I love this show

I’m rewatching ‘The Devil is a Part-timer’ after buying the DVD and I just can’t get over how this happened:

Ashiya - Thank you for your praise sire!

Maou - Word

It’s just… demon king Satan responds with WORD!?!? Just WHAT!? I’ve been laughing about it for the next three epidsodes and I’m still laughing. I then realised that how in ep 13 Emi gets the guy who killed her dad out of a situation involving water tanks and mattresses… Just like yeah, I totally forgive for that shit we’re sooooooo cool *cracks knuckles* Yep and now there’s a lover’s quarrel between Ashiya and Maou about allowance and I love this scene, and It’s not just because I love Urushihara with like, the same amount of my heart that belongs to my number 1 husbando, definately not. That is what I love about this show.

When they return to Ente Isla is it just gonna be like

Emi - so… we’re back

Maou - Are we supposed to kill each other now?

Emi - *Shrugs*


okay but this is the revolutionary set taking care of their kids. 

lams is eugene and ned. 

mullette is keith and zach.


The cut storyboards are the best