I went to the Ichihime tag to see if they actually put evidence on their claims


100% legit canon evidence 1

WHAT ???

100% legit canon evidence 2

You know what, Imma be serious there, the instant I saw this I stopped scrolling and basically went like this:

External image

Seriously, that dude is saying that Ichiruki gets a lot of “fanservice”, yeah it may be true (lol umad ?) but I won’t stay much on that subject because someone already said everythign. Now there’s this :

“Also, in another interview Kubo said he doesn’t always decide what to draw.”

But that's BULLSHIT, though. I bet that interview doesn’t even exists. Hell, even if it was actually real his editor can’t force him to make specific Ichiruki   drawings.

Now about the actual “spreads”.

Is that it ? Group spreads ? Really ? Is that all you got ?

I don’t really consider group spreads as “shippy”, because if they actually were I could put a heeeell lot of Ichiruki spreads like him.

For me, a shippy spread is something like THIS


Now, if Kubo is a Ichihime shipper, how come they don’t get ONE SINGLE FUCKING SPREAD WHERE THEY ARE STANDING THERE ALONE ? HUH ? Ah screw it, I wonder why I’m even bothering with this crap, I’ll just wait Ichiruki to to get canon and express all of my rage on blind people like this.