guys, what if Sportacus had to like, retune his crystal to a different sensitivity threshold for Robbie because it was going off non stop when it was at normal settings (like it literally would never stop going off because Robbie is Sad™ 25/7) and that’s why we rarely see it going off for Robbie. and like, he doesn’t want the kids to question why the crystal was going off so much because he wants to protect Robbie’s privacy so he changed the setting but then keeps an eye on Robbie, constantly checking up on him but trying to be subtle about it so as not to scare the villain off while at the same time wanting to make sure he’s okay


“You know there’s a big… bellarke world out there, to put it out there, that um… doesn’t want us to be together. So I don’t know. I’d love to, um, just because I feel like… ‘cause they, you know. They share this huge secret that no one knows about, if you think about it. And Raven has only brought it up once while she was mentally possessed. So, it’s kinda like, I think it’d be really interesting for them to actually be open and vulnerable with each other, to what happened and where they were and who they are. Because they are very similar and they do respect each other on such a level that– It’s a certain dynamic she doesn’t share with anyone else and I don’t know if he shares the same– You know, he sees Clarke differently than he sees Raven. So yeah, I think it’d be interesting. I’d love more scenes!”
- [Lindsey @ SDCC16]

[Caption: four black and white gifs of Lindsey Morgan in an interview. She’s smiling as she says: “I’m a… I’m a ravenbell? / I ship us. / Braven? We braven? / I’m braven.”]