Honestly, if Ohtaka really was as horrible of a storyteller as some people make her out to be, we wouldn’t have such great characters like Sinbad or Serendine, Judar, Hakuryuu, Abra, etc. Nor would a lot of us have gotten so absorbed into Magi that we followed it so far. I mean sure, there are some things that maybe could have been told different, but that’s to be expected. Ohtaka is writing in her own view, with her own opinions and ideas. They’re bound to clash with others. Because we’re all different and have different beliefs of what should and shouldn’t be. It’s natural. But instead of pointing swords at her for not matching our ideal version of how everything should be, instead it’s better to come to understand not everything will go as we want and appreciate the things we do enjoy. Give understanding and keep in mind that not everyone will be pleased. It’s just natural.


time to dance // panic! at the disco


#this episode aired five years ago and I never realized that as damon was gazing at elena #he brought his hand up to stroke her face #and he gently touched her face with his index finger as she fell asleep #and she had to have been awake to feel it since she had just closed her eyes


I mean, first, she was so sad. So sad. Like I feel really bad that she had to entertain us because she wants to lock herself in her room just like the rest of the world. But she was still so funny and wonderful and I just love her so much.

  • She was hilarious and sweet and encouraging to girls and telling us to work hard and surround ourselves with positive people and I just feel very inspired
  • She was so PUMPED when Parks and Rec was brought up. She loves that show, man
  • If she could have played a different character on Parks and Rec it’d be Andy because she loves Christ Pratt. She’s play him by killing Chris and wearing his face.
  • She wishes someone would start a show called “SHHHHHH” where people of color sit white people down and explain why the things they do are racist. And every time the white person says “But I-” the person of color says “SHHHHHHHH!”
  • She’d like an aestroid to come down and kill us all before Janurary. That’d be cool. 
  • “Speed round of questions. What’s your spirit animal?” “No, that’s racist.” 
  • She’s very short. Did you guys know that???? Cause I did NOT
  • OK there’s so much more that I can’t remember now but I’m gonna leave you with this:
  • “What similarities do you have to Leslie?” “Well, I’m generally a pretty positive person *quietly* except right now…”
  • She keeps trying to think about how Leslie would handle this, and she would hunker down, gather her people, and get to work. And she says she’s too angry at the moment to do that. But let me tell you, there’s a reason that when I think of Amy Poehler, I imagine Leslie. She’s all the good parts of Leslie, and we deserve her SO MUCH RIGHT NOW

Okay but can we briefly discuss how in complete awe Lexa was of Clarke? Here’s a girl who’s gone through so much and done so much for her people and here comes this girl who literally fell out of the sky. Who kills hundreds of her warriors and dares to sass thr great commander and she literally looks at her like she puts the stars in the sky. I don’t know what upsets me more how much Lexa loved and appreciated Clarke or that Clarke doesn’t have that kind of pure love and total support anymore.


(Part 3)
Translation for English Speakers:
“Siempre que duermo aquí, ella golpea la puerta…mi Mamá…”= “Every time I sleep here (his bedroom), she hits (basically she pounds) the door… my mom”

This part made me rethink his relationship with his mom… he clearly has a lot of good memories with her, so him saying something like this is kind of odd. This part actually really reminds of Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Well in the book and movie, it’s made clear that Charlie clearly loves his aunt dearly and has tons of great memories about her… but through flashbacks it is implied that she molested Charlie many times before despite being such a loving aunt. Charlie tried to suppress these memories but it comes to light now and again.
I think that is what happened here. The fact the Sangwoo has these nightmares, hallucinations, visions, whatever you want to call it… of his mom angrily trying to get into his bedroom door at night is suggestive enough. Not only that but he says “every time I sleep here” which means that this was a common occurrence. He’s even terrified and dreads what will happen and this clearly is either a literal memory or based off actual things that would happen to him and I just don’t see why a kid would lock his door in fright of his mom entering his bedroom at night other than because she was going to kill or molest him.

Next the fact that he only kills women (caution: this might be a reach) may show that he has some weird anger towards women perhaps in relation to his mom… or it could just be that women are easier targets but then again, he seemed to have no problems luring that middle aged man into his trap and guys tends to have their guards down especially when it comes down to the prospect of getting some sex, while women tend to be much more wary of danger and thus require more effort to convince into entering ones house.
The most telling evidence of all, which I don’t have pictures for right now, but you can look up chapter 13 on YouTube and read the translation for it, is that he pops a boner thinking about his mom multiple times throughout the story… Bum also reminds him of his mom and he seems to get some sick enjoyment from hearing Bum call out his name and struggle and do sexual things with him.
The fact that he is associating his mom with sex… and even popping a boner… I think is telling enough to make me think that his relationship with his mom isn’t as sweet as it sounds.

I feel like this most days when I see 20 somethings… LOL!! 


Matilda of Tuscany was a powerful feudal ruler in northern Italy and the chief Italian supporter of Pope Gregory VII during the Investiture Controversy. Sometimes called la Gran Contessa (“the Great Countess”) or Matilda of Canossa after her ancestral castle of Canossa, she was certainly one of the most important and interesting figures of the Italian Middle Ages: she lived in a period of constant battles, intrigues and excommunications, and was able to demonstrate an extraordinary force, even enduring great pain and humiliation, showing an innate leadership ability. // alison pill as matilda of canossa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @liketheshewolf !!

this!! is @sobriquet-widget​‘s character from our D&D campaign! her name is Ara Corvus and she’s a tiefling druid who has lived in a swamp her whole life. as a moon druid, she can turn into various animals and is a really great in combat but since she’s lived in a swamp her whole life she’s not used to city living. 

as in, she’s never seen stairs before in her life and the first time our party encountered them she failed a roll and fucking somersaulted down them. she needs to be led down stairs. we love her.

Okay, here it is, your choice… it’s simple, her or me, and I’m sure she is really great. But Derek, I love you, in a really, really big ‘pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window’, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. So pick me, choose me, love me.
—  Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy - 💜

Hey my girlfriend makes me feel so safe and warm and at peace and just….happy
Like since moving to the other side of the world at 10 my life just turned upside down so much and I developed all this anxiety and depression bullshit and I just haven’t felt at home and safe and like I belong or wanted to be alive since age 10 and it’s fucked me so much but
For the first time I feel
Like I am truly content and happy and grateful to be here and alive
Like it’s not like I’m cured and never feel anxious or depressed or suicidal anymore but
All that does temporarily melt away when I’m with her and it makes every day life so much more bearable
It just feels so fucking amazing to feel happy, and to feel happy to be alive, and like I have something worth being alive for
And it’s weird and all feels fake and like it’ll stop being real any moment because I’m not used to actually feeling good but
I think my life is finally good
I just feel ok for once

the wonderlands

chapter 1 // chapter 2 // chapter 3 // chapter 4 //

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Author: Stylinsoncity (akingdomlikethis)

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 4/8


“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.