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I’ll never get to see them save Wolfgang, I’ll never get to see Kala and Wolfgang finally make it to Paris, I’ll never get to see Nomi and Anamita get married, I’ll never get to see Lito finally make it as a big movie star in hollywood and his love for Hernando, I won’t ever get to see how Will finally takes down whispers, I won’t get to see Ceapheus make changes to the world and his own city and I won’t get to see Sun finally be happy, finally be away from the destruction of her brother, finally be happy with mun. I won’t get to see any of it, and my heart is breaking. 

  • Livvy: and now for a gay update with Kit Herondale
  • Kit: getting gayer
  • Livvy: thank you Kit

The hardest part of the entire Supergirl cast shitstorm to me is that it feeds that little insecure part of me that constantly says that people just don’t care. About my experiences or my sexuality and that this world will always be a heteronormative society and that the LGBT community will constantly be hurt whether it be a gay character dying on a tv show or a cast of a show with a canon wlw relationship and calls itself progressively feminist still can mock a gay ship that means a lot to a lot of people. That no matter what we go through, no matter how much we endure it will never be enough, that I will never be enough.

1:29 a.m.

The teacher that I’ve been training for over 3 weeks, the teacher that was supposed to take over my position, the teacher that I’ve sacrificed hours of my personal time for - he sent me a message saying that he can’t work at my company and that he’s too under qualified to take over my position. My director tried to call him and he’s already cut off contact. I’m speechless and pissed at the same time. I already had a bad impression of him when I first met him. He was cocky, rude and he was looking down on my school and my students. He’s the teacher that looked at the essays I graded and said that I was doing it for showmanship. He would cut me off when I was explaining something to tell me that he already knew what I was going to say. He would talk about how he worked in Gangnam and taught students that excelled in English. I wasn’t really impressed by anything he said because I had pride in my work too. But as I kept training him, it was obvious that he was overwhelmed by my actual workload and he kept looking for the easy way out. He would ask for my materials and lesson plans and basically, he wanted me to provide him with everything so that he wouldn’t have to do any work himself. My last day of work is supposed to be on Thursday. These days, I’ve been working until around 4 a.m. everyday at work even before this happened. But my director told me that she can’t find a new teacher in time and she asked me if I could come to work on Friday. I told her that I can’t and that I already have plans. So she told me that I’ll begin training a new teacher tomorrow. A teacher from a completely different department. A teacher that knows nothing about my department’s system or classes. A teacher that freaked out after I told him about my lesson plan for the lowest level class in my department. But I have to train him so that he is able to cover all of my classes by Thursday. I have to complete a month’s worth of training in 2 days. I feel a little helpless right now.

I just can’t get across how culturally vicious the Muslim Ban 2.0 is. Let me explain -I’m going to focus on the notion of banning extended family here rather than grandparents because I never knew mine on my Muslim side, whilst I fully acknowledge that that aspect of the ban is far, far worse for those affected than the feelings I express here. Nevertheless I feel the need to put this into words.

Extended family is everything in our cultures. We don’t bother with degrees like “second or third cousin” or even “great” for aunts and uncles. Family is family, no matter how distant. I am as close as I am to my immediate family with relatives that would never be classified as family at all by a western designation. It truly strikes somewhere deep within our cultural conscience. We’ve all been told “well they’re not REALLY family” so many before, been told what we could and could not have on a family tree in first grade art class maybe. And now that someone is the president drawing a line through our connections and saying “sorry this doesn’t count. Only the western understanding of what constitutes family is allowed.”


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Oh my god I like dunno who to talk to about this but I'm just so upset about the vitriol that's getting slung towards this movie bc the book has made me so happy and feel so much and armie and timothee and Luca have worked so hard to make a beautiful film for us and it's getting flung back in their faces!!! I hope the hate stays contained to tumblr so they never see it. Sorry to harass you I'm just feeling VERY overwhelmed by how much hate is out there and how intense it is. I need a break

I just don’t understand it because the reviews are stellar?? I’ve read all of the 33 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (CMBYN has 100%) and literally none of them say that the age difference is a negative thing. They never mention the stereotypes that people claim it’s perpetuating and they all say the relationship is developed in a well done way. I mean I completely understand if even knowing all the facts you are uncomfortable. That’s your right as a human being that you be allowed to have a different opinion. I just wish people read the book and didn’t just watch the trailer and assume that it’s the Worst Thing Ever.

