I love my friends and I’m gonna talk about em for a lil bit so bare with me.

Okay, so I guess I’m just gonna talk about the beginning of the school year. So it wasn’t really that bad. I was looking forward to starting fresh since my junior year was an actual nightmare. But I was really suffering with my artwork at the time, the summer hadn’t treated me so well because of some really bad anxiety concerning my grades which ended up being in vane since my grades were good. But the anxiety definitely made my art really static and gross and my artstyle didn’t make me particularly happy. I didn’t/still don’t feel like I belong in the AP art program, even though I passed with my portfolio last year. I just don’t think my art is that good, I’m my worst critic. 

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. It must be positive. Anyway, fast forward a lil bit and I don’t quite remember how but I know that I met @glumios in Literature and probably over something Art/Homestuck related. Anyway, long story short, their art is absolutely amazing cuz it’s hard to explain but it’s just this perfect combination of softness and little bits of motion that I think are really just appealing. Oh and your color choices are really really soft and pretty. And I really love seeing sketch in class sometimes, even if it’s your cute little doodles cuz they’re just so cute, regardless of whether they’re shitty or not, they’re just authentically you. I know that the relationship you have with your concentrations is complicated since technical difficulties and all that but honestly, you’ve just inspired me to put more value in my own sketches, especially with color so thank you for that, babe. But yeah, this year has been so much fun to hang out with you and get to know you a little bit better and talk shit with ya sometimes. And also, I honestly got so excited when you told me you wanted to go into art because you’re going to make such amazing things and I cannot wait. Love you! (Lol, what am I gay or something? Smh >.>)

Moving on! I think I remember talking to @dragonsgalaxy a little more clearly because her work is crazy good and super recognizable. But I’m 100% sure that we talked about Steven or something. That or I probably like straight up walked up to you and complimented your artwork or something, I do that a lot. Even more so now that we’re friends. But yeah, honestly hun, you are super inspirational to me. It’s not even just the fact that your art is so good, it’s just how sweet and kind you are to so many people. And as I’ve gotten to know you a lot better, you’re still super sweet but there’s more to you than that now that I’ve gotten to know you, like tons of sass. But you’ve been very welcoming to me and honestly, you’re just the best for giving me feedback on my stuff, especially my artstyle and being really supportive too. But your art style is so so good and I cannot wait to see you be so successful in anything you want to accomplish. Just know that you’ve always got someone that will hear you out in any sort of situation. Love you!

Onwards! I’m very sure that @mizuchiart and I became friends last due to some sort of unfunny bullshit on my part. But like, the improvement that you’ve gone through this year has been crazy. You’re so talented when it comes to character design and ideas. And it’s not just that but your pieces are always really lighthearted and they focus on really pretty or just interesting concepts. Also, all your oc’s are such beautiful lil kids and I am glad that I ignited the flame inside you to develop and talk about em more. You’ve been super nice to me and I’m happy we are really comfortable with each other and affectionate cuz I personally, really appreciate it cuz it’s helped me be a more open person. Just, never feel discouraged about your stuff or what makes you happy because what you make is really good and it shows that it is very special to you and in turn, very special to me. You’ve just genuinely grown a lot and it’s been really awesome to get to know you and have some great laughs with you. Love you! 

BAsically, I’m a very emotional little chick and I feel so good tonight and not plagued by anxiety so I just wanted to thank you guys. You’ve made my senior year really special and have given me a lot more confidence as a person and an artist even though we haven’t known each other for very long. Thank you for giving me a lot of confidence in my work and encouraging me to keep going with it. I know I complain a lot and ramble a lot and am ridiculously annoying sometimes. But I really care about you guys and I can’t wait to see you guys be really successful and find a lot of happiness in your lives. I probably should have saved this for when I graduated but it’s fine, I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to talk about. We still got two months. Just, love you guys. 

