everyone contributing to the campaign PRESIDENCY FOR GLENN RHEE 2K15 :-DDD

sarah manning is such a passionate woman, so goddamn primal when it comes to things she cares about like she literally threw herself at rudy’s feet for kira but whEN SHE KISSES CAL SHE IS SO DAMN CALCULATED LIKE IT IS A MOVE IN A CHESS GAME AND IT B O T H E R S ME NOT BECAUSE ITS BAD ACTING/BAD WRITING BUT BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW WHY




So wide awake right now and my whole family and my sister’s boyfriend have been asleep since like 8:30 and I’m like ?????? what the hell i’m layin here contemplatin life thinking about the race like I’m still in it like HOW R YA’LL SLEEPIN

also every part of my body hurts so bad lol I wanna cry and eat carrots I think I’m hungry that’s why I can’t sleep

also I think about this all the time like there’s no way anyone is ever gonna love me more than I love them??? like in relationships and friendships or anything im always like ALL IN and most people aren’t like that or are freaked out by that and it’s sad and knowing like.. no one is gonna feel like that about me like I love the people in my life so much like if we’re close I probably tell my family about you and talk about you to my other friends and idk I’m just having a life crisis in my hotel room rn like will anyone ever love me the same way I love them nope probably not

wh?? there was?? a reALLY cute guy and i talked to him and he seemed to really like me?? I WAS JUST TALKING TO HIM BECAUSE I FIGURED, IT IS A PARTY, WHY NOT, BUT HE AS IT TURNS OUT WAS NOT ONLY CUTE BUT ALSO SWEET AND NICE WTFfffff


how does one cute boy wtf. wtf. i don’t. wtf. i have his number?? he was really earnest wtfffffff

God, I forgot how weird the Supernatural anime is. Like, Jared is still Sam but then there’s some random dude voicing Dean and the shapeshifter explodes in bubbles and what the fuck is going on?! WHere is the continuity? And Sam runs int he middle of the street and shoots the shapeshifter through a car window?! And people keep driving by? How the fuck is nobody noticing these things?!?!!!!?!

I’m still really curious as to WHY they put Shanks as a playable character in Unlimited World Red. We know literally nothing about how he fights except he has conquerors haki and can use a sword (not that we know how he uses the sword).

Is his skill set going to be using haki on the weaklings and then drawing his sword threateningly on the stronger people? BECAUSE THATS ALL WE’VE SEEN HIM DO

A person saying that Ash getting a powerful Goodra within a couple of episodes with seemingly no consequences is more believable than Iris getting a Dragonite and struggling with it throughout the rest of BW…


Okay so Oz is a Matriarchy, this serves me well considering what I’m doing depends on the power being in the hands of the Matriarch. 

I just need to know for sure that Glinda wouldn’t be of “House” Arduenna in this case. Her mother is the famed one, the well respected one, her father is unknown to the people of the town they live in (this this one fic). 

Here’s what I’m trying to solve honestly:

“…Just remember, you’re an Arduenna. The name has power. If you end up remembering nothing else, remember you’re an Arduenna.”

“I thought I was an Upland?”

“You are both. That is where the super power comes in. The Upland blood, the Arduenna blood, the mix of the two is stronger than the either of them alone. If it makes you feel better to tell people you are an Upland then do so. But remember you are of the House Arduenna that is what keeps you safe around here. Most people in the town do not know of the Uplands.”

Just making sure I have the names right and in the right order