the lazytown??? thing?? it’s an actual fandom now????? like this weird fever dream of a show that I used to watch as a kid only because it was on right before spongebob is like??? an unironic fandom now??? like there are people making really pretty moodboards for characters??? and gorgeous comic strips??? discussing the characters?? getting thousands of notes?? i’m,,,confused???

I mean, okay

I have shipped many things during my years spent wandering through the never ending insomniac hellscape that is angst ridden Netflix shows, but I tell u what

I have never been so shook as the bellarke ship has me right now

I can’t even comprehend the foresight and planning and carefully-built relationship development that has happened over 3+ seasons of a show NOT EVEN ABOUT ROMANCE ?!!!? their goal every week is to avoid the apocalypse in a new exciting way and yet these two “totally platonic just friends” make eye contact once or twice and it’s the only thing I remember about that episode

And obviously Bellamy Blake is Attractive Incarnate and every time he comes on screen my laptop lights itself on fire

in conclusion I’m late to The 100 train but honestly I’ll probably die on it