okay but this is the revolutionary set taking care of their kids. 

lams is eugene and ned. 

mullette is keith and zach.

pleaseprotectbucky  asked:

Ok so I hate myself so, any insecure lance headcannons?

I have so many and almost all of them are based off of my own insecurities so this will be a fun ride.

  • While Lance was super extroverted in elementary school and he was always trying to make friends, he hit a wall when he realized that his peers were more prone to laughing at him rather than with him. He shut down when he hit fifth grade, keeping mostly to himself. It wasn’t until high school that he started to open up again, despite it being a slow and scary process.
    • He only had a couple friends during middle school. One of them turned out to be a pretty shitty friend when it came down to it, cue the impending trust issues. 
      • Hunk was the first person he was able to trust after this.
  • He clings to his friends pretty desperately, terrified of being left alone again. Despite everything, he still finds it hard to believe that people care about him. He knows it’s irrational but he can’t help it.
  • It’s because of his insecurities that he’s so competitive. It’s due to his lack of self-confidence that he’s so desperate to prove himself to others. Because maybe if they realize that he’s good at something they’ll care.
    • He’s so competitive it physically hurts sometimes, it’s a crushing pain in his chest that makes him despise his own competitiveness.
    • The fact that Keith engages in these competitions makes him feel a hell of a lot better about it.
  • He cries himself to sleep more often than he’d care to admit.
  • When he’s angry with himself he either shuts down or becomes louder. The second option is typically worse for him because it means that he’s focusing all of his energy into his voice in order to avoid breaking down.
    • When he’s shutting down his actions become more rushed and he curls in on himself.
  • Blue means everything to him because she accepted him for who he is. Despite this he’s terrified of loosing her and he tends to become super defensive whenever she’s being discussed.
  • He’s had multiple anxiety attacks out of a warped belief that his friends hate him and only tolerate him for appearance’s sake. Most of these fears come from his friends seemingly acting exasperated or ignoring him. In reality he tends to multiply their reactions to him and make it something that it isn’t.
    • Hardly any comforting words from his friends ever help with this because he’s been lied to before and he has no doubt that it will happen again.
  • He finds it sickeningly hard to move on. Instead he feels desperate to prove himself to those that let him down.
  • He feels useless because he has a hard time getting things done. Sometimes he just wants to sleep and ignore the world and hope that things will be better when he wakes up.

Just your reminder that I do NOT look buff 24/7, I eat more than I need to, I have rolls, I have blemishes, I don’t do as much cardio as I should, I eat ice cream whenever I want, I go out to dinner with friends, I don’t lift every single day, my sleep schedule isn’t perfect, I get bloated, I have stretch marks, I AM HUMAN!

I am a glorious, strong, vivacious woman with a body who carries her through so much.

Never compare yourself to someone’s best moments, because everyone has candid photos of themselves they don’t post. Everyone has bad days. Social media is a place where people put their best selves forward, and you need to realize that you are not an image on the screen.


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How would Polnareff react if his small s/o told him that they love his bara titties? Like they specifically say the words bara titties when telling him.

I spend much more time than I should thinking about Polnareff’s bara titties

I didn’t even like bara titties before I saw Polnareff

I was laughing the entire time I wrote this, please forgive the shortness

  • He’d be confused at first; he’s never actually heard that term before. Are you speaking some language he doesn’t know?
  • Once you elaborate, well, he’d go bright red. I mean yeah, he’s used to compliments, but nobody has ever said that before-
  • Once he gets over his embarrassment, he’d try to have fun with it. He’s more likely to go around the house without a shirt after this, and since you’re small enough that your head is about level with his chest, you can expect a lot more hugs too.
  • He’ll strike a lot of poses to show off, especially if the two of you are out and about and he can’t remove his shirt.
  • If the two of you are just chilling around the house, he’ll let you play with ‘em

I hate when I’m cleaning up the dining area at work and a child talks to me, like today a small girl asked my why I’m wearing my hat. What do I say to that?? Do I tell her that I’m wearing this hat because I work for a corporate company who wants all of their employees to wear a uniform and look alike because they only see us as tools to use to make money and it’s easiest to tell which tools you own when they’re from the same set, or do I tell her it’s because I’m having a bad hair day