Just in case none of you have cried today, I thought I should bring this back.


- the little inside jokes that no one else understands
- wearing stupid flower crowns together
- wearing stupid clothes together
- wearing stupid anything together
- one of them always winning in Halo and the other getting mad
- cuddles
- watching disney movies until the stupid hours of the morning and waking up in each others arms
- making excuses to see each other
- conversations spoken with only expressions
- those little glances
- sweater days
- knowing how the other is feeling without even asking
- arguing over stupid little things, but making it up with whispered ‘i love you’s’ in bed
- the forehead kisses
- cooking pancakes together
- getting sick from eating too much together, and laughing about it cause it was so worth it
- crying over stupid movies together
- pillow forts
- putting up the christmas tree (and failing)
- one of them baking the other a birthday dinner and burning everything, resulting in them just getting takeout
- messing up each others hair and then taking stupid selfies with it like that
- singing to popular pop music whilst dancing really badly
- roadtrips
- getting married and running down the aisle after its official, laughing and smiling, tears falling down their face cause they are just so happy

here goes my 3 hours of work compiling yoonseok moments from the beginning of time until current time (post fire/save me; 6/14/2016) because 1. i’m lowkey tired of people being like WHERE DID THIS SUDDEN YOONSEOK COME fROM, & 2. i just want more content (fanfics, vids, literally everything) and maybe this will inspire someone or help them ship the highkey best ship in bts yeah i said it fight me. (note these aren’t really in order from earliest to least or anything)

  • the ICONIC end of year chicken story (detailing yoongi calling to check up on hoseok who was bored/lonely because he was alone over the holiday at the dorm so yoongi fucking left his family and came back to the dorm with chicken to spend time with him; including the quotes “if i were a girl i would definitely have fallen for him” -hope)
  • during run bts when yoongi and hopie lost and got the food penalty, yoongi giving his food to hopie. i can’t eat if you’re not eating, so you eat it.– i’ll be full just seeing him full.
  • I have always been receiving energy from J-Hope. Being high-spirited is J-Hope’s biggest charm! In the future, please stay as high-spirited as now. 
  • Hobi’s number one supporter Yoongi.
  • this ENTIRE interview.
  • who else would yoongi do these [x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x] things with?
  • the way they get when they’re on stage. x, x, x, x, xx
  • not to mention that time hoseok moaned on stage during one of yoongi’s raps….
  • that time yoongi pointed at hope while rapping the lines yall know my voice will turn you on, whether it’s a guy or a girl my voice will send u to hong kong and hoseok just dropped to his knees and they made eye contact while doing it the whole time.
  • yoongi just kind of letting hoseok make him puppet dance all of the time.
  • yoongi’s habit of choosing hoseok first when randomly asked to pick a member for interviews and games.
  • yoongi picking hoseok first when asked by fans as well, at fansigns.
  • he went down so easily i’m crying.
  • THIS post and the valid points it brings up, not to mention the picture itself. why do we still not have an answer for this???
  • Q: what kind of presence does Yoongi have? H’s A: strongest.
  • Yoongi & Hoseok interacting during fan meets…(aka the death of me.)
  • The ,way, Hoseok, makes, Yoongi, laugh / smile !!!!!
  • their idea of april fools was to turn the entire twitter into a giant sobi/sope fest??? also this happened that day.
  • someone explain what happened here i’m still trying to figure it out. awkward prolonged eye contact then the look away and pretend nothing happened.
  • how naturally yoongi sat down in hopies lap when pulled. not to mention the aegyo he was asked to do that he said not to but couldn’t resist hobi afterwards.
  • yoongi saying fun boys was inspired by/for hoseok, “it was actually a beat made for j-hope.”
  • that time hobi had the task to get yoongi to speak japanese and everything about that whole day tbh. 
  • recently when hoseok felt the need to entertain the crowd as bts was leaving and yoongi (who was already leaving) turned his ass around to participate with hobi, including the arm around shoulders & acting lowkey silly. :’)
  • DURING THE EATJIN RECENtly when yoongi literally said and did nothing except eat and resting bitch/tired face unless hoseok was doing something, in which case he laughed/smiled, OR JUST stared shamelessly.
  • the time they went on the cute date
  • yoongi saying he can recognize hobi’s mood by the shape of his mouth
  • also yoongi & hoseok both being able to recognize each other by the sound of their sighs
  • their selfies :’)
  • yoongi giving them the name SOBI/SOPE and then proceeding to tag fucking everything they every did/do together with it, as well as just randomly calling them that or bring it up every chance he can get tbh.
  • this tweet 
  • whenever I’m sad, I gain strength from looking at you -yoongi abt/to hoseok
  • THIS very accurate post
  • the bungee jumping run where yoongi lost his chill because hope was going to jump and he was excited/worried/proud out of his mind.
  • exactly what was yoongi going to do here exactly??? for that matter, this whole bomb was LOWkey yoonseok, with yoongi giggling at him, smiling, and supporting hoseok while he pretended to do those stupid handstands omg
  • when hoseok was nervous because of the rides and yoongi kept sticking close to his side and was reassuring him/saying nice things.
  • i’m still crying
  • remember when they held hands during this photoshoot?
  • when asked which other member made the biggest/most impression for each member when they first met– hoseok answered yoongi, and yoongi answered hoseok.
  • yoongi slapping hoseok’s ass on the recent 3rd year birthday thing :’)
  • everything that happened between yoonseok during the bts festa photoshoot with the stupid orange jumpsuits (some things that happened were: yoongi lowkey joking that he and hoseok should go out together to a fancy restaurant dressed like that, nicknames, yoongi letting down his guard and acting very silly with hoseok, picking each other up [at least yoongi trying :’))))] laughter and smiles eVERywhere)
  • hoseok gave yoongi a fish for his birthday because it’s a pun…
  • saying he thought he & hopies part was the best recently when asked literally the most general question of: what’s (so) special (about the “special” show they were doing)
  • the ICONIC hwagae market address.
  • the fact that in the recent festa interview for the ‘relationship’ portion of the member questions, yoongi put SOPE and Hwagae market in the box i’m weeping like i’m actually crying !!
  • yoongi’s face during this…
  • he’s very cheerful and positive. he gives others a lot of strength and energy. -yoongi abt hopie
  • although yoongi seems insensitive, he’s the first one to look out for the members. he actually really cares about the members. -hopie about yoongi.
  • “oh my god” aegyo :’)
  • THEY SANG TOGethER !!!!!!
  • fanacc: suga choose your favorite dongsaeng. suga: chooses jhope. when asked why he said, because Hoseokie is nice.

