i get that the stunts are as frustrating as ever but i wish people would stop and realize that the way stunts work…is that louis and danielle’s teams are coordinating this stuff…everyone knows what’s going to happen…it’s not like danielle is some evil person rubbing her hands and scheming behind louis and his family’s backs trying to make their lives difficult…like…i don’t know how to put this but the past few days have been so frustrating because i feel like a lot of people are losing sight of what a stunt is…i don’t like danielle either and there are plenty of valid things to criticize her for but to act like she’s an evil bitch going behind louis’ back for posting a picture in a shirt or with his sisters or something is…just another way of turning louis into a helpless victim and it makes me really uncomfortable on a lot of levels. he knows what’s happening and OF COURSE i know that this is the furthest thing from what he wants, but it’s not like he opens up his phone in shock at whatever minor social media thing danielle did today.


Seungri in Girls Fighting - Let’s all agree that everyone should answer as she did whenever he asks that question.

Two Prompt Tuesday #34: Like I’m The One

Prompt: I’m much more me when I’m with you.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 1280
Warnings: Implied sexy times.

A/N: This is also my fic for @mrswhozeewhatsis‘s Louden Swain challenge! Which is why is has it’s own title. My song was Hey Darlin’. 

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Ye got that little bitty bit inside o’ you that holds on, right? The bitty bit that watches the rest o’ ye. ’Tis the First Sight and Second Thoughts ye have, and ’tis a wee gift an’ a big curse to ye. You see and hear what others canna, the world opens up its secrets to ye, but ye’re always like the person at the party with the wee drink in the corner who canna join in. There’s a little bitty bit inside ye that willna melt and flow.
—  The Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett