Yes
79.Broken someone’s heart?: Not that I know of
80.Had your heart broken?: Yup
81.Been arrested?: No
82.Cried when someone died?: Yes
83.Fallen for a friend?: Yes

84.Yourself?: Sometimes
85.Miracles?: Not sure
86.Love at first sight?: No?
87.Santa Claus?: No
88.Kiss on the first date?: Depends on the mood
89.Angels?: I don’t think so

90.Current best friend’s name: Jenny and Ellen
91.Eye color: Brown
92. Favourite movie: moulin rouge

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