This Doctor, Twelve, he’s lived billions of years without River. He said goodbye to her for one final time (or so he thought) in his previous incarnation. It’s been YEARS since he last saw her.

Then suddenly she is back, just before Darillium. For someone to have spent so many years away from someone, it is easy to forget them but the Doctor kept her in his thought, in his mind. He saw her, he smiled, he laughed, he held her hand.

He reassured her he loves her in the most beautiful way. He stood by her, fought with her, he stayed back. For someone who’s been away from someone they care about for almost a billion years, he stayed back with her, so that he could make sure her diary ended with the happiest memories.

River is a part of his life he just can never give up. He doesn’t know hot to say ‘I love You’ but he shows her in the most amazing way, by giving her ‘Time’ for someone who’s running through all of space and time, he gave her time with him.

I don’t know if someone can love someone more than this. I don’t know if its possible. Billions of years apart yet the love stayed the same.

That’s why the episode ended with “and they lived happily…” Because stories like this don’t end, they go one for an eternity and beyond.


I am honestly in awe of what a sweet and beautiful person Ali Krieger is like the video of her when I asked her to prom doesn’t even do the experience justice. She’s such a sweetheart and I feel so honored to have her even consider it as an option for .5 seconds. After the vid ended I started to turn away and she was like “I love a good prom!” And I just can’t she’s so amazing

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Rules:List 10 characters you’d like to kiss and tag 10 people.

1.Celeborn. Absolutely. I have such a crush on him, it’s embarrassing. Galadriel would probably kill me, but it would be worth it. Oh, so damn worth it. So so so worth it, guys.

2.Galadriel. She is awesome, and beautiful, and omg I love her so much. Again, I’d probably end up with Celeborn murdering me, but that’s okay. If I get to kiss one of them, that’s totally fine with me.

3.Maedhros and Fingon both, so that the other can’t get mad at me. I love them so much, and they are damn handsome.

4.Aragorn. Oh my god, yes. I’m sorry Arwen, but whatever the punishment, it would totally be worth it. He’s so…hot damn?

5.Anakin. He was my first fictional character crush, and I love him.

6.Ahsoka, since we’re at it. Because she’s beautiful, and awesome, and simply the best? She’d kill me, but I totally would kiss her.

7.Mairon, even though either he or Melkor would murder me (everyone I’d like to kiss would murder me…yeah…), but I don’t care. Really, I would very very gladly do that…

8.Either Samantha Carter or Obi-Wan Kenobi…that’s a hard one…but both would probably not end very well for me…

9.Carol Aird, oh my god yiss. She is so beautiful, and so great. I really would love to. Therese would hate me, but I’d kiss her too before she could move…(and probably end up facing Carol’s gun, but that’s just..some unpleasent side effect)

10.Lúthien. I would love love love to kiss Lúthien. The whole kingdom of Doriath would have my head for it, but I so so so still would dO it, oh man. Lúthien simply is badass, and it would be so worth it, for real.

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