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Okay, here’s some more beef about that Samurai Jack episode.

Why did they make it a point to highlight Ashi and her sisters’ naivete in episode 3? They didn’t know what a doe or buck was, didn’t know about being affectionate, were almost horrified by it, but then by episode 8 Ashi knows about sexual tension and kissing?

And then when Ashi scrubbed off her black suit skin, she immediately fashioned clothes out of leaves because she knew that her nakedness wouldn’t go down well in society, but was almost clueless to Jack’s uncomfortable reaction to her nakedness? It’s just inconsistent.

You could argue that Ashi has already traveled a while, both by herself and with Jack, and has surely seen some things. But Samurai Jack is a show that lives on the “show don’t tell” rule. Just one little scene of her noticing a couple kissing or being affectionate would have been adequate foreshadowing and could have prepared all of us for the inevitable. Could have prepared people like me for it.

Instead, I had to have the father/daughter, mentor/student relationship that I was really enjoying systematically destroyed in front of me in the span of over 20 minutes. Hell, in the first five minutes it was already gone! And the rest of the fifteen minutes was just filled with uncomfortable innuendos and sexual tension. The last five minutes had me almost nauseous.

I don’t know man… is this the price Genndy had to pay to get Samurai Jack back on air and on Adult Swim? It just seems so surreal for a show of this caliber and such a stellar reputation to go in that direction. I don’t get it…

I don’t think straight people understand how much this shooting affected us. It’s… it’s like, we have historically had to make these safe spaces, these enclaves for ourselves so we could meet somewhat more safely together. Pride started as a rebellion against police invasion of these safe spaces.

And now… a man comes into one of these safe spaces, during pride, and turns a safe space into a war zone. It feels like nowhere is truly safe right now. 

And straight people don’t care because to them, it’s just another “nightclub” and this is just another “terrorist attack.” Bullshit.

I looked forward to supergirl every week when it first started. I spent $10/month just for the chance to watch it live on the CBS all access app. I protected it at every turn, for people saying it was dumb before it even aired, for people attacking it for not being dark/being too cheesy, from everything I could. 

Then you get to season two and they sidelined the black male lead and broke up an interracial couple to put her with a white, former slave owner in an abusive, toxic relationship that had zero depth and just a lot of “cute” moments. They hired a white woman in brown face to play a Latina character – the comic book version isn’t even a woc, they didn’t HAVE to make her Latina if they really loved Floriana that much, but they just didn’t care. They finally put in an actual black woman on the show, only for her storyline to send her away. They had Kara get fired for her job and decide being with a man was more than enough and NEVER discussed how wrong that was. They wrote so many characters as OOC, like having Alex ditch Kara on her earth birthday and all of her friends leaving her alone – only so she could feel isolated and fall into man hell’s arms. While Cat was a divisive character to a lot of the fandom, at least she was a woman who went after what she wanted and did shit and inspired Kara – and while I understand it was out of their control, writing her off how they did without giving Kara another older woman to turn to for advice was a poor writing decision on their part. 

I just can’t believe a show I watched with excitement and looked forward to and screamed over for a full season has been reduced to what it is now. I can’t believe they’re okay with just not even using James after they had pointed out time and time again how his ethics helped Kara be better and vice versa.

I haven’t been able to watch a full episode since a bit after Maggie was introduced. I’ve seen clips and gifs and that’s enough for me. Hopefully in season three they’ll get back to focusing on the power of women and give James (and J’onn) more to do. I can get over the retcon of Karolsen if they at least let Kara develop as a person like she wanted, not just as a romantic interest like they did throughout this season. If they do that, I’ll gladly go back. I love the cast and think they’re all talented in their own right and I want them to be successful and I want this show to inspire girls out there to know they can do ANYTHING. But season two was not the show I was promised.

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I live and work in Ohio and just found out today that No Meal or Rest Breaks are Required. I'm just so... upset??? Like wtf OH get with the program of at least pretending your workers are human like a lot of other states do. (Not meaning that in a bad way. We are all human just companies don't treat most people like they are when you work for them.)

I know it’s too early to jump to conclusions but it feels really wrong that climon gets so much intimacy and both sweet and hot scenes. And I’m not even there for hot sexy malec scenes but it’s just not right that we get only romantic little things (well, still not enough) and a blackout for malec but all kinds of moments for a straight couple that fans are not even interested in

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I just saw a post saying it was selfish for aro and/or ace people to expect their partners to respect their sexuality and that it was ok to keave them cause of their sexuality and I'm just feeling so upset now cause as an ace I just want someone to be with someone who respects me and realizes that I may not want sex and be ok with it and it terrifies me that I may never find someone who won't leave me when I tell them I'm ace

I don’t trust anyone who says aro and/or aces owe their partner anything. It reeks of rape culture. And honestly? Don’t date anyone like that in the first place. It doubt it would be safe. And if you are worried that will leave you will no one, I can promise it won’t. For V-day we had an event that showed ace couples and often times only one member was aro and/or ace.

The VIXX concept issue

Ok so for a couple of days I saw a lot of people talking about VIXX and their comeback. As a Starlight I’m excited for this comeback, but slightly disappointed by some fans. 

VIXX are the kings of concepts. Everybody knows that, we call them this way because they deserve it. With each comeback they bring us something new. They’re always so excited to show us their new ideas and it’s so upseting that they don’t receive the love and support they need from the whole fandom.

VIXX are not doing only dark concepts, people. Dynamite was a poor era in terms of views and faime. We didn’t treat that song with the love that it deserved because it wasn’t a dark concept. I personally love this song, the concept itself and the fact that is a bright vision. 

It’s sad for me, a person who loves everything that VIXX does and thinks that any concept fits them well, to see that if they don’t do a dark concept are ignored. This pisses me off to be honest. We should focus more on the song than on the concept. We say we want them to receive more recognision but we ignore them when they’re not “the usual VIXX”. 

I don’t know what’s on your mind, and I know there are fans that disliked GR8U, Rock Ur Body, Love Equation and Dynamite for not being a dark concept, but you should accept them with each concept. It’s unfair towards them. They work their asses for those colorful concepts as hard as for the dark ones. So before saying that “OMG these are not the vixx I know” or “VIXX should only do dark concepts” please think about the hard work that’s behind every concept and treat every comeback with the respect that it deserves.

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Doesn't it bother you that Diana was made a daughter of Zeus in the movie? I was hoping her powers would at least come from the goddesses. The comics were great because the amazons and Diana all got strength from goddesses. Their patron gods were women and in the film they give that all to Zeus. I mean I'm just upset so much of their power is thanks to men when for so long the comics stress the importance of women. That's my big problem with the movie and why I'm honestly disappointed

Spoilers! (In case anyone hasnt seen it)

I have complicated feelings about it. Dianas parentage is…well, weird in the comics. It changes a lot. A lot of the comics stick with the “molded from clay” thing. In the dcau i think hades is her father? The zeus thing seems to be drawing on new 52 stuff (which, ugh). I would have preferred the more traditional take, but at least they left out the really unsavory bits of new 52.

I'm crying. Poor Youngjae is sick and getting treatment for his back and even sent a video to the Australian iGot7s apologizing for not being there and his payback was them saying that the 6 members that performed were so much better without him. I swear Got7 are probably so depressed and insecure nowadays. I'm just so upset on how things have been going this year. With the threats sent to Jackson while he was in the hospital to now Youngjae.... I just CAN'T anymore