I hope I passed the “challenge”. I’m posting this now, even though Christie and Brit are both off atm, so I’m totally going against my rules, but you said this weekend, so here it is. I came up with / and made this within a whole day, so you better love me forever now. I hope it was worth it, lol. Enjoy!

So update

My dad is still a little mad at me for going tomorrow. He still thinks it’s a giant waste of time. He won’t be saying that if I get the job and can get him in the park for free.

My mom says why not try. Things like this sometimes only come around once, so go for it.

Just gotta print my directions and leave like 2 hrs early tomorrow. Cause people here in California don’t know how to drive when it rains

Gender Is Weird

I have drawn for you all a very crude diagram of gender. I am aware that there are more than three genders, and that my use of “other” as a gender is problematic. Please just work with me here for the sake of the folks at home still working on breaking out of their binary thoughts. 

If you’re one of those genders that doesn’t fit in the binary, your “Very Crude Gender Diagram” might look like this.

If you’re female, it will look something like this.

For guys, like this.

If you’re gender neutral or agender, you identify with the white space.


Because then there’s me.

And I know for a fact there are a ton of people who identify with different spaces on this Very Crude Gender Diagram. Gender is a weird thing and is really hard to grasp for people that dont fall in that blue triangle or that pink triangle.

But I think gender is a spectrum. Its not black, white, pink, blue, green, white or even yellow. It is literally the way you function in the world, the way you see yourself, and the way you know yourself.

And that can change with time. Your gender can, too. You can grow into your gender, you can grow out of your gender. You can fiercely identify as female for most of your life and one day realise that you arent.

People are fucking cool. Genders are neat. Everyone needs to be who they are. No one should have to apologize for their existence.