The Other Side - the spin off


Who is Steven talking to? Is it Jasper? Is Steven going to play baseball with Jasper? Does Jasper have a helmet just so she can play baseball? I mean, her weapon does bear a striking similarity to a batter’s helmet. If that was planned from the very beginning….

Edit: The video in this post was made by @aidancosg and I apologize for not giving proper credit earlier.

Amy is the best person you could possibly work off of. She’s my favorite actress. We’re good friends [in real life], and then when we have scenes together, there’s just this thing that clicks. Honestly, when I see on the call sheet that we have a scene together, I still get really excited. It’s always something different. It’s not like we revert back to some holding pattern that we have. She always totally surprises me, and I always try to surprise her — although I’m a much less agile performer than she is in a lot of ways. [Laughs] We’re just genuinely having a lot of fun when we’re doing these scenes, no matter how short or long or serious or funny.


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For chignonesque

[aggressively gets emotional over Tolkien’s works]


Finn’s story is so important and touching to me and I just really can’t wait to see more of him. 

Like everyone gives him a hard time for running away but the fact that he was able to realize that he was in a bad situation and took the very first opportunity to get out by putting his life and his trust in the hands of someone who is technically his enemy, is just so incredibly brave of him. Running away was the bravest and biggest step he could take. 

And even though he was raised in a bad environment, he went out of his way to help people he barely knew or hadn’t even met. And when Rey, someone he’d only known for a short time, was taken by the First Order, he went back to the place that terrified him the most without another thought, even though he’d previously been trying to escape them. 

I love Finn so much. 

Modern au where on the night of the day Jean finally proposed Marco to marry him, Marco finds an old video tape of them when they were kids in Jean’s ‘Special’ box. It was a video of Jean celebrating his 5th birthday and Marco was there for the first time to celebrate with him (Recorded by Jane, Jean’s mom)

Marco watches the tape and at one point of the video, young Jean got annoyed because he didn’t want to play with anyone but Marco since he only likes Marco. Jane and Marco’s mom saw this and teased them that if they like each other so much, they should get married someday. Little Jean got all excited and asked Marco if he wants to too when they grow up. Sweet little angelic Marco nodded happily hugging Jean and said he will because he likes Jean too while their mothers fangirled in the background.

Marco realises and screams excitedly at the fact that he was already engaged to Jean for a long time.

Then he wakes Jean up and they kiss and cuddle and make love forever.