idk what am I even drawing at this point, ha. So apparently Acno stopped collecting lizards after some years, but then the roles reversed and they started following him everywhere instead. The sight of the brave Dragon Slayer trying to get rid of a bunch of tiny lizards must have been pretty ridiculous

ok ok I’m done with my terrible sense of humor

Today (June 30th) I turn 25 years old. And to celebrate this date, I decided to gather some of my favorite blogs again, because I just love being here, I made this blog 7 months ago and it’s being and amazing experience. And I have you guys (not only the ones on this list, but all of you) to thank for this. Before I had a normal boring personal tumblr and no friends, and now I have you guys and my life is so much better.

I apologize if I forgot someone, if you’re not on the list of course it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I tried to gather blogs of people that I’m close with, and also people I admire and like seeing on my dash, even though we don’t talk much (or at all). Ok, I’ll stop talking now, here are my bbs and happy birthday to me! :


67chevyimpala . argawaen . army-men and-legos . aubreytruthfully . ballsdeepinsamwinchester . bangingpatchouli . bigbloodyheroes . bitchjerkfreak . bloodlovesexbrothers . bootylecki . brothersintheimpala brothersloverssoulmates . brotherxbond buticancarryyou capnkirksass . carryonmywincestsounds cherry619 . codependentbrothers . codependentsoulmates . cracksmyshitup


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it was really hard to choose because so many of you have AMAZING blogs, i finally chose 20!!

winners (in no particular order)

@areistotle - @cmpsbls - @venicebitches - @empathetically - @gracelearns - @etudiance - @algorithmi - @studyhards - @studyrose - @encouragemnt - @studiouhs - @studiversal - @muji-princess - @study-nsp - @kimberlystudies - @studyang - @highschoolering - @studygene - @studybuzz - @thestudiousstudent

my personal faves (in no particular order)

@fuckstudy - @study-well - @studydiaryofamedstudent - @studyign - @elkstudies - @studyingandlattes - @academla - @melbstudent - @hayley-studies - @studyplants - @studyrelief - @studytildawn - @studylou - @gryhffindors - @getstudyblr - @gecmetry

friends ( i love u guys so much )

@areistotle - @educationing - @gracelearns - @empathetically - @studyplants

if i didn’t pick you don’t worry!!! i still love you lots and your blog is fab!!❤️

things I honestly can't get over in the Hamilton soundtracked

• honestly just ???? daveed’s voice ???? thru the entire thing ????? I can’t get enough
• “IM JOHN LAURENS IN THE PLACE TO BE” and obv saved part in that
• “wow”
• how my shot and blow us all away relate w the beginning and how Alexander is so smart and how Philip is just like him
• “I never had a group of friends before I promise that I’ll make y'all proud”
• “I am the one thing in life I can control”
• “I am inimitable, I am an original”
• the 1-10 count off in some of the songs
• “call me son oNE MORE TIME”
• how Lin says sir in that one too
• the echo when anthony and Lin sing “we will never be free until we end slavery”
• “then I remember my Eliza’s expecting me not only that my Eliza’s expecting”
• “the code word is rochambeau, dig me?” “ROCHAMBEAU”
• the part w the drums in the “the world turned upside down”
• ALL OF NON STOP and God!! that beat is just so!!! YELLS
• “I was chosen for the constitutional convention!!”
• the cabinet battles
• “wouldn’t it be nice, wouldn’t it be niiiice to have Hamilton on your side”
• the monologue in the world was wide enough
• how leslie says he will not make an orphan of my daughter,,, , I’m cryign
• all of Jonathan groff and his existence and how he was in the musical and throwing the Reynolds pamphlet and awesome wow and yes
• “he aims his pistol toward the skYWAY”

Does anyone else notice/love that little trope Hugh Dancy tends to do in movies...

Where he’s all puffed out like a proud peacock and his character is all like “Yeah, I’m awesome!”

But then someone else says something and shuts him down and he gets that nervous deflated lost puppy look


Idk I think it’s just equally sad and adorable. Poor muffin

anonymous asked:

#GiantBabyAU Does Jack ever get as cuddly as Hiccup, or is he the more laid back and stoic of the two? (I couldn't resist)

[Jack absolutely adores his gigantor tree of a boyfriend and honestly he instigates a lot of the cuddling himself. He’s just a little shit about it. Hiccup is actually still the more stoic of the two. He’s pretty much always the relatively more stoic one across all of the aus.]