I love this show

I’m rewatching ‘The Devil is a Part-timer’ after buying the DVD and I just can’t get over how this happened:

Ashiya - Thank you for your praise sire!

Maou - Word

It’s just… demon king Satan responds with WORD!?!? Just WHAT!? I’ve been laughing about it for the next three epidsodes and I’m still laughing. I then realised that how in ep 13 Emi gets the guy who killed her dad out of a situation involving water tanks and mattresses… Just like yeah, I totally forgive for that shit we’re sooooooo cool *cracks knuckles* Yep and now there’s a lover’s quarrel between Ashiya and Maou about allowance and I love this scene, and It’s not just because I love Urushihara with like, the same amount of my heart that belongs to my number 1 husbando, definately not. That is what I love about this show.

When they return to Ente Isla is it just gonna be like

Emi - so… we’re back

Maou - Are we supposed to kill each other now?

Emi - *Shrugs*

I was playing Draw Something and this random guy I got paired with saw my facebook icon and started hitting on me. And apparently thought I was too stupid to figure out the drawings because he drew a really obvious wall outlet and then wrote “ wall outlet :) ” next to it

And then this

And then I mocked him for not recognizing the Avengers logo and he got mad, said I was mean and then basically gave up

And then he resigned

Continued from [x] with @xtherbarnes

It had been Steve who had sent Sam to go inform Bucky’s sister of what was going on with him. He hadn’t really gotten to know her, but he had talked with her once or twice and she seemed nice enough. However when he got to her room and there was no answer, he decided to peak in for just a second to see if maybe she was asleep. When he noticed that she wasn’t in the room, he glanced around. 

It didn’t take him long to figure out she was in the bathroom, and he was on his way figuring that he would just come back later. The last thing he wanted to do was be caught in her room, but the moment he turned he found himself face to face with a rather naked Rebecca Barnes. Sam went a bit wide eyed, as he forced himself to look up her face and then immediately turn away from her out of respect. 

“I.. shit, well I was looking for you because Cap had info he wanted me to tell you and I came in to see if you were asleep when there was no answer.. and damn this looks bad huh?”