Okay so I’m just feeling really emotional right now thinking about everything I’ve been through with this band, and this fandom. I know directioners get made fun of all the time for being “obsessed” but people just don’t understand. And it’s so fucking hard to explain. I know I’ve never met them, and I don’t know what they’re like away from the cameras and spotlight, and I might never ever know them like that, but what I do know is, the very first time I heard those five boys on the radio singing what makes you beautiful, I felt so connected. It felt so good to just hear them singing those words to me. So I had to look them up, and that’s when they really clicked for me. I watched their video diaries and I had never laughed so hard. They made me grin from ear to ear with their stupid jokes and smiles. I watched them over, and over, and they never got old. Whenever I was sad, I could just think about one direction, and I’d feel so much better. It hurts that I’ve never met them cause they’ve had such a massive impact on my life and I wish I could tell them just how much they really mean to me. As they’ve grown and got more mature, so have I. I’ve been here through all the tours, girlfriends, albums, new hair cuts, drama, new tattoos, interviews, talk shows, twitcams, everything. I’ve watched those young boys who used to goof around on the video diaries wearing onesies, grow into strong, powerful, handsome men, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s so surreal to feel this close to people you’ve never met before, that you might not ever meet. It’s crazy how after so long, I’m still here, writing about them and loving them even more then when they first started. Those five boys will always mean something special to me. And I’m even including Zayn, because even though he left, he taught me just as much as the rest of them. Zayn taught me that you have to do what’s right for you sometimes, even if it hurts other people. Sometimes, you have to put yourself, and your well being first, and that’s okay. Louis taught me how to laugh at myself, and that you don’t always have to take life so seriously, he taught me how to joke around but how to also be kind, and give, without expecting anything in return. Liam on the other hand taught me how to be serious, and take care of the people close to me. He taught me how to stand up for the people I love, even if I get looked down on for it. He taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being serious and having fun, Liam taught me how to be courageous. Niall taught me how to be confident. I remember when Niall first auditioned for the X-factor, and he just radiated confidence, he taught me how to laugh and be myself, without giving a damn about what anyone else has to say, Niall taught me that my friends are important, and to keep them as close as family, and love them with all you’ve got. Harry taught me how to love myself. He taught me that no matter what sexuality, race, gender, or weight someone is, they’re beautiful and deserve to be loved. He taught be how to be accepting, and that I was worth living, and waking up everyday. Harry taught me how to smile, even when things get rough, but it’s okay to break sometimes, he taught me that not everything has to be for the public, that I can keep stuff to myself sometimes, and lastly, he taught me all about falling in love with myself, before I can fall in love with another person. So I don’t want anyone to ever tell me that one direction has never taught anyone anything, or that they’re just a “"stupid boy band” because through one directions words, songs, actions, and looks, they teach me something knew every damn day, and they helped save my life. No matter how sad I ever am, about anything, thinking of them brings a smile to my face. And yeah, it sucks missing people who you’ve never met so much, but one day, I hope I’ll get to meet them, and if I could tell them a little bit of how much they meant to me, I’d be happy. So fuck all you assholes who think it’s cool to make fun of one direction fans, because if I made fun of the band that saved your life, it wouldn’t be to fucking funny, now would it?

I know i’ve been overly emotional about this album and it’s the only thing i wanna talk about right now…

But i just get so many feelings about this because… I feel like BTS finally found their sound. They finally found their voice and all of what’s happening now just really makes them different from any other idol group. BTS is no longer just another idol group, they actually never were. But this is such an important key moment. They’ve become real artists, they’re creating something that’s not only aesthetically super pleasing but also means something. Because that’s what this album is, it’s art. I feel like each member has found a sound that represents them, and i think that’s beautiful. 

Just listen to how well stigma suits Taehyung, because i feel like this is the direction he wanted to go in for so long. It suits him so freaking well, it’s so well made. Listen to how Jin’s voice comes to life in Awake, finally showing his full capacities in his own solo song that’s for and from him alone instead of a few lines in the background or something. Hear how incredible his vocals are. I can keep going for each and every one of them, but i’m seriously struggling to even make coherent sentences right now. 

Hoseok is shining in this album, which also makes me tear up because he deserves so much, he works so hard, they all do but i feel like he never got the right amount of credit and now he does and it’s important.

This album is just another level of genius, not just a ‘oh that’s cool, nice album’, like no it’s really doing things to me on a spiritual and emotional level. Maybe i’m hyped, maybe i fell into marketing tricks, but you can’t deny, no matter if you’re a fan or an anti-fan, that this album is ART. And for me, i may even call it a freaking masterpiece. Because it’s all i’m going to be listening to for a long time. I knew i was going to be excited but i never thought it’d blow me away like this. I have so many more things to say about this but i’m so overwhelmed right now i’m just gonna curl up and have the album on repeat. I’m so proud of all of them and how far they’ve come, how much they’ve grown as a group and individually. I feel blessed to be able to witness their amazing talent and i will support them, always. 

Okay but you can not tell me that the Doctor saw the Tardis with Clara’s portrait on it and thought “ Well looks like this random waitress , who didn’t question anything I just said and who’s diner just made a Tardis noise and then disappeared , painted her face on my Tardis that coincidently stood in the middle of the desert. What a big series of coincidences”
without thinking about the possibility that she was actually Clara

Go see Inside Out right now.

I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about Inside Out. It was such a poignant movie with really important themes. It tackles the issues of depression, growing up, and change– and it does it oh-so-beautifully.

I mean, shit, I’m getting teary and emotional just thinking about it.

If you’ve ever struggled with depression, anxiety, estrangement, or even hard-to-deal-with-change– go see this movie. This movie shows it’s audience that it’s okay to be angry, to be sad, scared, or disgusted. Those emotions are a part of life and make the happy moment so much more powerful. It hits really close to home.

oh god you guys don’t understand the emotions i am feeling right now. like i have my otps and i love them all dearly but fuck malex man. they were the otp that you love but you knew it was never going to happen but you still shipped them and whatever. MY OTP IS CANON NOW. like it’s actually happening and i’m sobbing so hard right now. i don’t even care what anyone thinks because these two are my babies. can you just imagine how this scene is gonna play out? the way they are both going to look at each other with heart eyes and nobody is around and what if they confess they’ve always loved each other but nikita and sean have always been in their way. I JUST CAN'TTTTTTTT right now. they are going to kiss. nobody can take this away from us. WE DID IT MALEX SHIPPERS. WE DID IT <333333333 i love you all.

a thing fitz would absolutely continue to do in order to keep skye’s secret: tamper with scientific evidence and results, limiting the amount of accurate information about inhumans that jemma gets to see

a thing jemma really desperately needs right now: as much information about inhumans as possible