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Confession: I miss the ever living fuck out of you.. I always want to pop in and see how your doing, and how life is. I'm not sure if it would be okay for me to do do, so I don't really say anything. But your thought of and still loved even though we haven't talked in forever, keep smiling love <3 you are amazing

Wait, hold on, do you mean like, Me? Or is this To someone? 

because it is okay? I mean, I … i don’t know who you are so… 

But i’d like to? 

mostly because i don’t think people could ever miss me… 

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It's alright, Deedee, my love. My parents think I'm useless, too. And for a long time I worried, and I hated that they seem to hate me. But it doesn't matter, I've come to realise. Because in a way they're right. I'm useless at fulfilling their hopes for me, because I'm supposed to be useful elsewhere. I have a different purpose and that's ok. So it's ok for you too, ok? Don't doubt yourself, love. - nice anon

i’m not sure if this is supposed to make me feel better? but i appreciate the sentiment. i’m glad you’ve found you’ve got a different purpose than to please your family though