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It was a cooler evening, she should have been getting back by now, it was over two hours longer then she had expected to be gone.

She was outside of beach city, over in a near by forest. She just loved anything outdoors. Originally she had just wanted to go for a walk in it but she started to notice things a bit off, there were some larger footprints and oddly broken branches here and there. She thought that maybe if she just kept following them she would find something cool but it had been a long walk now, and she was starting to worry.


How to cheer up your boyfriend - a novel by Oikawa Tooru

I don’t have an excuse
Based on this. Has this been done yet? 

God, I forgot how weird the Supernatural anime is. Like, Jared is still Sam but then there’s some random dude voicing Dean and the shapeshifter explodes in bubbles and what the fuck is going on?! WHere is the continuity? And Sam runs int he middle of the street and shoots the shapeshifter through a car window?! And people keep driving by? How the fuck is nobody noticing these things?!?!!!!?!

I saw a post about how parent-child relationships should model any other type of relationship in terms of “equality”, otherwise it’s abuse and honestly what the hell. Unlike your romantic partner, a parent is an authority figure. They are supposed to exercise authority. That is not abusive. You can be a shitty parent but treating your child like a child and not an adult doesn’t make you one

I feel so weird asking this, but-
would anyone mind seeing more stuff of that blu pyro oc of mine? ;-;
I’m not used to working with actual ocs (maybe just a persona here and there), and I’m especially not used to it on tumblr, so if it’s obnoxious and pretentious of me to post more stuff of them, I won’t! ;v; I’d just like some feedback is all

I’m still really curious as to WHY they put Shanks as a playable character in Unlimited World Red. We know literally nothing about how he fights except he has conquerors haki and can use a sword (not that we know how he uses the sword).

Is his skill set going to be using haki on the weaklings and then drawing his sword threateningly on the stronger people? BECAUSE THATS ALL WE’VE SEEN HIM DO