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I'm really sorry if this is a downer but I'm just so upset. I went to the gym after months of trying to get the nerve to. And ten minutes in I had to leave because a bunch of guys kept snickering behind me, AT me. I tried to ignore it but it was too much and I just wanted to be left in peace. Why did they have to do that. I know I'm not the fittest person but I'm trying to be. I won't stop going because of that but what if it happens again. I don't think I'm tough enough to stand it.

Honestly, I would’ve confronted them for you for bothering you like that, I do not like people who behave in such a way that discourages other people to work out, it’s disgusting and says more about one’s personality than their appearance and there is no greatness in a person who behaves like a snarky obnoxious child. This superiority complex I see in those men are those of a dudebro. Speak to the gym’s manager as well, gyms tend to uphold the integrity of everyone regardless of one’s body type; this sort of behaviour is not tolerated.

I support you throughout your journey, no matter what body type you strive for, do not let them get to you, they’re nothing but children.

You got my support and I wish you nothing but luck and success in what you do!

Okay, here’s some more beef about that Samurai Jack episode.

Why did they make it a point to highlight Ashi and her sisters’ naivete in episode 3? They didn’t know what a doe or buck was, didn’t know about being affectionate, were almost horrified by it, but then by episode 8 Ashi knows about sexual tension and kissing?

And then when Ashi scrubbed off her black suit skin, she immediately fashioned clothes out of leaves because she knew that her nakedness wouldn’t go down well in society, but was almost clueless to Jack’s uncomfortable reaction to her nakedness? It’s just inconsistent.

You could argue that Ashi has already traveled a while, both by herself and with Jack, and has surely seen some things. But Samurai Jack is a show that lives on the “show don’t tell” rule. Just one little scene of her noticing a couple kissing or being affectionate would have been adequate foreshadowing and could have prepared all of us for the inevitable. Could have prepared people like me for it.

Instead, I had to have the father/daughter, mentor/student relationship that I was really enjoying systematically destroyed in front of me in the span of over 20 minutes. Hell, in the first five minutes it was already gone! And the rest of the fifteen minutes was just filled with uncomfortable innuendos and sexual tension. The last five minutes had me almost nauseous.

I don’t know man… is this the price Genndy had to pay to get Samurai Jack back on air and on Adult Swim? It just seems so surreal for a show of this caliber and such a stellar reputation to go in that direction. I don’t get it…

i need to rant. what the heck is tl doing? where the heck is tl getting all this money to sign like 10 people to this team? i feel like this org has no trust in it’s players to do well nor give them the time to prove it. they just started to do well. like such a big improvement and then they decide to add another player to the team. i feel so bad for goldenglue. tl has treated him really badly. his confidence is probably in the dumps. last split he was replaced by piglet. that’s just the team saying that the adc can do a better job than you. now this split he comes back fighting for his spot since liquid signed slooshi as a sub, but now they sign mickey as well. that’s 3 people fighting for one spot. 

they paid so much for reignover and now they benching him. i honestly don’t understand. if you paid so much for him, why not using him. he’s honestly one of the better players on the team and i don’t think is the problem. you already have piglet who can barely speak english and now you add mickey. i swear the communication on the team is going to go down the drain cause no one can understand. it’s not like piglet can translate for him. 

i was already worried that reignover wouldn’t be playing the week i was going to lcs since they signed inori and reignover didn’t get to play, but since this week they did well and reignover was playing i had hope and this shit happens. i really hope he is at least still there at lcs. and i’m going to spend a ton of money to buy him gifts to show my appreciation for him cause he honestly doesn’t deserve this shit. 

it’s so shocking to me that the koran condemns people who use scripture for their own agendas, yet homophobic muslims have warped god’s words for their agenda and have a body count to go along with it